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    Hayestown prefix..

    it's owned by Liam Murphy according to the Central Prefix Register.
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    State Premium Mare - Nobody wants her?

    I loaned a mare to a friend and that is exactly how it goes. It can work very well, should always have a contract in place though all the same. I think people will be more likely to actively look for mares, especially if paying livery fees, when the weather gets nicer and the mare can...
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    Another home bred Shagya 4 years

    Which foal is this Rollin? She's beautiful. Where are you sending her for SJ training?
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    Who would own the foal?

    If you can't, don't go ahead. Apart from ownership of the foal, you could be taken to court if something happens to the mare in pregnancy or foaling, and the owner turns around and says he didn't give you permission.
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    Contact details from the Futurity Catalogue?

    Does the foal have a stud prefix in her name?
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    Showjumping stallions-Undercover

    He used to stand at Stallion AI so it may be worth contacting them to see if they know where he is now. They may even have semen stored with them. For a really good selection of showjumping stallions all in one place, have a look at Brendon Stud. Their youngsters are very successful out...
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    Horses siblings

    sport horse breeders often do it, think Cassini I, Cassini II, and Capitol I, Capitol II, Capitol III etc.
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    Experiances on irrigation after foaling

    With my mare's last foal she had to be irrigated for five days. It may have been a bit of overkill, but rather that than lose her, she is very precious. She retained some placenta so the vet wanted to be sure there would be no infection. She also had antibiotics. The gunk that came out was...
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    Louella Stud?

    I'd trust them with any of mine. I think you only have to see the success they have had with their boys and offspring. They are all happy, well behaved horses, and poor treatment doesn't produce that.
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    Showjumping - Different type of fences

    Have a look on you tube as well. You can search British Novice, Discovery rounds etc and you will see the jumps used.
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    Coltish Behaviour?

    He is trying to play with you as he would another youngster. He does seem to listen when you reprimand him though. Mine would always take a sneaky nip when I was leading him out and not paying him attention. Colts nip. Until he can be gelded, can you find him a colt livery somewhere?
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    Just a nice photo

    that is a lovely photo Rollin, he is a gorgeous boy.
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    Any thoughts on Sam R ?

    I had a gorgeous mare by Sam R, I have only just sold her and she has bred some stunning foals. I like the lineage and her temperament was second to none. Her new owner wants to put her to a beautiful and talented Connemara eventer, so I am looking forward to seeing that foal.
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    End of an Era!

    i find it odd you are on a breeding forum complaining about breeding. Anyway, I have a video of when one of my foals was born and there is a mare in the paddock next door looking absolutely imploringly at the foal. She was born to be a mother, but hadn't been able to that year as she had...
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    Flu & tet in pregant mare

    why has she never been vaccinated? If that is the case, the foal can start their vaccinations off at a younger age. I assume she hasn't had the equine herpes jabs either through pregnancy? this is a useful information page
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    Problem mare

    How many years ago did you last try? If it was 2011, a lot of mares did not get in foal that season, or struggled to.
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    Do you get the denist out for youngsters???

    I don't understand his logic to be honest, as baby teeth can get sharp edges as well - as my little man's did.
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    Do you get the denist out for youngsters???

    Some of my youngsters have reached three without needing anything doing to their teeth. However, when my youngest was checked he needed an enormous filing down by the dentist at the age of 6 months!! They are all very different, but should at least have a check up 6 monthly I think.
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    Dressage stallion suggestions

    I love De Niro, I have also never seen a poor foal by Don Ricoss
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    SHGB or AES

    This comment needs checking as Breeders Elite have stated they are recognised by WBFSH. They are also not a tin pot organisation, but run by Henk Minderman who started the AES in the first place. I would assume he knows what he is doing.
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    I know I'm risking starting another fight RE backing age...

    I find it quite shocking that some people don't see much wrong with this. a very light child will not just have hopped onto this baby, they would have been lunged etc. Given the growth plates are still open, not to mention the horse's young emotional age, I find it disgusting that people buy...
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    My Arab who does not jump!!

    The ribbon is because he is a stallion I would imagine. It just lets other competitors know
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    My Arab who does not jump!!

    I'm the same, but he really does look good Rollin and is enjoying it :)
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    My Arab who does not jump!!

    Wish I'd known about RL I'd have looked out for him. I'd love to meetWoody. Congratulations! :)
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    Leading a bolshy one. I really need help now.

    Are you bringing him in to feed him as well? I wonder if it may be worth catching him, then feeding him half his feed so he isn't so food focussed when he is coming in - at least to try to break this habit of bolting off.
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    Waaaaay overpriced?!

    All mine have pink papers, but I never mention it in their ads, so it definitely doesn't mean they don't have them. In fact, I rarely see it mentioned in ads.
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    Waaaaay overpriced?!

    I'm amazed that you are amazed at the price. People have no clue how much it costs to get a foal on the ground.
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    Disgraceful - Surely this horse is far too young?

    Unfortunately it is not uncommon in Europe to back at two. They want a mature looking youngster to market as a stallion. How many of them go on to have a career...not as many as should. Fortunately the vast majority of breeders in this country do not do this. They allow their youngsters to...
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    Question- If you could ask you horse one thing....

    would be mine too
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    Thought it would be easy. Foal search

    I never understand this. If someone contacts me for information on mine, if anything, I give maybe too much information (eg birth details etc!) is fair enough to try to get as much information by email as you can as it saves a wasted journey. It really isn't going to hurt a seller to be...