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    Laser treatment for ligament injury

    On the recommendation of my osteo, I have hired an equilaser to use on our horse who has recently suffered a trauma injury to the medial branch of her suspensory. Has anyone any experience of using laser treatment on an injury like this? Would I best to use it before or after her ten minutes...
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    Asking on FB for people to donate for your horse's vet treatment

    I've just seen someone on a local horsey group page, linking to a donation page, asking people to donate to pay for her horse's veterinary treatment (sarcoid removal). When did this become a responsible way of taking care of your animals?! :confused3: If I start a page asking for...
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    For sale advert that states "No privates, only dealers!"

    There is an advert on the BSJA facebook page, made by a rather well known dealer, advertising two horses for sale that apparently must be sold as a job lot, and only to another dealer, not to a private buyer. The thread that follows is quite bizarre. I can't think why anyone would want to buy...
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    Thistle - please can you empty your PMs

    Please :) Thank you :) x
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    XC fence at Home Farm Alconbury

    I was thinking of entering the HT at Alconbury on the 6th Oct, but was pre-warned by a friend that sometimes the courses there aren't very well designed/horse friendly. Prompted by this I have just looked on the unaffiliated XC courses FB page and I'm a little bit freaked out to find this as the...
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    Another green horse xc schooling thread: Dunbo pony goes to Waresley

    I was in two minds about whether or not to post this, as I'm not terribly confident about my riding :o but after GinaGeo's terrific report on her young horse, I felt rather encouraged. A quick bit of background on both of us: I had a bad head injury back at Christmas 2008 (double barreled...
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    Best fibre cubes/mix for treatball

    My boy is very pleased with his new treatball (I think I now owe our mare next door some earplugs :rolleyes:) which I have been using this week with some cheap fibre cubes (he didn't like the expensive Simple systems grass nuts enough to play with it for them) but if I'm going to use it long...
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    Matthew Heath & Matthew Wright suspended by BE, for 6 & 24 weeks respectively 24 weeks is a LOT of the season. That's got to cost an owner or two...!!
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    Assisted/part/full livery - what do you pay, & what do you get?

    After the best part of a decade with our own little yard we're looking into putting a couple of ours on livery, at least until Spring time, so we can get more riding done. As per the title, I was wondering what sort of prices people are paying, and what you get for your money? (and what...
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    Borstiq grooming brushes

    Are they any good? :) I've seen some for sale online, and they look very nice, but I don't tend to like to buy grooming brushes without being able to have a feel of them. Anyone got any? Do you rate them?
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    Hay prices - What are you all paying?

    What are people paying for small bales of hay this year? :) I've been using large bales of haylage for several years now, but due to having a rather serious change around in horses over the last year, we've bought some small bale hay today, and I'm very pleased with the quality and price...
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    Where's the best place to buy Rambo rugs?

    In terms of the best prices & being guaranteed to have in stock what they say they do, so you don't wait aaaages for a delivery ;) Suggestions please? Currently looking at the horse boutique - anyone bought from them? Thanks in advance :)
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    Tuesday's trot up

    Where is the best place to get news on tomorrow's trot up? Are there any HHOer's going to watch who can keep us updated? Or someone specific on twitter? Oh, and what time is it on, would be handy to know, too. :) Thanks in advance :)
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    Does anyone know the running order for the eventing dressage?

    As per the title, please :) Googling and the Olympic site just keeps sending me in circles. Just trying to plan my weekend around it :cool:
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    Hugh Thomas resigns from 2012 committee Blimey!
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    First time horsebox shopping advice, please

    After 15+ years of horse ownership it looks like we're going to finally make a dream come true and buy some wheels. :) I've seen something that fits our requirements quite well and I'm hoping we will be able to go and view it, but I have NO idea what sort of questions I ought to be asking...
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    Who do you fancy for Badminton 2012?

    I am feeling all over excited about Badminton (in just over a couple of weeks now, Eak!), and all the more so after looking at the updated list of entries. Who do you fancy for it this year? I saw both Comanche and Lenamore at Belton the other week, looking on cracking form (I love to see the...
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    First timer spectating at Belton - any tips?

    My horse has a bit of a sore mouth, so he's having the weekend off and I'm thinking I might take the opportunity to go to Belton tomorrow, to see some of the action. I've not been before, so does anyone have any tips, for a first timer spectator there? I am probably dragging the bf along so...
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    Body protector help, please

    As the Dunbo pony and I are looking to start jumping stuff in the forseeable future, I need to get shopping for a body protector. However, I have NO idea of what is on the market, having not bought one for more years than I care to count. I am happy to spend good money for the right one. I...
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    Recommend me an exercise sheet, please

    I'm looking for an exercise sheet that is: * High Viz * Showerproof * Quite well insulated/warm (turns out my new boy REALLY feels the cold) As well as obviously being a good fit and quality. So far I am tempted by the Rambo ones (I do have a rambo addiction!) but also the...
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    Speedi-beet question

    Thanks to the replies to my thread the other day I have started my boy on speedi-beet and he seems to approve :) I have also been reminded how strangely satisfying feeding sugar beet is :o I was wondering though, those of you who feed it, how much do you tend to feed in one meal? And in total...
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    Speedibeet/equibeet/kwickbeet - which one? And another question

    There seem to be quite a lot of products like this on the market these days and I'm thinking of trying one for my new chap. Firstly, I'd like some recommendations - has anyone done an analysis between the different brands? Secondly, I was wondering about how long you can leave each one...
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    Quick question about Olympia

    Can anyone tell me, does Olympia still always have the Met. police display, and the King's Troop musical drive each night? I can't see either mentioned on their website... Anyone bought tickets and have more info? Thanks :)
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    Hip Hop Dressage

    I appreciate that the original is (IMO) the most amazing and mind blowing test of all time, but I have to say... I love this video :o (warning, naughty language in the lyrics) I've been giggling at it on and off all...
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    What can you do with surcingles that are too long?

    My (gorgeous! :D) new horse is quite a narrow chap. After ebaying like crazy I have managed to kit him out with a pretty good wardrobe of Rambos (my favourite!) but for some of them the surcingles don't go short enough. Doh! I tied knots in them initially, but it's blooming hard getting the...
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    Is anyone watching the Euro SJ on FEI tv?

    I hear that Nick Skelton and Carlo have just jumped a clear round. I'm serious tempted to take out a month's subscription so I can watch the next few days' action. Is it worth it? Is the coverage any good? :)
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    Where's best to buy Rambo rugs?

    Recommendations, please? :) Who does the best prices? I've recently had a very bad experience with buying off ebay :mad: Is there anywhere that is particularly good value/service? I tried the trade stands at Blenheim yesterday with no luck. I am looking for Rambo Supreme LW in a...
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    Blenheim today - thoughts and questions

    I haven't been to Blenheim for a few years but we went today and had a wonderful time :) It was a nice contrast after Burghley to have fewer crowds and get a better view of lots of the action. Just a shame we had to leave before the later showjumping, but my daft mare has managed to get herself...