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    should i be worried?

    Im finding small red coloured worms in my horse's automatic water drinker, as well as the fact he has diarrhoea that is not going away despite feeding yea-sacc. He is well enough in himself but pooing more than usual and has a runny bottom (cowpats, yum). Could it be the start of small redworm...
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    how do you deal with setbacks? :(

    Feeling a bit down tonight. I've had my boy for 5 years and have nearly always been battling with soundness issues due to racing injuries (he is 20 now). He can be beautifully sound one day and awful to ride the next. I just feel quite down when it happens, Ive put so much energy into this...
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    mouth question!

    When I ride my mare she opens and closes her mouth quite a lot (mainly her bottom lip) almost like she's talking :P she isn't doing it as a stress reaction (there is no tension when she does it) but she gets marked down in dressage tests for it. What would you suggest I do bridle-wise...
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    saddlecloth question

    does anyone know where you can get a high withered saddlecloth personalised?
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    silly question!

    I'm taking my youngster out for his first show on Wednesday, I have always been a dressage person so this is my first show too. Just a question, in an individual show do you have show all 3 paces? Or can you opt out of one pace and lose a few marks? His trot is very wobbly and not his best pace!
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    got myself in a sticky situation

    My boy has had a new fieldmate for a couple of days now. But I've found out a few things today about the horse he is sharing with, and would like to have the horse out of my field. I don't know how to say it to the owners, they are lovely, but my horse comes first! any suggestions?! x
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    silly insurance question

    my boy needs a course of gastrogard unfortunately :( but at £850 for a month, i am going to claim through it via insurance. Would I have to pay it first of all then insurance will pay me back? Or can I send the invoice to the insurance company? I have to go and pick up the course of gastrogard...
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    long boots

    How on earth can you make them more comfy? I've bought some lovely Mountain Horse Classic High Riders but because they're new the stiffness makes my toes go numb!
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    elevator bridle question

    Are they generous sizes? My boy has big cheekbones and has to have an extra large browband usually or it pinches his ears. However he only takes a 5" bit! - he's a 16.3hh thoroughbred.
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    ahh terrified!

    Im riding my horse soon for the first time in nearly a year due to me having an injury and then him having an injury! At first I was ridiculously excited but now my nerves are really setting in - he can be a tricky character to ride! Any words of wisdom?!
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    argh saddles!

    Im having a nightmare trying to find a saddle to fit. My boy has a typical thoroughbred back - long high wither but he's not particularly narrow (quite stocky for a TB!) He is an older horse so some saddlers are telling me there is no point getting a saddle with an adjustable tree as he will...
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    Over the time i've had him my horse (who is nearly 20 years old now) has been prone to colic, despite natural feeding with low starch/sugar, adlib forage, removal of as much stress as possible etc. He gets gastric colic which sometimes goes away with lots of gentle walking and ive had to call...
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    bridlepath international question

    I have Alison coming out to fit a saddle, has anyone had any experience with her? Please PM me :)
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    feed advice!

    I have a 19 year old poor doer TB who is currently out of work. He needs an alfalfa-free, high fat/calorie diet which is not high in protein - it makes him footy. He is also very fizzy/spooky so cannot be something that will send him off his head. Any help? :)
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    what would you do? :(

    Ok, so I'm at university 300 miles away from home. My horse is currently at a livery stables at home being looked after by my parents. I really really really miss him, and he is really miserable at home without me. He is not being ridden or anything as well so he is getting bored, stiff (has...
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    calm and condition - anything but?!

    I have a barefoot, poor doer TB. I was recommended to put him on Calm & Condition as he can be spooky and fizzy, but he seems to not be himself on it? He's lost all his manners and is breaking through electric fences and everything, normally he is very sweet on the ground. Has anyone else...
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    any help?

    I was lunging my 19 yo tb last night and he kept losing his back end in trot, what may cause this? He was trotting actively and wasnt being lazy, was lunging him in a pessoa so was using himself properly..
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    horses and uni

    Im going to uni next month and am confused as to what do with my horse. Who took their horse with them and how did you manage to fund that AND university?? And also what did you do in the holidays, did you leave them there on full livery or bring them home with you (but then finding a place at a...
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    Pessoa help

    Someone has lent me their pessoa-type training aid to use for a while but has lost the instructions. Ive been told by my physio to use it on the lowest setting, what attaches to where for this? Does anyone have a photo? Thanks :)
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    stable mirrors!

    For a 16.3hh horse, can anyone recommend an online company? :) Thanks!
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    freezemarking in essex

    Can anyone recommend a company?
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    simple systems - worth it?

    Im looking to take my boy off ALL starches/sugars/molasses/cereals etc as he is just too sensitive. SS have recommend Total Eclipse and Lucie Cobs, but this will work out quite expensive (they have told me to feed 300g of TE to start him off and my pennies are tight at the moment!) Can I do...
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    turnout help!

    Im moving to a new yard where my barefoot TB will have a half acre paddock to himself, but the grass is very lush and I dont want him gorging himself (when he gets a grass belly he gets gastric colic!) but I dont want to keep him in the stable too much. Any ideas? Maybe a paddock paradise type...
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    ahh heeelp!

    I need to move yard fairly fast - my job may be in jeopardy so I need to keep them nearer to home where it is a bit cheaper for me. I am in Fordham in Colchester, does anyone know of anything? THe yard at the garrison is full
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    essex people!

    Can anyone recommend a yard near Colchester? feel free to PM me if its easier x
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    horsey tattoos?

    Im thinking of getting a tattoo to do with my horsey cos I love him so much However I'm not too keen on a headshot because he is dark bay, so it would look like a big dark mush So maybe something with his name What do you think? Do any of you have horsey tattoos/tattoos related to your horse?
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    horse has lost all confidence in canter

    Basically my boy had a bad pelvis injury years ago before I owned him, which can result in him being disunited in canter. When he canters under saddle he panics and throws his legs everywhere, and tends to just run and run. It is very hard to sit and you feel like you're going to fall off! The...
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    rubbish feet! any suggestions?

    My boy has appauling feet (he is barefoot and will stay that way due to arthritis problems) he is fed a vit and min supplement, but is there anything specifically for feet I can feed him on top?
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    if this was your horse, would you bother with insurance?

    My boy is 19 now, he is still fairly active, but his policy excludes his back, muscles, any lameness and related structures and I'm paying £40 a month for it! Im guessing the only thing I really need/want cover for is colic but then, as this age, would you put a horse through colic surgery...
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    feeding a poor doer cheaply?

    I need to start economising due to financial difficulty but feeding my boy in the winter is tough - he is a very poor doer but goes bonkers on starch/sugar/cereal etc. I have tried feeding him sugarbeet but he just gets a belly full of water! I have im on reduced amounts of Winergy Senior at...