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    I have a nearly 5yo highland gelding who is not over weight. Last June his old owner sent him to he broken professionally and they put fronts on him as he was footy on stony ground. Old owner was paranoid about keeping him v slim to the extent that prof said she was a bit OTT with strict...
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    Sore Fronts

    I have recently (3 months ago) bought a 4yo Highland who lives out 24/7 and when I bought him he had fronts on. I had them taken off straight away as neither of my other natives are shod and do perfectly well without. However he is struggling on stony ground and looks slightly unlevel in front...
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    Cantering a v green pony

    New pony is only a 4yo pony who we have successfully backed and is now comfortable in walk and trot. Asked for canter and pony panicked and shot off down the school, out and down a bank and then stopped (school does not have a fence round it). He has a very plain bridle with cavesson noseband...
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    Brave Pants or just sell

    I picked up a yearling ID a couple of months ago and she is not being easy. She is big and pushy. No respect for personal space and has now started to wave her hooves around on the end of a lead rope. I’m 52 and spent the last 15 years playing with small ponies with DD. Quite frankly I’m...
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    Pollen Allergy?

    Hi - I have a 9 year old welsh B gelding who exactly this time last year developed a very nasty cough which was treated with ventapulmin and antibiotics. Cleared up after approx 3/4 weeks and has been fine all winter. This first bout we put down to a very dodgy large round bale in the field...
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    Equine Physio/Chiro/Osteo

    My daughter wants to follow a career in Animal/Equine Therapy but isn't sure which path to take. Wondered what do you think? What are your personal experiences of calling someone out to your horse? What career do you think she should follow? She's pretty bright so dont think that side of...
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    Rocket Fuel for Shetlands

    Ha! That got your attention! Let me explain - We are taking our new Shetland to Equifest this year (4 day stay away show to those of you who are not in the know) and I am a little bit concerned that he may lose his mojo as the week goes on. Do any of you have any ideas of a feed that will...
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    Mites and itching Shetland

    Hi all. We have a Shetland that is itching his neck. I have Been told to used front line spot on but I know it’s near useless on cats. Any suggestions? Mane and tail not itchy. I’ve also clipped him as we thought it could be heat sweat.
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    Equifest 2017

    Only 6.5 weeks to go!! Anyone else on here going this year?
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    New saddle care

    Just treated us to a brand new saddle, first ever! Gorgeous leather and suede. What products and routine would you guys recommend. Obv no oils o the suede top but leather underneath ...?
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    Best Fly Repellent

    The little blighters are starting to come out now so I thought it prudent to get a fresh batch of bug spray in. As always - your recommendations are gratefully received so come on then - what actually works!!!???
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    Tail Guard with Buttock Protector

    I am sure I saw one of these somewhere but for the life of me cannot now! Looking for a tail guard that has a something that covers and protects the buttocks from poo! Daughter's light coloured pony insists on sitting back on his bum when travelling. I have to say that the Acavallo tail...
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    Anyone going? We are tackling the M&M First Ridden and concours classes - if you are going what are you doing?? It is only a week away and I am seriously starting to get a bit twitchy!! More about what I need to pack into the lorry!
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    Lorry Electrics!!

    Guys - having a bit of a blonde moment here - think I have it clear in my mind but I dont want to blow my lorry up!! Firstly - how do you charge up lorries from the mains? Lorry has 2 x 12v battering for the 'lorry engine part' and 2 x 12v leisure batteries for living. Do I just purchase a...
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    Advice Please - Lorry Breakdown Cover

    Recommendations please for lorry breakdown cover - horror or saviour back up stories always welcome to make up my mind on who to chose!! Oh and particularly interested in spare wheel stories - I have a spare wheel but have been told by several buddies not to bother to carry a spare as when...
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    Horsebox Fridges - Advice Please

    OK - question is absorption or compressor. Absorption are a LOT cheaper than the compressor but I have been advised (obviously by the guy who is trying to sell it to me .....) that absorption are basically useless when used on their 12v power input. Does anyone on here have any comments on...
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    Livery near Great Missenden

    Looking for a space for my daughter's pony & horsebox! Hacking does not need to be amazing but we do need a school and indoor one would be even better. Friends for my daughter would be a bonus too! Stable and good year round grazing.
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    Child Friendly Yard Near Great Missenden

    Anyone know of a yard that has children around the Great Missenden area. Hacking does not need to be great but a school is a must and a few buddies to hang out with for my 8yo daughter?? Private yard would be OK too. One stable needed too for 12hh gelding. Decent well drained grazing and...
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    Guardian Electric Fence Rug

    Anyone got one? It is the only one on the market? Naughty mare is likely to get thrown off yard as she insists the grass IS greener on the other side!! Thanks all x
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    Flehmen on Demand?

    Hi Guys - do any of you have a suggestion as to how I could encourage my daughter's Welsh A to perform a Flehmen Response on command? We are doing a performance to music at Equifest next week and I would really like him to "do the deed" on command ..... I was thinking of waving something...
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    Anyone Going to Equifest

    Starting to have trouble containing my excitement!
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    I hate cars! Legal Question!

    Does anyone out there know if I have a scoobie's chance of getting any come-back on a private sale of a car. Purchased Monday - Friday find out head gasket gone :-( Googled it and basically it is a big NO!
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    Lip Ulcer

    My mare has had a lip ulcer now for around a month and it is driving me nuts! I asked the vet's advice and she said just leave it. Whatever I put on it would rub off and that it was caused by Buttercups. It doesn't seem to bother her but it is about the size of a 20p piece now. Any...
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    Lip Ulcer

    My mare has had a lip ulcer now for around a month and it is driving me nuts! I asked the vet's advice and she said just leave it. Whatever I put on it would rub off and that it was caused by Buttercups. It doesn't seem to bother her but it is about the size of a 20p piece now. Any...
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    Chalfont Heights RC - tomorrow

    Tomorrow's show is cancelled due to strangles outbreak -
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    Chalfont Heights RC

    Tomorrow's show is cancelled due to strangles outbreak -
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    Grazing muzzle for tiny pony

    My welsh a is a little git - yes it is official! He can get a grazing muzzle off within an hour of putting it on and in the process rubs his face raw. I have just seen the post about stopping the rubbing but does anyone have any suggestions for tiny houdini pony and what might fit him...
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    Your fave breeches/jods

    Need to buy some more show jods and just wondered if any of you have a recommendation. For a lady with an ample bottom so none of those nasty low-rise ones ...... cream! Thanks guys.
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    Leathers for Ride Judges?

    I need to buy some new leathers for Show Cob Classes - I am 5ft4" and just wondered if anyone had any idea what length leathers I should get to accommodate myself and a ride judge adequately?? Ta all x
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    Swollen Glands

    Anyone else having issues with the spring grass? Mare has been stabled 24/7 for the past 3 weeks. Turned her out yesterday and last night came in with swollen glands. She is absolutely fine in every way, eating, drinking, bright eyed, no discharge from nose or eyes so am assuming she has...