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    How long do you consider it takes to get a horse eventing fit?

    Said horse is a ten year old, reasonably experienced. Has just had 3 and a half months off due to rider injury. Only going to be at 90 level. There have been a variety of opinions as to when the first event should be pencilled in for. Also, what would your fitness plan look like (briefly!)?
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    Best no-rub cool fly rug?

    My mare is very dark and gets very hot in the summer, and also bothered by flies. She has a big shoulder and rugs always seem to rub her there. So we're now on the search for a rug that doesn't rub, but also keeps them cool in the height of summer. Might be the impossible!
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    Building work back up after a splint? As normal, or altered?

    My mare's been on holiday all winter and then came back with a splint, she's been rested on box sized field-rest for 3 weeks and has lunged sound, and is now having another week off before I bring her back into work. She's been out of work since November, has been out in a big field with a...
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    Trailer test - how many lessons?

    I'm very fortunate in that I already have a trailer and 4x4, however my mum has to chauffeur us around, which is no issue at the moment. However I'd quite like to pass my test anyway, so we could pop out to lessons etc. How did everyone go about it? Roughly how many lessons did it take? Did...
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    Potential locking stifle/sliding platella in youngster - help!

    I have a rising three year old on youngstock livery, absolutely impeccably looked after. During the harsher weather they are hay fed in a barn (still have run of a 15 acre field though!) so spend more time standing around. When I went to visit him yesterday the YO mentioned that morning he'd...
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    Yearling conformation critique, and mare condition

    Baxter is now one, as he was an early March boy. I think he's going through his ugly stage, he's looking very woolly! I was just interested in what people thought of his conformation? He has the teeniest tiniest feet. He's an absolute sweetheart, loving life out with the herd. And...
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    To bit or not to bit yearling for showing?

    I've got a yearling who currently doesn't look too bad growth wise so am hoping to get him to a couple of shows this year, more for the experience and atmosphere than anything else. He's a very laid back guy, we've tried trotting him in hand and he ambles along quite happily. Never felt strong...
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    Sand Impaction Colic on Clay Soil and Surgery

    Friends 12 year old dressage horse is presently at Leahurst having undergone major coilc surgery. Sand Impaction was found in the colon. He is still very poorly as the sand has irritated his bowel and toxins have entered his blood stream. The owner is at a loss how? Has anyone experianced this...
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    Anyone with chronic cribbers/windsuckers - collars or advice?

    Hi all, Just got back from having my mare scoped as she's a cribber and know ulcers can be related to it. She's got one of the healthiest stomachs the vet's ever seen with absolutely no sign of ulcers which is a relief but in some ways it means her cribbing is purely down to habit and nothing...
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    Feeding Youngstock

    Just wondering what everyone else feeds their youngstock. My 9 month year old is on what the breeder gave us but it's quite high cereal content. He's growing steadily, he's about 13.1 at the moment. He's out 24/7 with haylage and looks fine weight wise - we've kept him a bit lighter so...
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    What do you feed/how do you manage yours who has ulcers?

    She's on working nuts, dengie hi-fi and oats in the summer for an added sparkle. She's out 24/7 anyway and has access to haylage in the winter. I'm completely new to this and not sure what to change her to. No cereal I understand, and little starch? But she holds her weight very well (perhaps...
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    Horses with ulcers! How do you feed and manage yours?

    She's on working nuts, dengie hi-fi and oats in the summer for an added sparkle. She's out 24/7 anyway and has access to haylage in the winter. I'm completely new to this and not sure what to change her to. No cereal I understand, and little starch? But she holds her weight very well (perhaps...
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    Saddler found something on mares back....

    New saddler came today to try and fit a jumping saddle to my homebred. She found a slight 'ridge' on her left side. All her saddles have always slipped to the right and saddler thinks it might be this. She's never had any issues with her back at all, but as I'm at uni someone else has been...
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    Two horses, two abscesses in two weeks. And new boy pictures!

    My mare had a rather dramatic abscess a few weeks back, which drained nicely and she's now sound and back in light work. Then my new weanling arrived a few days later, he didn't seem 'right' after two days but not dramatically so, just thought he'd twinged something on the looong journey up...
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    It really is an abscess! Black pus 'n' all!

