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    Saddle Fitters Leics/Northants

    Am looking for a really good saddle fitter and wondered if other than Bridlepath International and Milners there was anybody else that people would recommend? We have a horse who is quite difficult to fit as has a massive shoulder movement but is quite short coupled. Thank you very much
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    Frontline Spot On Or Spray For Mites?

    Does anyone know if you can use the spot on Frontline for mites rather than the spray? My friends cob is stamping like anything, rubbing himself on is water trough and all sorts. She mentioned putting the spot on stuff on him but I've never heard of people using that before, only the spray...
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    Need Help Exercising Horses, In Northants. Chance To Hunt

    Do you think people would be interested? We are struggling to keep the horses fit due to an accident. As they are suitable for hunting wondered if people thought someone might be interested to help with the fittening work and then be able to take them hunting. (At their cost). Wouldn't expect...
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    Hows she looking??

    She looks like a different horse. Well done.
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    Evaluating the quality of forum advice

    It's great to get lots of different views on things as you pick up new ideas etc. If it was something medical it would be the vet for me every time, no matter what advice I received on any Forum not just this one. When it came to fittening I probably would take note of advice from off here...
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    Lip 'salve'

    Blisteze. Fab stuff, works a treat.