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    Trailer Insurance

    Having just bought a new trailer, I decided to insure it just in case, I haven't done this before. Does anyone have any recommendations on best company to use? I just went on one site that quoted £350 and was a bit shocked tbh!! (Am I really that out of date lol?)
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    Wind/gut problems

    My horse has been on box rest for a while and is now sound and going well. However, on the days when she is ridden after having been out at grass for a short time, she is definitely gassy and uncomfortable when ridden. Easier after passing copious amounts of gas! Any suggestions please?
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    Acavallo Gel pads/pad to stop saddle moving

    Can anyone recommend a thin pad that would stop my saddle slipping forward (a temporary measure as horse has lost weight and awaiting fitter). I tried the Acavallo gel pad but it left little suction-type dots all over my horse's back where the air had pulled through? If I put in between saddle...
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    Which saddle for backing?

    Hi all, the time has come for my baby horse to be backed and I am humming and ha-ing over whether to get her a GP saddle for this, or use one of the dressage saddles I have. One of them is a bit wide but fits with padding, I also have an older dressage saddle which fits her quite well. I see...
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    Saddle Tree Mystery!

    I am mystified as to why one of the most important parts of saddle fitting seems to be kept a bit of a secret. When saddlemakers advertise a saddle for sale, they always state the seat size and the width. I think they should also let customers know what type of tree is inside, it is surely the...
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    Stocks of some sort?

    Where would I be able to buy those stocks that I could put a horse in to contain when wanting to worm/bath/clip etc. I'm not looking forward to Thursday when the vet is coming to do my youngsters teeth - she is nervous of vets as she had a needle bent in her neck last year when being vaccinated...
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    Is there a market for

    Second hand horse clippers? I was just wondering what to do with my clippers, I bought them a year or two back and used them for 5 minutes flat - madam was not happy and I decided not to risk life and limb any further!! So they are sitting in the box as new. I cant see many used ones on Ebay...
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    Anyone with an Equipe Emporio

    I had a sit in my friend's saddle the other day and am interested to know what length is standard for the flap? I measured hers from the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and it was 15". Does anyone know - it looked like it might be short, it is difficult to find saddlers with all the...
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    Anyone got any ideas on saddle dilemma?

    I would appreciate any input, this is driving me mad and has cost me much dosh over the years, but this is my quandary:- We compete in affiliated dressage and mare is not the most forward going, and a little hormonal! I have had umpteen dressage saddles over the years, including made to...
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    Help! Cant decide re rugs!

    I would appreciate any thoughts I'm going round in circles! I'm going on holiday next week for a fortnight and was going to turn my horses out 24/7 this weekend, with friends checking them, of course. Just heard the weather is going to turn very cold and I cant make up my mind on whether to rug...
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    In hand Youngstock Question

    Hi, I'm thinking of taking my rising 2 year old filly to a local show to get her out and about this Summer. Should she be bitted? Could someone give me an idea of the correct attire for the sports horse class? I have taken her previously when she was a foal to the Hanoverian shows, but wonder...
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    Do I need yard insurance?

    Just wondered if you more knowledgeable people would be able to answer this question. I have my own small yard for my horses and have planning permission for private use of the arena. If a friend were to ride her own horse in my arena, and have an accident, could I be liable? I don't have yard...
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    Fly Fringe on a Yearling?

    My yearling filly is turned away for the Summer with other fillies 24/7. Her eyes in this heat/flies look a bit swollen so I have been bathing them and I have put a fly fringe on her which is joined with a bit of Velcro, so if caught on anything, will detach quite easily. She seemed quite...
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    Suspensory ligament question

    Hi all, my horse has been diagnosed as having a thickened suspensory ligament of the LH. This started with a problem in right canter, he kept breaking and then would not canter right at all. He is not lame when trotted up or when lunged in all paces, it only shows up when ridden. My vet nerve...
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    Hormonal mare

    My mare has become very hormonal since the arrival of a new boy at the yard. She watches him constantly and squeals and squirts a lot (TMI, sorry!). I just wondered if she was to be turned out with him, would this behaviour pass? I have to avoid riding at the same time as him, as I can get no...