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    small yard needed asap tendring essex area

    hi guys anyone know of any yards to rent must have a menage. needed asap please if you know any please let me know
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    where are all the 14.2hh safe cobs ????????

    been looking for ages. must be steady and safe. please pm me if you know of any .thanks
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    how much clippers ?

    sorry folks but how much for my heiniger handy clippers heavy duty ? is it best to sell now or wait till winter ?
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    david camerons son has died

    how very sad he was only 6
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    john dyer auctions cambridge beware

    it appears john dyer has gone into hiding after not paying anyone from last months auction. is not answering any phone calls. lordsbridge arena cannot get hold of him to confirm any further auctions. and have said they have recieved lots of calls asking how to get hold of him as no payment has...
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    URGENT did anyone sell tack/horse/ at cambridge market last month

    as title spoken to lordsbridge arena , john dyer has poss done a runner . as far as there aware no one has been paid from last months sale. they also cannot contact him . has anyone recieved payment for anything from last months sale ?
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    how much ? my coloured yearling

    hi i purchased this gelding recently and its fast becoming apparent hes too bulshy for me hes to make 16hh approx idealy i should have purchased something smaller.
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    has anyone sold a horse at cambridge auction ?

    my aunty took a horse last month and has still not recieved any money it will be 3 weeks friday. john dyer will not answer either phone number. just wondered what the usual time scale to recieve payment is,?
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    argentinian criollo..............

    ok so weve had the post that all he is fit for is meat but i actually realy like him and he is exactly what im after for my novice partner to ride western whilst out hacking. so weve established hes over priced what would be a fair price for him ? and is anyone on here good at haggling
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    urgently needed 4ft6 foal rug essex

    has anyone in tendring area got a 4ft6 foal rug they want to sell. willing to collect if local thankyou.
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    where can i find a ex polo pony ?

    any idea where to locate a polo pony ? poss a retired ex player, suitable for low level hacking western style. is there yards like they have for ex race horses ? thankyou
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    omg would you reply to this ad

    wanied "free" £100 County / Area: London / £1000 & Under / All Rounder / All Rounder / All Rounder Description wanied old mare of eny sort must be free can pay £100 two delver, im in edgwere london, i have got my own land will be a compaon olny, or a shetland mare...
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    31 year old horse on horsemart

    omg i realy think that for whatever reason heis too old to re home poor poor horse
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    a huge thankyou to ottinmeg

    just to say thankyou for the trailer its really nice and with a lick of paint will be fab watch this space thanx
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    horsemarts back

    but only with firefox not internet explorer
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    canyou get on horsemart ?

    havent been able to get on since yesterday keeps saying come back in 1hr
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    anyone want my daughters pony for the winter !!!!!!!

    cant find a buyer at present and too good to drop anymore on lol 14hh approx flashy l/w black cob gelding 4yrs green but genuine. anyone from essex fancy some winter fun with him ?
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    freak accident ? or regular occurance? please help !

    hi all i got a new horse sunday a 15.2hh 19yr old schoolmistress , cleveland bay type, trained in all diciplines, anyway to cut a long story short went for a hack yesterday and was going realy well but for no reason she tripped didnt regain her footing and i was thrown off the shoulder. now im...
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    arab lovers anyone know conkwell grange stud ?

    trying to contact elizabeth harrington of conkwell grange stud, she bred an arab im in possesion of. phone num on passport and web wrong ? can anyone help
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    anyone know of a shetland for sale

    looking for a kind natured shetie for my 10yr old daughter who loves ponys but not riding ! looking to drive the shetland any age considered . super home with company awaits but limited funds eastern area only please.
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    anyone got a synthetic western saddle ?

    desperatly need a 15inch western saddle. please pm me a contact num and price if you have one for sale thanks
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    same unridable horse from essex readvertised

    cant remember who posted about her friends 16hh horse who was on horsemart being sold by R.G some poor person must have brought it thinking its rideable. the ad starts 16hh 14 yr old warmblood kent. no pic but refusing to let anyone ride it poor thing is going to get passed from pillar to post...
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    howdo i check a horses eventing history

    looking to check a event record how do i do it ? thanks
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    any livery yards got a space in tendring essex

    looking for lodgings for a 14.2hh quiet gelding anyone know of a livery ? diy or poss working livery/share ? thanks
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    if its a buyers market were are all the 15hh schoolmasters lol ?

    am i searching for the impossible ? 15hh approx middleweight suitable for capable but nervous adult ? age unimportant , pref not a million miles from essex/suffolk. anyone hiding such an animal please pm me
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    does anyone know this horse on horsemart

    Horse Details for Advert Reference HM826NE1C hi very interested but im a long way from him. does anyone know of this horse ? meant to be suitable for a novice/nervous rider. or does anyone in devon want to try him for me any help please. pm me if prefer thanks
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    Another How Much!

    got a pic ?
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    urgently require a dog run can anyone help

    looking for an outside dog run /with/without kennel for my recently aquired husky willing to pay fair price and can collect within reason based essex. shes slowly destroying my house wen i pop out scaredto leave loose in garden incase she jumps out. please pm ifyou have one you no longer...
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    pics of husky bitch

    pics of shylo with my 2