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    muckboot co. boots ...reveiws please?

    I've had them for years,have always bought the Tack style. Last pair just broke after 4 yrs so decided I'd try different design due to slipping in mud. Bought a pair of Greta and really not getting on with them at all. I think I have a faulty pair anyway as the tread isn't properly attached to...
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    Managing 2 horses on 1 acre

    I have 3 on 1.8 acres, they are ponies though. the field is split and they are kept on the 1 acre all winter with haynets in their shelter. I do give hay most of the year round and it does get poached around the gate and shelter and these areas don't really recover but the rest of the field...
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    Ariat Grasmere Boots

    How do the Grasmeres compare to the fit of Windermeres ? I find the windermeres quite wide as I have narrow feet .
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    If you're insured up to £5k vet fees, how much is the premium?

    I pay about £40 a month for two , can't remember if mine is £4k of £5k vets fees . I also insure mine for minimum value and just vets fees
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    Hiring gallops - South Wales area.

    I know someone who was advertising theirs for hire Nr Usk if that's not too far ?
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    Seat size of the Saddle Company Verona Saddle

    I've used a 16", it has the square cantle. I'm 5' 4" , 29 inside leg size 10. I find it fine . My mare is quite short backed so suits her well, although I prefer a suede seat so it is up for sale if anyone looking for a cob xxx wide :)
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    Derby House fly rugs

    I bought one for my Sec D and it almost strangles her :( Agree with previous poster about how long the belly part is and was also concerned they might get a leg stuck in it.... Off to buy a new fly rug:rolleyes:
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    Is there a knack for moving rubber mats?

    Mine are too heavy to roll up :confused: I flip mine over an old broom handle and carry from each end - obviously need two people tho... otherwise i just struggle and try and drag them after folding over .. I def need longer arms :mad:
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    Where's the best place to look for a cheap ridable companion?

    Lluest Horse and Pony Trust had one they were desperately trying to find a loan home for the other day. They are based West Wales. 14 hh safe ride
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    Very Spooky Horse!

    I had an Arab mare who always spooked hacking on her own, in company she was completely chilled. She'd spook at the same thing for ever and never changed. I owned her for over 20 yrs ... hope yours gets better as it could be a bit tiring :rolleyes:
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    Henry Cecil

    Just heard the news, very sad R.I.P :(
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    Oh goody, another messed-up baby..

    Apt name for its Dam filly out of Who Gives a Toss :( Says it all :mad:
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    Suregrow, not so cheap

    I've been paying over £15 since I started using it about 7 months ago . My youngster looks fab on it and I have no plans to change :) Out of curiosity at what age do most stop feeding it ?
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    Pure Fibre Balance - The fibre feed balance

    Been using their feeds for about 18 months and love them, so do my ponies ... mine have been on fibre balance this winter, with a bit of fast fibre...their coats are glossy and they've kept their weight a little too well :)
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    How much would you offer?

    Maybe the owner has changed her mind about selling her and you are worrying over nothing? If she's in a good loan home and everyone is happy then that's what most owners want.
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    There's also Smugglers Run near Blackwood, not been there so can't comment. Triley is a riding centre and livery yard in Abergavenny, they hold clinics and shows. ( )
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    Opinions please: which yard and why?

    I would have said yard two but I'm another one who doesn't believe in individual turn out being healthy for a horse. I've been on yards with mixed herds without problems. Being a riding school would put me off more than anything else due to lack of access to the schools . If you can fit in...
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    Field Shelter

    I have rubber mats inside mine.... they have worked really well... I do have a few around the entrance too but this year they appear to have sunk :(
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    where can i take my horse for the day?

    It was our first trip so we weren't sure of the way ...didn't want to get lost and stuck in the Dunes all day :D
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    How Are Your 2012 Foals Looking?

    The first pic of Ava is stunning .. she's lovely:)
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    How Are Your 2012 Foals Looking?

    My Bogof has turned into a lovely affectionate boy and not too cheeky :D Hoping he'll be 14.2 hh at least, currently about 12.2 and a chunky monkey at 9 months Here's a few recent ish pics
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    where can i take my horse for the day?

    How about Wentwood ? Sugar Loaf is Abergavenny :)
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    where can i take my horse for the day?

    The only thing we found when going to Kenfig was the bridle way from the car park was really boggy.... and that was in August !! .. we ended up using part of the footpath as the bridleway was so bad Went down a few weeks later and it had dried out enough to make it safe to use.
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    equestrian clearance

    Love, love , love them :D Got a pair of Aiat Windermeres last week... had to have a mooch around the site and chucked in a few more 'bargains' :D
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    How do you fill a hay net?

    Who said there wasn't a hay net big enough for a round bale :D
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    Pontcanna Riding School, Cardiff - CLOSURE

    I understood they were looking for someone else to take it on ? From the fb page it seems that quite a few people are less than pleased with that option...
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    Pontcanna Riding School, Cardiff - CLOSURE
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    Hello anyone here

    Good afternoon, I have two sheep ... Fred and Spots :D
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    Pontcanna Riding School, Cardiff - CLOSURE

    I'm not quite sure why UWIC keeps being brought into this ??? Yes they do have car parking issues but are not currently looking to aquire additional land . The closure of the Riding School will have a very personal impact on some of its employees and should it close will be much missed...
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    Pontcanna Riding School, Cardiff - CLOSURE

    It's council owned, so would appear to be due to Council budget cuts :(