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  1. Jojo_Pea4

    Being ill and caring for horses

    I came down with flu/fever Christmas day, i carried on doing my horse till i couldnt get out of bed then my mum done him for me and visa versa if mum was ill i will do her horse. But when my mum had a livery yard i had to take annual leave to run the yard when she ended up in hospital after a...
  2. Jojo_Pea4

    Yard Cat

    Thanks everyone. Will look for a more feral cat. We have dogs and they keep them away but its at night our biggest problem in the hay barn.
  3. Jojo_Pea4

    Yard Cat

    We have a problem with rats and mice on our yard. Dont want to put poison down as have dogs. Someone suggested we get a yard cat. Does anyone have a yard cat? How do you keep them? Do they keep the mice and rats at bay? Dont want to get a cat as a big responsibility of another animal.
  4. Jojo_Pea4

    Oh, how I love having my horses at home.....

    I dont have mine at home but would love to one day but moved my two to a private house and its bliss just having my two there and no other people as you said you can do what you want when you want and somedays you do things one way and tomorrow you could do them a different way.
  5. Jojo_Pea4

    if you didnt have a horse (horses) what would you do?

    My boy is getting on a bit not ready to retire but works cutting down. I've had him 11years and couldn't imagine my life without him. I have often thought i couldnt replace him and i am in a stage of my life where i want my own home and need as much spare money as i can get. But my sister has a...
  6. Jojo_Pea4

    bitting help please

    forgot to mention all checks been done. She is fine jumping and not had a flat lesson as been working on jumping. Tried her in a eggbutt tonight with not much change. She chews the bit, and hangs. She finds flat work hard and is always evading. Have a flat lesson booked end of the week.
  7. Jojo_Pea4

    bitting help please

    My mate is in a loose ring French link snaffle, cavasson nose band, a flash makes no difference. She is constantly chewing/mouthing the bit and fighting against me. Any help appreciated
  8. Jojo_Pea4

    Rubbing himself raw help!!!

    He had invasive tests blood test, skin sample for an Apple sample test in four places he was showing symptom, and results all shown as dust mites allergies. He is on immune therapy and been clear for two he is rubbing his tail and don't know if it's the same or si or pin worm. I will...
  9. Jojo_Pea4

    Feeding a Sweet Itch Sufferer

    So sorry to gate crash. My horse is showing signs this year and but he does have dust allergies so was interested in replies. What are good rugs? As have him in a fly rugs but think I need a si rug. What are best fly repellents?
  10. Jojo_Pea4

    Rubbing himself raw help!!!

    I posted the other day about sweet itch as my horse is rubbing his tail raw. He has allergies dust mites and believe it's the dust mites causing him to be so itchy not sweet itch. Has anyone experienced dust mite allergies? As managing mites and si different and it's just getting worse I am...
  11. Jojo_Pea4

    Sweet itch

    Have wormed him for pin worm, would one dose be enough to cure?
  12. Jojo_Pea4

    Sweet itch

    Thank you for replies. He is only rubbing his tail nowhere else. He has a fly rug on but need to order a si rug. I just don't know how to treat and stop him scratching all the time. His allergies are dust mites so the opposite of si he is better living out.
  13. Jojo_Pea4

    Sweet itch

    Thank you i plan to keep him sprayed and a fly rug
  14. Jojo_Pea4

    Tell me about spavins

    My horse was diagnosed a few years ago, he was injected. But I found they have fused over time. Management is so important, my boy is ridden most days and would rather do something little most days than hard work not as often. I can't trot my boy on the road or hard ground at all. Lots of turn...
  15. Jojo_Pea4

    Sweet itch

    I've not seen many around, i've got him in a fly rug in and out of his stable to see if this helps. Going to spring clean his stable and put fresh bedding down as this is what flares up his allergies. He is only rubbing it in the stable but is fine out in the field.
  16. Jojo_Pea4

    Sweet itch

    My horse has had skin allergies from dust mites and been on treatment. They look like hives all over his body. For a week he has been rubbing his tail and to the point of now bleeding. I have washed his tail and been applying an lotion recommend to me. Nothing has changed in his...
  17. Jojo_Pea4

    Hormonal mare,

    I've had my Mare a year now and last summer she had her Marish moments. She doesn't show that she is in season in any signs even out with a riggy gelding. Execept she is stroppy to girth up and this week to ride she reared up and got unbalanced, can a season cause this or a cyst on ovaries or...
  18. Jojo_Pea4

    Cut or abcess trying to get out?

