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    Where to sell

    Hello We used to see horses advertised regularly on local / regional equestrian FB groups. Where can I find out about horses for sale / sell a horse now that FB has banned this. I’m in the NE of England. Tia! X
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    Retirement (human)

    Is anyone else putting off retirement because of the costs of their beloved horse. I am still working 80% FTE at 63 and am getting sick of it, but I cant afford to retire and have a horse as well. I just know I can't. I don't get my SP for another 2.5 years and although am lucky to have a...
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    High vis visibility

    Just catching up with HnH. In letters from a few weeks ago a writer claims that she "regularly sees riders not wearing high vis ......... they do not realise they cannot be seen". Some sort of non sequitur here. I do wear high vis btw
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    Stem cell for cartilage damage

    My 16yo horse has been diagnosed with erosion to cartilage in her coffin joint. Stem cell treatment is being considered. Any experience folks?
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    trailer insurance?

    my insurance is due - this is for insuring the trailer itself, not breakdown and recovery insurance How much do people pay? and who is a good provider? sorry if this has been done many times already
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    recycling air jacket canisters

    Hello Over the years I have used a NUMBER of air jacket canisters and tbh have them at home cos I dont know how to dispose of them properly. Obviously recycling is MUCH preferred and I think its probably unlawful to just dump them anyway. My OH has got quite exercised about this (he loves...
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    finding the brave pants

    Doing a HT at the weekend - at a venue we have been to many times but most of the jumps on 'our' course are new. Isnt there always one jump that scares the pants off you? Mine is the no 3 and my wee horse has jumped it before (just once). Its in a field which isnt open for XC schooling so...
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    Coligone supplier issues

    Omg this company is awful to deal with. Unfortunately my mare really needs this stuff. It's fantastic and she's running out of supplies. So I decided to order another 2 bottles. £37. And a free bottle as well :) Took my money no delivery date. Suspecting the usual problems I messaged them...
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    Horrid fall sore in many ways sorry this is long

    Tonight we hired the big indoor arena 3 of us for jumps. One was teenager with her new pony. The other two were me n my usual great riding buddy both older v good friends All going well teenager a bit crazy fast but everyone shouting out - at my insistence - which jumps they were aiming for. So...
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    nations cup showjumping in poland the other day

    Division 2. GB I watched this on feitv as I have watched most of the previous 4 legs. GB have been doing okay but nowhere near good enough to ensure the guaranteed promotion place. That will surely go to Belgium. This night (Friday?) they brought out the 2 big guns - the aged JOhn and...
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    FEI TV is changing? anyone else had this email

    I subscribed to FEI TV and recently got a message to say that they were changing their service on 18th April and they would refund me pro-rata and that I would have to resubscribe as PayPal wouldnt migrate my subscription. Has this happened to anyone else. I havent had a refund and think I...
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    First lorry. Possibly. Any advice

    Thinking - and it's probs a long shot - of possibly maybe perhaps somehow buying a first lorry. Would like something quite small. For one 15hh horse most of the time but it would be nice to be able to take 2. I've seen a few wanted ads and most say they don't want a can conversion. Why is...
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    What can I do with this horse

    I'm sort of falling out of love with riding and horses I think. My little horse had colic surgery last year and bringing her back has been v v difficult and complicated. My insurance is bust and there's less than no money left for further expensive treatments. Recently she colicked mildly 4...
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    starting again :(

    Well some of you know that my lovely mare is - thankfully - recovering after 7 months off due to colic surgery. She is a super little mare, very responsive, a little sensitive, but safe as houses and loves her work. I on the other hand am 6 years into horse ownership, pretty novicey and have...
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    Bucking and broncing in canter

    My sweet little mare - wee bit keen but safe as houses - has started bucking and broncing in canter when ridden. The story is - she is recovering from colic surgery. She resumed ridden work 8 weeks ago and has been doing short spurts of canter since then - exercise is under vet supervision...
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    Does anyone feed Seaquim elite - seaweed supplement?

    And if so how much to give? Tia xxx
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    £94 for saddle check reflocking etc. Is that a rip off?

    question in the title really. I think £49 for a call out £20 for reflocking and £25 for width adjustment is beyond the pale. Any views
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    Dressage - lousy score for riding

    Hi there Competed my wee mare for the first time since her difficult ( and ongoing ) recovery from colic surgery today. She did brilliantly. Every score was at least 6.5 and plenty of 7.5s and a few 8's. She totally loved it But there was just one lower score. The collective for my riding...
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    Physio for your horse NE ideally Durham ish.

    Who do you rate and what do you pay? Any info / advice gratefully received.
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    Prednisolone tablets 5mg

    I read on an old post that Prednisolone tablets cost £70 for 100. Does anyone know if this is true - my girl has just been put on 90 a day. Eeeek!!!
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    Prednisolone tablets 5mg

    I read on an old post that Prednisolone tablets cost £70 for 100. Does anyone know if this is true - my girl has just been put on 90 a day. Eeeek!!!
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    Rugging - horse has wound on belly

    All in the title really. My horse is slowly recovering from abdominal surgery - I hope - and has a pretty horrid wound on her belly. I've not clipped her - she is an Irish cob so is a hardy mare and she goes out in her paddock without a rug. I've rugged her tonight in her stable as its so...
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    Colic surgery - insurance bust - considering options

    Please do not post in reply to say that you would never consider colic surgery. That would contribute nothing at best and be unhelpful. My horse colicked on 4/8 and was operated for LDD straightaway. Discharged after 11 days with recovering v serious wound infection. That wound has been...
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    My colic surgery mare has huge belly

    Hello everyone. My lovely little mare had colic surgery 6 weeks ago - left dorsal displacement. After one of two glitches she now seems to be recovering well but I am a nervous wreck. The latest worry is her belly. Since she came out of hospital it has grown and grown It looks like she...
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    Original PIO for my new horse no longer exists - how do I update

    Hello friends Hopefully question is in the title Ten days ago I bought a lovely mare who is 11 years old and has a basic passport from the Irish Cob Society. Seller handed over the passport to me on purchase and admitted that she had never changed it to her name in the 2years she had owned...
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    Uneven line of teeth - is this a problem?

    Hi everyone My friend is looking for a young event horse and has found a lovely 4yo gelding BUT (there's always a but isnt there) The line of his lower teeth is uneven, the incisor seems to be set further down in his gum than the other teeth. He bitted fine, does not seem in pain at all...
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    Olympia: were the puissance audience cheated

    I think so.... Both John and Michael Whitaker pulled their horses out after 2 rounds. Why? Laura Renwick pulled hers out just before the final round.At least she gave it more of a shot but even so its not fair. This meant an extra short puissance which the audience had paid £££££££ to...
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    everyone I'm new. Looking forward to talking to you all on this forum about all things horsey pmr