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    Tack shop in Yorkshire. . Wolds area.

    R and R is probably the best imo, rideaway I haven't found as well stocked since it was taken over by pets at home. Robinsons also has a good variety but isn't as big. There are also smaller ones such as BATA near Stamford bridge which is worth a look if your passing although you couldn't spend...
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    Weekend Plans

    Well I feel as though I can finally post on here as after a couple of months of searching my new loan horse for summer is arriving tomorrow! So excited!
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    XC fun!

    Great video - I love watching them so please don't stop sharing them! Makes me desperate to find myself a new horse and get out doing some more xc though!
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    We placed :D

    Well done! Stunning horse!
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    Best hoof boots for a cob

    Thanks very much, I will measure his feet today and then have a look at those websites!
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    Best hoof boots for a cob

    So I'm in the position where it's looking like hoof boots are going to be needed for my cob, at least at the front. He is getting footy over stones, he is better on smooth Tarmac but not 100%. I have never used boots before and it seems like a bit of a minefield! They would be used only for...
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    Easter weekend Eventing report!

    Great report, King is stunning and looks like he has a fab jump!
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    Question for all Grooms

    Oh I know, I'm 18 so it's not as far under as it would be if I was older but still pretty rubbish. But to begin with I wasn't working as many hours as I had help. Now they have increased and I'm expected to do increasingly more for very little money. So I've handed my notice in as I also need...
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    Question for all Grooms

    I was thinking of posting a similar thread, but by the sounds of it I'm not actually as slow as I think I am! Basically I do rug changes, muck out, hay, water, poo pick by hand, bring in and turnout between 11-13 horses. It generally takes me from 8-3.30 and then I have my own horse and...
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    Annoying Cough ....

    Mine has had a bit of a cough as well, I've found soaking hay (I put mine in an old bath tub and chuck about five buckets of water over it and then leave it for a few hours) has really helped although not completely eradicated the problem. I tried a supplement and it didn't seem to do much good.
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    Another FB video for debate..

    The dealer is from around my area, haven't heard many good reports! Have to say though the horse doesn't look bothered at all, how're certainly not what I'd do and I'm not sure it displays the correct level of professionalism for running a business. But then, each to their own!
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    What should I pay ?

    £5 seems fair to me, about a standard hourly rate for a teenager. I'm 18 and get paid £30 to do 8 hours of yard work so I don't think your being unfair at all especially as she is getting good experience out of it.
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    Compulsory adjective! How would you describe yours?

    Sensible I think! As much as I love him he could never be classed as 'stunning' so you are saved from that particular word - not that he will ever be for sale.
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    Neck covers for amigo rugs

    I'd seen the one from rideaway but not the saddlery shop - the heavy one is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks very much.
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    Neck covers for amigo rugs

    I am trying to find a heavyweight neck cover for my amigo stable rug however it is proving almost impossible - any that I've found are a high enough price I might as well buy an entire new combo rug! Is there any other brands which can be used in conjunction with amigo rugs? Thanks!
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    What is most important to you when looking for a new horse?

    If I were to look for a new horse now, the first would be temperament and low maintenance - I want a horse that I can leave for a week/two weeks and then get back on without taking my life into my own hands! Also something non stressy which keeps weight on well. Then I'd look for potential, even...
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    Your ideal horse? And what's the reality?

    I desperately wanted a 15.2 event horse, basically a bigger version of my amazing pony who had to be retired in summer - he would jump anything and if he was still in work now probably would be ready to go out at medium level dressage. Unfortunately there was no way on earth I could ever afford...
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    How many rugs do you buy a year?

    Well in all fairness to myself I did buy a new horse which came with no rugs whatsoever. So I think purchasing one no fill turnout, three 200g turnouts (including of course a chicken rug), one 300g turnout, three stable rugs (100g,150g and 300g) and two exercise sheets isn't that excessive. I'm...
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    Favourite old pony stories, finding a story & nostalgia :)

    I absolutely love 'Wish for a pony' not sure who it's by, my copy is over 40 years old though! It follows a girl named Tamzin and her friend Rissa, I've read it so many times though I pretty much know the plot off by heart!
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    Managing with the weather?

    I'm on the outskirts of York and although my town has been flooded luckily it didn't reach my house and my horse is in a different area. But the fields and arena are completely saturated which makes it difficult to ride, and the gateways are just full of standing water. However my situation is...
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    Unrealistic pipedreams..

    I've always wanted to show at HOYS - doubt it will ever happen as I've never gone above local level! I've only ever had one mare and rather disliked her so I can't say I've ever felt like breeding a foal was one of my dreams. Other then that I'd love to have a go at riding a Grand Prix test but...
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    Olympia on red button

    Love the no commentary option, I find it really hard to appreciate the music with all the blathering on top - so much better without!
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    How much did you pay for your horses?

    I bought my ex racehorse for £1500 in summer and then sold him last month for £950 - he was completely unsuitable for me and not as described. However I think I over paid in the first place and looking at some of the prices others have paid for their horses confirms my suspicions.. Apart from...
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    How often do you have lessons?

    I generally aim for once a week - i really enjoy having lessons and especially when jumping it's invaluable having someone on the ground! I also think it's amazing how differently I can ride after just having a few consistently, if I could I would have more per week but it just gets a bit too...
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    Part exchanging? Wwyd?

    Unfortunately I didn't actually buy him from a dealer but a private home - I have contacted them and although they won't take him back they are asking around to see if anyone would buy him. There is a local dealer or the person with the part ex that might take him though, although yes I would be...
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    Part exchanging? Wwyd?

    Well he's not a complete nutjob but his reaction if he doesn't want to do something is to either take off or reverse back and threaten to rear - unfortunately I do not have the experience or bravery to deal with this! I have had my instructor ride him for me and she agrees he is extremely...
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    Part exchanging? Wwyd?

    Thanks for everyone's replies - unfortunately I can't send my current horse back although I did ask about it. I am also going to find it hard to sell him but at the same time really don't want to keep riding him - I thought about putting him on sales livery but his value would be eaten up in a...
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    Part exchanging? Wwyd?

    So basically I bought a completely unsuitable horse a few months ago and I have since lost most of my confidence for one reason or another. I have the opportunity to part exchange him for a much more suitable, 15.3 schoolmaster sort. However the prospective horse is 18 and and extra £1100 on top...
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    what do you pay for livery?

    I'm in east yorks and I pay £65 a week inclusive of hay, bedding, most feed and he is sorted out everyday for me apart from being ridden. Lunging is an extra £5 a time. We have one big outdoor school but it can become waterlogged, alright hacking and every day turnout.
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    Speedibeat or Fast Fiber?

    Speedibeet is better for weight gain - Fast fibre is better as a hay replacer. Depends what you want it for really!