    Brought my horse in the other day and he had a slice on his coronet band (fields really wet and boggy) cleaned and put poultice to keep clean. Next morning he was lame in walk and trot was bad so box rest. hot poulticed only a small amount of pus came out so dry poulticed small amount of dry...
  19. Jojo_Pea4

    Leaving horses while on holiday.

    When i went away mine went on holiday to a friends field to have two week off i didnt collect him for 2days after as had work and got itchy feet as was desperate to see him. I like to enjoy my time away so tried not to think horses and dogs but did have to text to see how my sister got on at a...
  20. Jojo_Pea4

    Feel absolutely bloody awful :(

    We have just sold our pony as sister outgrew him. It was the toughest choice to make and lots of tears even to the minute he went we still werent sure it was the right one. The girl who brought him was so happy and knew he would have a happier life with her as he wasnt going to cut it as a...
  21. Jojo_Pea4

    Husky hit by car in Bishops Stortford and has run off......l

    That has got to be him, hopefully someone finds him but i will keep and close eye out.
  22. Jojo_Pea4

    Husky hit by car in Bishops Stortford and has run off......l

    I'm sawbridgeworth, havent seen or heard about it on facebook. Please post on facebook essex rider or herts rider and lots of people someone may be able to help.
  23. Jojo_Pea4

    Sensitive to loud nosies

    My gsp has always been terrified of fireworks and storms, shakes and goes off to crate to hide. He is now 6 and up until recently settles by next day. Since fireworks night and with all this constant storms he has become so jumpy at every slight noise and goes off. He never used to care up...
  24. Jojo_Pea4

    Who hacks out with their dogs?

    I hack with my pointer, he is very well behaved and keeps at the pace i am at with the horse. We have some good places but not if going on roads.He loves to run beside be when canter. My horse is brilliant with the dog and if the dog pops out he doesn't care which helps for when hacking out and...
  25. Jojo_Pea4

    R.I.P. our beautiful boy Casper xx

    I'm so sorry. Lovely words. RIP Casper x
  26. Jojo_Pea4

    :( Making the hardest decision.........

    I'm so sorry to hear he has gone down hill. Will be thinking of you. My 10year old boxer has been up and down nearly loosing him over a few months but seem happy atm. I know how u must felt being away and as my mum (her golden boy) was away while he was in having intense investigation and...
  27. Jojo_Pea4

    Stressed out pointer

    His crate is in the dining room but can see him from the sofa so right next to him as wont fit in the front room. This has been three weeks of him unsettled he jumps if someone drops something as its horrid knowing he cant relax at home. At the yard and on walks he is fine which is lucky. He...
  28. Jojo_Pea4

    Stressed out pointer

    I've had him on xanax, which has worked really well. But as u said u cant give them all the time. Since he has come off them he has been worse.
  29. Jojo_Pea4

    Stressed out pointer

    Just a bit of history. My german short haired pointer is a typical pointer, nervous of his own shadow. He is 6years old had him from a pup but he is blind in one eye which doesnt affect him. Right to the problem. He hates fireworks, he pants, paces, runs to the front door, hides upstairs...
  30. Jojo_Pea4

    Suspensory injury success stories please :)

    My horse done his 4years ago after riding in bog on a busy sponsored ride. He done his hind the two branches and down the main bit. He had plasma treatment (names changed) where they drew some blood then use the white blood cells and inject back into his injury. He was on box rest (he went out...