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    Help Please Microchip Registration

    Hi, some advise please, have bought new pony, his microchip is a Petlog (administered by Kennel Club) one, easy enough, contacted them, paid £6 to transfer to my name, all confirmed as new keeper and they are DEFRA compliant database. Sent off passport with fee of £17.50, a Horse Passport...
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    Cyclists & Carriage Driving

    Following on from the cycling thread, OH has been having problems this summer when out driving, only one in 10 bother to let him know they are there before whizzing past, old cob not too bothered but new pony getting quite upset as they silently hove into sight next to his nose. Have had this...
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    Further To Updating Belgian Issued Passport - Microchip Wrong

    Clutching at straws really and don't know who to contact next. Had mare scanned today and the microchip in her isn't the same number as the one in her passport. Have traced the one in her to Petlog but they say that number, although one of theirs, hasn't been registered with them so can't...
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    Updating Belgian Haflinger Passport

    Has anyone successfully got a Belgian passport updated by the Belgian office please? Not sure whether to send it back or just send to BEF for updating. Have emailed them in both Dutch and English and not got a reply so bit reluctant to send there, also can't find out how much it should cost.