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    Showing - Top turnout tips!

    Great tip with the ketchup, I have read about it for bleached hair and chlorine damage so makes sense! Thank you - I may have to try this after being very naughty and not washing his tail for far too long! Already mentioned but my must haves are: Supreme blue rinse - I prefer the powder...
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    What colour tie/shirt should I wear with a green tweed jacket for showing?!

    If you get a new yellow duster, chuck it in the wash with your shirt if you can only find a white one and it will turn it a a yellow/creamy colour, I haven't done this but know lots of people that have. What colour is your pony as you want something that will complement them? Also your tie is...
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    Extra strong bit needed for strong horse out hunting...

    I have a tank who needs extra breaks hunting and jumping, he is an ID x Cob He is mainly ridden in waterford mouth pieces and for when breaks are needed I will use a waterford gag with double reins or roundings and he has a grackle or restraining hunter noseband. It works well for us and we...
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    BD Maxi Cob goes Arena Eventing with Pics

    He is such a dude!! Well done both of you!! I have a maxi who has that same glint in his eye, they sound similar...monkeys lol!!! Well done, I shall look forward to seeing more pics and reports!
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    Should I take the partition out?

    I have taken the partition out of our lorry, my boy does travel well anyway but is certainly a lot happier backwards and without the partion. Saves on a bit of weight too. My friend used to travel hers the same and suggested it to me. We are shopping for a new one soon and I will do the same...
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    Side saddle riding?

    If you have a google you may find some nearbye clinics or instructors? I have only tried it a couple of times on my own horse, twice for a lesson/play then at our wedding too! It is very elegant, not that I felt it though but I am hoping to get into it a bit more as also hooked. My ss...
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    Little hunter trials / XC comps in Surrey

    There is an eventers challenge at Pachesham on the 13th of Feb, I am hoping to go it - but will check out the pics on the link just posted - thank you
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    Surrey types (Dorking / Leatherhead / Bookham / Effingham)

    I am in Ripley and not venturing out in my little C1 so will be walking, the main roads are not meant to be too bad but its just the little ones inbetween to get on to them that my car wont cope with.
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    Following on from popularbreeds, what unusual breeds do you see in your area?

    We have a Standard Poodle who is probably one of the most unusual we see out, we now see sooo many Poodle crosses though and we contstantly get and overhear 'That's a Labradoodle!!' my hubby is going to strangle someone one day I think. I met my first English Pointer the other day, I was very...
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    A hunter is born :)

    What a lovely report, thank you for sharing! Desperate to get out again now!
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    Blue bog pony goes showing - a report i didn't think i'd ever write!!

    I love your horse!! Blue and white ponies are the best!! Huge well done, you should def head to Equifest, they have a coloured workers class!!!
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    Sheepskin breastplate cover

    My sheepskin cover had a slit in the middle already so I guess that would work on one, or buy a headcollar set/sheepskin poll guards may work out cheaper?
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    Showing an Appaloosa yearling in hand?

    Hello, Please can anyone help me out on this, and what would be the best way to turn my youngster out and what to use as a halter/bridal and where is a good place to purchase? Have had a search on google for examples but I am not getting much back. I am hoping I can finaly give in to my...
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    Transporting colt from Surrey to Cape town, SA?

    Thank you, I have been in touch with them along with a few others and am just still waiting on quotes. Just wondered if anyone here had any rough ideas on the price? It is for my boss, so a great excuse to come on here.
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    Transporting colt from Surrey to Cape town, SA?

    Hi, I am contacting companies to get quotes on the above but they are taking a couple of days. So wondered if anyone here had any experience of the above and a rough price? It's for a 10 month old Appaloosa colt. Thank you
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    'Posh' hats

    I second the Gatehouse Hickstead, I loved mine so so much and keep meaning to replace it, I used it for workers and it was just lovely, so smart and had a much 'sleeker' profile then most of the velvet hats with a leather harness.
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    Pics Of My New Horse - as promised

    He is gorgeous, greys are the best even when they do fade they are still stunning - just harder work!!
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    Black or brown tack on a grey?

    Brown all they way, yes correct for showing but regardless of that I much prefer it as I think it looks alot softer and smarter, black can be harsh. You can get lovely dark havana stuff which is what my boy is in and I think it looks very smart, we do show and hunt though but he did used to be...
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    well ive sold my cob now please help me find a quite hack !!

    I know a couple on another forum that may be suitable they are in Kent, will find the info for you.
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    My poor hunting hero

    I am very sorry, he found you for a reason though and it sounds like you both made the most of your time together. I am sitting here crying now too, a lovely poem - says it all x
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    I have a very wonkey donkey :- ( This morning I had a phone call saying Drum came out very stiff, which isn't like him but he was kept an eye on and came in very lame with a lot of heat in his front feet, one a lot more then the other. The yard rang the farrier who made it there very quickly...
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    Best Products to use for affiliated showing turnout?

    Cowboy magic to keep ontop of stains all the time, fab stuff but my must have is supremes blue rinse powder, I love it soooo much is the best product I have found!
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    Reins - recommend!

    I love my Evanta reins too, hate riding in anything else. But the Albion Nubuck ones sound lovely...
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    Is there an alternative to sausage boots/fetlock rings?

    I just use an over reach boot, someone always asks why he only has one on the back but never why is he even wearing one behind. I tried a sausage boot but it just rubbed and spun and left the area that needed protecting still bare. His is the same area too.
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    Irish Horses and Hunting

    Plus a good horse to one person isn't to another. I doubt anyone in Ireland is kicking themselves for letting Drum go, but to me he is the best horse I could have ever wished for. I bought him as 4 year just over from Ireland, with the intention of me just being a teenager and having fun with...
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    start of the season, Drag Hunting Sandhurst today Video

    Such fun!!!! I am going to have to make it out with Sandhurst this season, looks lots of fun and lots of people recommended you on Saturday at the SU newcomers day - I can see why!!!
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    Press at a Newcomers Hunt yesterday.

    Thoroughbred horses and Thoroughbred people!!! Very funny, I wish I had the legs and figure of a Tb and Drummer my Maxi cob certainly!! The mass of the group were ponies, cob types and then Tb's! I am another in shock over the article, but screw them and any idiots that believe their tush! I...
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    What To Expect Out Hunting!

    Prepare to be addicted!!!!! You will have a great time!!!
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    Looking for someone to clip in Surrey?

    Does anyone know anyone that does professional clipping services in Surrey, we are based 5 mins off junction 10 of the M25/A3. I am looking for someone with a lot of experience and patience as he is not the best to be clipped, he will be sedated but can still be a bit of a monkey and he is a...
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    Have lorry will hunt yay!!!! Surrey Union newcomers day???

    You will be fine!!!! It will be my first time out on my own so I will be a bit nervous too but will be great!!