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    How important is turning out?

    You can't compare a horse on box rest with no exercise to a horse that is stabled but not on box rest, I have worked on many hunt yards in the past and the horses were never turned out during the hunting season but they were very well exercised including if they weren't hunting that day they...
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    Racing; Sir Mark Prescott.

    No whips at all means no using the whip one handed on the horses backside, carrying the whip down the shoulder for help with keeping straight of course would still be allowed, to put what I meant bluntly, no whacking the horses backside. As far as I am concerned up to 8 whips of the horses bum...
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    Racing; Sir Mark Prescott.

    Yes of course the skill of the jockey counts, absolutely, but many of them use the whip too much, and the jockeys decision is often biaised because they want to win, and I am talking about a minority, not all, but you can't have a level playing field if some dont play by the rules.
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    Racing; Sir Mark Prescott.

    If horses were given a smack with the whip in showjumping speed classes 8 of them, they would be disciplined or banned, probably uproar, the same for eventing, very few smacks are allowed as the horse is nearing the end of the course and galloping on to make the time, 8 smacks of the whip would...
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    Shavings to straw change? Undecided ...

    Only have the rubber mats at the front and then a lovely thick deep straw bed on the floor. Nothing like a thick deep straw bed with high banks, I have two on straw and I wouldn't go back to shavings. Straw is so easy to muck out too, I remember wet shavings being so heavy. Then there's the...
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    I don't know what to do about this little ex racehorse :(

    Absolutely 100% agree with this^^^ he moves freely and is forward, rider is too heavy sitting on back of saddle, try to sit much lighter, slightly out of the saddle, lovely horse, thick pad, and he'll be fine.
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    Absolutely furious :(

    Simple answer is to ride your horse yourself? If you have had that much anxiety/stress with his unsoundness issue and it's been so difficult getting him back on track, why on earth do you let someone else ride him? My TB ex racehorse has had a few issue through the summer, now thank goodness...
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    To those two out hacking just now

    If you are riding a horse along a busy road then you are responsible for that horse and what it is doing and where it is going, it's no different to driving a car, you are responsible, it's nice that your horse really couldn't care less about nice for you to have that knowledge...
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    having a think about feeds - thoughts please...

    Mine are both on baileys endurance mix and they love it, very palatable and seems to give just the right energy levels.
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    Ok to feed bran?

    Are you honestly saying that you think your friends horse ended up with a fractured pedal bone because she fed bran?
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    What to do with a horse who will not be plaited?

    As above Mine are scissor cut quite short, looks very neat and tidy, horses are happy, if it's good enough for the top show jumpers then it's good enough for mine.
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    Haybar Shopping help!

    I paid £69.00 each for my two and had to collect them from local saddlers, these are the original large size black ones, and that was over a year ago, I would say you have a good price especially if they are delivering to you.
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    Livery yards

    Try www.liverylist.
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    First ever Dressage Comp Report ( not V.Exciting )

    Well done you, what a lovely horse, it's always so nerve racking taking a youngster for the first time but she looked as though she was starting to settle at times, once the first one is out of the way it makes it so much easier as you know what to expect. You both look really smart, you can...
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    Saying no when someone asks to ride your horse

    Luckily no one ever asks to ride mine, they've seen the way she can get at the drop of a hat. Just say no, I dont see why you are worried about offending her? tell her to go to a riding school as you dont give lessons and are not insured if your horse decides to be naughty......that should put...
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    You know you've been around horses too long when............

    Chatting to a good friend the other day and she was saying how her daughter now just into a teenager was growing up so quickly and getting moody, and I asked "oh she's probably starting to have her season soon"? still didn't realise what I'd said while friend had collapsed in a heap laughing.
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    horse just bolted 5 miles down the road

    I do wish you well with him but it all seems a little strange to be fair to him. you got him home fine and turned him out with another horse and he was fine. He had a rug on and was fine. You rode him twice, and he was fine, the second time you tacked him up yourself in the stable and he was...
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    horse just bolted 5 miles down the road

    Work him, he's ridden isn't he? get a friend over and give hime a good work session, something to think about. Get him into a firm routine straight away, the horse doesn't know whether he's coming or going, he needs someone to tell him and that's you.
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    Anyone Feed Normal Sugar Beet Anymore?

    As mine are, always fed straights no health issues whatsoever they thrive on it.
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    Interesting article about stabling

    I think we all know horses prefer to be out all the time especially at this time of year, most owners do not have the time to go tramping through deep mud accross maybe 30 acre fields to catch a horse they want to ride, clean, wash, dry and tack up for a lesson, hack whatever. My yard makes sure...
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    "Not level most of the time but..."

    Although you say this was low key I am somewhat surpried that the judge concerned spoke to you at a later date and the content of what she said is rather unprofessional. Yes it does matter about being unlevel most of the time, I am taking 'most of the time' as being for maybe 80% of the test? a...
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    Anyone do Dressage Anywhere? And some CC please!

    You have really nice rythm in the trot work, the free walk is nice and marching and she is stretching well, your centre lines are straight. As you said you just need to work on her suppleness ie her bend to the inside on circles so you need to ask for more inside bend, a few lessons should sort...
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    Lesson report number 2!

    Really good reply
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    How's he looking/My position - CC

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    Horse body language

    my horses often nuzzle into me very gently and politely and it's a sign of affection as far as I am concerned, I've had horses for 53 years and had all sorts and competed lots, my horses 'look' for me all the time but they certainly dont dominate me in any way shape or form. OP take it that...
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    Cooked linseed : linseed oil and youngsters

    Thankyou for the replies, she was very fit, always warmed up ie walking stretching at start and finish for at least 15 minutes, the key with her seemed to be more the mental side (she is a mare) if she got stressed, she got tight, and heyho she tyed up. We after a while of working things out...
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    Cooked linseed : linseed oil and youngsters

    This is fantastically interesting! what a vast amount of knowledge here, based on that can any of you tell me why my warmblood mare that used to tye up badly after schooling and usually always when she came into season was kept with no short feed other than bran and speedy beet was always worked...
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    Children on yard by themselves

    From the yard owners point of view I think most of them would not want the responsibility of other peoples children left at the yard, also from insurance point of view then over 16 is the usual cut off point for insurance companies. The yard I am at will not allow children under 16 unsupervised...
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    Changing your mind after reading an autobiography - equine riders

    It's not an autobiography really, it's called "The young Prince Philip" by Philip Eade, and it's all about his early turbulent life, in my opinion a quite remarkable man. It was published to coincide with his 90th birthday. I can thoroughly recommend it as a good read and gives a good insight...
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    Opinions- does this saddle fit?

    The saddle doesn't fit it is an A frame and the angle of the points is much too upright that's why it feels tight behind the shoulder, it needs to be a wider angle, it doesn't match the angle of the shoulder, go with your gut feeling, you know it doesn't fit.