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    Fractured Shoulder

    Has anyone had any experience of a fractured shoulder and the prognoses and recovery. I have a 16 year old pony that fractured her shoulder 14 weeks ago. She has been on box rest since then and has been x rayed today for the 3rd time. Initially she was hopping lame and this has gradually...
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    Strangles would you vaccinate??

    There is an outbreak in our area from what I understand it only involves one horse new to the yard that has been isolated so quite possibly contained , there are near on 100 + equines in our village so a lot of people are quite concerned! The local vet is now offering vaccinations that come...
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    An hour to save your life.....

    Just watched episode 3 amazed at the work these guys do, but really interested in the story of George the chap who had a fall from his horse. Does anyone on here know him, would love to find out how he is getting on
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    Recomendations for a school surface

    I am just in the process of looking at different options for a surface, either sand and rubber mix or a pre mix sand and fibre surface. Can anyone recommend companies that you have used (or even ones to be avoided) ?
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    How do horses .....

    escape from rugs ??? Found my mare who is blanket clipped minus her rug tonight, after a hunt round the field in the pitch black I found the rug with all its straps including the full neck still done up ! She has never done this before and I am of the opinion that it was a well fitted rug...
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    I saw a dog run over today

    Driving to work at 7.30 this morning, a large boxer dog ran out of the park and accross the road, he then ran back and was hit, I stopped and ran after him at which point the owner appeared, the dog had bolted and got confused. I put them both in the car and took them home then spent half an...
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    Bulk Bedding Buy

    Thinking ahead towards winter :( I would like to order a palett load of either shavings or wood pellets, I have been using verdo wood pellets and have really liked them. Who else would you suggest ??
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    DDFT tear advice

    So far my girl has had 5 weeks of lamness, after nerve blocking, joint injections and x rays we were still unsure of the problem. All the nerve blocks have pin pointed the foot and the last nerve block 2 days ago was into the coffin joint. Vet now sure it is a ddft tear of some sort. He has...
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    Andrew Nicholson and William Fox Pitt

    At the start of the BBC commentry Ian Stark referred to some "past history" between the two of them, they obviously dont get on, would anyone like to expand on why or what has happened ?
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    Epsom salts ratio to water ?

    I suspect my mare has a foot abcess brewing, so I am standing her foot in warm water with epsom salts. Any idea of what ratio I should be using ??
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    Farrier slipped with his knife ....

    and has managed to slice into the frog which promptly started to bleed :eek: my question now is what is the best aftercare. wound cleaned and bleeding stopped, I have dry polticed and kept her in to keep it clean. What next ??
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    Pulled shoe twice in two days Advice Needed

    I have a 16hh + connie x tb mare, she has only been wearing shoes for the last two years and is pulling them off on a regular basis. Farrier has changed her shoes to what he calls "pencil tips" and that did help. Today she has pulled a shoe in the stable, I was leading her out and she trod...
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    Zara Phillips xc round

    I have just seen some photos of her during her round, can anyone tell me what it is she has round her neck ? I presume its some sort of neck support/protection ? Do they work ?
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    Distances for polework

    Can anyone in here tell me what distance poles should be placed for walk and trot for a 16.2 horse ?
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    Distances for Pole Work

    Can you guys please tell me the distances for poles - straight lines and corners for both walk and trot that I should use for a 16.2hh horse ?
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    How can I tell if he is warm enough ?

    I have an old pure bred arab who at the best of times feels the cold, he is thin skinned with a thin coat. He is in fab condition and has been wearing an outdoor rug at night for the last month. He is now in at night, when I take his outdoor rug off he feels nice and toasty, however when I...
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    We are off to do our first dressage test

    Well I have swallowed a brave pill and me and my baby horse are off to our first outing this year. It may only be walk and trot dressage but I am slightly nervous and at the same time looking forward to it :) As we are going on our own, my sole aim is to be able to get on and ride the test...
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    Where do you buy your wormers from ?

    Who do you recomend for service and value for money ?
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    Fused Hock

    My horse of a lifetime is now 25 yrs young and up till today hasnt been lame sick or sorry. This morning when I went to get him in he didnt look right, colicy but also not right behind. Vet came out, treated the mild colic then agreed he wasnt right behind. She flexion tested him and at...
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    Equiami - what do you think of them ?

    As above, have you got one ? what do you think of it ? what sort of horse do you use it on and how often do you use it ? Whats the difference between one of these and the pessoa ?
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    Vitamin/Balancer/Food for laminitics

    I have 3 ponies all prone to laminitus who are in during the day and out at night with poor haylage on a paddock with zero grass. One of the shetlands is 41 yrs old and the other two are late teens. What would you suggest to feed to make sure they get their daily quota of vitamins and...
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    Competing Alone

    How many of you take yourself off to competions on your own without any help on the ground ? And what it is you do ? how old/experienced is your horse ??
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    Training clinics/events for a young horse

    I have a lovely baby mare who I have regular lessons on, but would like to take her on a few more outings. She is not ready to go out and compete so I guess a clinic/group instruction with other horses would do her the world of good. Based in worcs, can anyone recommend anywhere ??
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    Find me a stock please

    I have a lovely new green tweed jacket and would like a nice stock, so suggestions please for what colour :)
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    Cardboard Bedding

    I fancy trying cardboard bedding, but I am having trouble finding somewhere in the West Midlands/Worcs area that stocks it. I have looked at buying direct but really dont want to have to fork out for large pallett loads. Any suggestions ?
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    Book recomendations for long dark winter nights

    ok guys, please send me your book recomendations, horsey, non fiction and autobiographies. I need to stock up the book cupboard for these long nights and would love to know what you have read and really enjoyed :)
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    Yorkshire Terrier

    I am looking for a yorkie, would like a bitch but would consider either really. Ideally would like a puppy, but would also consider an older dog ! Any suggestions please
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    How do I get started

    Having never been out hunting, how do I get started ? Do hunts have days for newbies to nurse us round ? Not the bravest and dont want to be jumping huge fences ! based in Worcs. Any advice ?
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    Advice Needed

    Hi I have 2 very old ponies who really should not go through another winter. I am begining to face the fact I will need to have them put down :( but I am really unsure of the best and most humane way to have them done. They will both need to be done at the same time, is it harsh to have one...