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    HOYS. Booked ...who else is going?

    Just about to book flight, tickets sorted!
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    Which chickens?

    Try Marans, for chocolate colour eggs
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    Aintree Day 1

    For me, The Morning Line overall are doing a good job, Aintree looks magnificent, Thought the farce of a start for the Foxhunters needs to be looked at, how many people does it take to put a bridle on, For me, the first fence came too quick in the same race , esp after a standing start...
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    Confidence EQ

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that. My horse didnt show the same reaction, and loaded first time (unusually for her ). There was a discussion on this product a while ago, maybe worth searching? The application instruction is quite precise.
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    Haybags , tell me about them please

    We would like to take a haybag in our trailer to competitions, what would be your recommendations and why? Thank you
  6. J

    Coloured breeders & Throughbreds with colour in them.

    Enjoyed seeeing that, thank you,
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    Our other home bred Shagya

    ditto everyone, another super young prospect, wishing you well
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    National Shire Horse Show

    Please say hi to our friends who are competing for the very first time on Saturday with their very first Shire, a bay 3 yr old.
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    Calcium carbonate as an antacid

    I suppose Gaviscon would be the equivalent of what I have been using here in France, around 40 to 60 mls syringed into the horses mouth, before a potentially stressfull event like loading> Phosphalugel, cheap as chips from the pharmacy, the horse liked the taste, just dont get any on your clothes!
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    Cheltenham Friday Thread

    I did
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    Corsica riding

    Places to ride on the eastern side of Corsica, looking for a half day or day ride. Tips for the month of June ?
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    Cheltenham Friday Thread

    Its here, the soul feels uplifted this morning
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    animed direct. delivery problems

    I have always spoken to the same young lady, wonder if she is on holiday or something?
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    animed direct. delivery problems

    I have found the Company very reliable, I always place my order by phone.
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    More Cleveland Bay

    How exciting for you, love reading about your youngsters...and oldsters!
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    Daihatsu Fourtrak

    I love mine....will be using it on the land should it fail its inspection. Like others say, engines perfect
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    moving to france - anyone taken the plunge?!!!

    Lots and lots on here already to be considered, rent before committing is a good idea! Availabilty of Engish feed is becoming easier in my area, but unless you have specialist needs, the French feed suffices. Research research research.....
  18. J

    Liver tonic

    Ekyrenal by Audevard
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    Lots to look forward to, meanwhile the diary is cleared and the door locked!
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    Head shaking- its driving me crazy!!!

    Megs22, what cover are you using for the horse who hates the midges flying into its face, (same here)
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    Equest Pramox - cheapest place, or alternatives?

    Pet Medecine Company, Warwick, good prices, fab service, free postage uk over £20. My order placed with PMC today, although 700k size Pramox it had to be.
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    hello from France

    24 for me, 16 isnt that far north relatively speaking!
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    Fly rug

    Horze do a sweetitch rug which i use on a horse similar to yours. Bit of a faff to put on, but, would absolutely buy again instead of a standard fly rug, which he got too hot and sweaty in. Washed well and dried quickly. There is a full face mask neck cover available seperatly so no gaps around...
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    Horse pheromone?

    Its Ceva, Confidence EQ, around £40 for a box of ten sachets which are easy to apply.
  25. J

    liver damage-diet review please:

    May be worth a try on EKYRENAL by AUDEVARD. Test results show much improved figures here.
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    Foal aborted

    Sorry to hear of your loss and hope the mare is recovering, I am late to this thread, being in at Cheval Passion in Avignon last weekend, where I thought of you when we saw Shagya stallions in thier boxes, (dont ask me which ones as the Mistrale was doing its best to blow the whole show away)...
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    Confidence EQ gel?

    Have a look at the website, which should explain everything
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    Confidence EQ gel?

    A box costs 40 euros for 10 sachets. After trying a free sample, I was amazed by the difference to a tricky young mare with loading issues. You must apply the gel when the horse is completely calm, half an hour before you need it to work. There was a marked change in behaviour for the better...
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    Anyone tried Top Spec Ulcerkind?

    That is a good price!
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    Anyone tried Top Spec Ulcerkind?

    Only just started using this product so cant really comment yet. Cubes are standard sized, horse enjoying them so far!