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    Buyer not collecting horse?!

    Well fill my boots with custard!!! What a carry on! Glad you have sorted it in the end OP. I need a lie down in a darkened room just reading all of this, so goodness knows how you must have been feeling
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    Side loading trailers

    I had one but wouldn't have another. The ramps seem to be problematic, ours had begun to rot when we px'd it. Also if you do have a problem, as we did early on, then the company are awful to try to deal with. It's a real shame because the actual design with a few minor tweaks is a good one in my...
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    Dog attack......who pays the bill

    If your dogs are insured for PL then I would give her the company details and ask her to take it up with them. I suspect they will tell her to do one also and if they do then why should you pay. I don't think you are in any way liable anyway given what you have described, but insurance...
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    My 2 do the same thing. One 9 months and one 5 months but the 5 month old is a big boy by comparison. It's what they do. BTW you can't put a thread up about whippets without a picture of them. It's the law. LOL !!
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    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Musto all the way. Mine is about 15 years old and much patched but still completely waterproof.
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    How much would you pay for a 19yo horse?

    Seems expensive to me for a horse that age. Last 19 year old we had was £400. We had him 10 years and he was a star. Safe conveyance for hubby and grandchildren alike. Would I have paid £5k for him? No.
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    Winter mode?

    Mine are still out, unrugged. However, I am watching the weather for a downturn in temperature. I hope they can stay out at night until the end of October.
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    3yo tb filly

    Well that is what I would do. Just because the horse was broken at 2 doesn't mean it is anymore mentally mature than one that wasn't. I just believe in taking my time and thus far that approach has worked very well.
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    Such a mucky job moving wet mats.

    I use mole grips to move mats.
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    3yo tb filly

    I would turn her away until next spring to mature and relax. Then I would restart and reback and do about 6 weeks gentle riding away and then turn her away again until the following year and start her ridden career properly from there. I don't believe in them doing things too young. Skeletal...
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    Riding with my Splinted Finger

    I rode with my broken finger. No splints, bandages, nothing. Didn't realise I'd broken it for a month! It looks a bit odd now but never bothered me.
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    Hacking in the dark?

    If you don't have any roadwork then yes do it. I hacked out in the early morning in the dark when I was working. It is very quiet here. I hacked at 5 am and never ever saw a car.
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    Asthmatic horses, inhalers?

    I used a human inhaler thingy for my old boy. I used half of it with the puffer thing in the end and closed his other nostril with my hand and said "breathe in matey" which he did. Vet gave me a prescription and I bought everything from the chemist. It did rather floor the chemist when she came...
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    Equitrek trailers

    Many problems with them sadly and the company are dreadful to deal with ime. We sold ours and bought an Ifor.
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    Rugging an older horse

    I have 2 oldies. They come in at night in the winter anyway, however one (28 yrs) has a coat like a yak and is never rugged. She would be far too hot in one. The other (25yrs) is much finer coated and does have a rug although only a lightweight one. It does depend entirely on the horse in front...
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    Temporary outdoor storage solutions

    Not sure if you are wanting storage before your stables are built or after. If after then just put a lean-to on the back store hay on pallets in it. Reasonably inexpensive. Job done. If before then shipping container would do the trick.
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    Minor Irritations

    People that say when you say things are expensive or difficult at times. "Why don't you get rid of it?"
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    Hunt coming through yard

    I have my own land and banned my local hunt and they still came across. Horses went bananas and went through 2 fences. Fortunately horses unhurt but expensive to repair fences. I was fuming. Huntsman will attest to fluent Anglo Saxon. Cue solicitors letter to the secretary. This was several...
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    Alternatives to TB base mix

    Thank you. I have been happy with the esb mix up to now but really not feeling too confident in light of recent reports. Shame really. My horses have all done very well with it.
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    Alternatives to TB base mix

    Having fed TB essential base mix for some years, and given by what is currently being reported regarding those products, what would be a good alternative? Any good ideas?
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    Tack room heater?

    We put a timber room in our yard. Insulated it within and inch of it's life on every side and the roof and floor. Double glazed windows as well. We use a calor gas heater and it is as warm as toast in about 5 minutes and stays warm for hours once heated through. I'd live in it if I could.
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    What is the most stupid thing said to you by another dog owner??

    I do remember being screamed at by some bloke on a beach, about my greyhound bitch savaging his JRT. She was asleep beside my deckchair and hadn't even seen his dog! I still have no idea what brought that on. Safe to say he got told to remove himself and dog pdq!
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    Horse allergy advice - scabs on legs and face

    Sounds like summer dermatitis. Only seems to affect white socks/noses. Sunshine and damp seem to bring it on. Sudocrem mixed with flowers of sulphur and slathered on seems to help get rid of it. It's a total pain if they get it.
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    Prescription riding/competing glasses

    I bought some sunglasses for cyclists from Specsavers. They have prescription inserts to them which can be changed relatively cheaply when your prescription changes. They have a band at the back to hold them securely. They were expensive but I am very pleased with them.
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    Innovative ideas for keeping horses on small acreage?

    I'd go for it honestly. Definitely use half the stables for storage for hay etc. Get rid of walker and stuff you won't use. Selling that might fund another project if you're lucky. Good luck with it all. Exciting for you.
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    Vetting a 2 1/2 week old foal - Any experience of this?

    Your comment was rude frankly. If that is how you choose to be then don't be surprised if you get a reaction.
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    Vetting a 2 1/2 week old foal - Any experience of this?

    I only ever bought donkeys then??? Thanks for that.
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    Vetting a 2 1/2 week old foal - Any experience of this?

    I've bought quite a few foals. Never, ever had one vetted. Never had a problem going forward.
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    It depends a bit on where the infection is. the last one here took 10 days before I could put a dry dressing on it and another few days before I could turn him out again.
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    Ifor williams trailer, best cleaner for outside.

    Caravan cleaner. You can pick it up at caravan dealers, most have shop with all sorts of accessories. Usually very cheap too and a little goes a long way.