    Jeeze louise what a week. Little homebred mare Ruby has never been lame in her life (apart from one time but it went away with a few days rest - just twinged something hooling around) so when she came in 5/10's lame on Thursday and then on 3 legs last Friday it was a bit of a shock for poor...
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    Farrier doesn't think it's an abcsess!

    The saga continues... Been poulticing mare after emergency call out for lame horse. Vet said abcsess that would burst out of coronet band. It hasn't burst yet but each day she's a little sounder which seems contrary to an unburst abcsess! Farrier popped down today to have a look and has...
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    It's an abscess! Wooohooo! Hints and tips please!

    Following previous post of my homebred mare who was on 3 legs and lots of worry as I'm at uni and she's down at home, but vet this morning said almost definitely an abscess behind the coronet band that tracked up the outside of the hoof from the white line through a nail hole. She's currently...
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    Oh bother, massively lame horse. Healing cheers required!

    My homebred beloved mare is 9/10ths lame on her foreleg. She was marginally lame yesterday so mum gave her a rest in case she'd tweaked something hooling around bit but today she was much much worse and so in came the vet. She's weight baring but not happy, it seems to be in her shoulder but...
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    Supplements for windsucker/ulcers?

    When depressed and kept in over night my mare started cribbing when she ran out of food. We overhauled her lifestyle and now she lives out 24/7 and she now cribs about tenth of what she did. I do think it's more a boredom buster, she has no other symptoms of ulcers like ticklishness, lack of...
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    Youngstock livery North Wales/Cheshire?

    We have a weanling coming up in October some time. Our YO was going to purchase a weanling also so he would have had a playmate but this plan has fallen through. I think it's quite vital, at least in their first year, to have a playmate and grow up having had this fun! So does anyone have any...
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    Loaning horse - they pay insurance or we pay?

    We now have a few people in line to view my mare for a short term loan - one sounds the ideal candidate and even wants to keep her on the same yard which would be brilliant. However it's our first time loaning a horse out so we're a bit clueless. Do we keep her insured but have them pay us...
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    At what point would you mention your horse cribs?

    I'm about to have surgery and am looking to loan my mare out for 6months - a year. She is honestly a dream to ride, she's a 14.2hh who is very safe in industrial traffic, competitive BE 80-90, dressage scores 70+ and so has a lot going for her. Her biggest flaw is that she prefers not to...
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    Best option for youngster re yards?

    Bit of a whim, I was intending on putting my mare in foal but having searched the internet came across a foal and long story short, I have a weanling coming in October! however my preference is to keep a youngster out 24/7 in a herd with playmates. There's three options available and I'm stuck...
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    Podgy Pony's Perfect Pinging and Fantastic Futurity

    Since going to uni last September, I only came home to ride every 3 weeks and hence lost my feel and mojo for it a bit. This culminated in some unfortunate blips over Easter with some refusals at arena eventing, a consequent meltdown and then a self kick up the bum. Booked some lessons with a...
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    Coffee granule substance in horses eye?

    I don't know if this is a really thick question but today in the sun I noticed a coffee granule looking thing above her pupil. This could be really thick and I'm hoping it's the actual pupil or something normal. So the question is, is it normal? She's never given me reason to suspect sight...
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    Saving our field shelter - can it be done? Calling DIY experts!

    at my livery yard a small herd lives out in a field which has a hedge down two sides but can be exposed in driving rain, so there is currently a field shelter. it's more two timber stables on skids. however it's beginning to look a bit worse for wear, one wall has come away from the metal skid...
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    Slowing down the landing and step troubles!

    My little homebred is never going to set the world on fire but I'm hoping we may be a strong grassroots team at some point. However she has hit the jumping is VERY FUN stage which although very nice to have such an eager ride wasn't the prettiest. She fired herself into jumps and would run...
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    Podgy Poncing Pony and Satisfying Smallwood!

    I arrived back from university after my exams to find they'd all been put in the summer fields, which meant I was greeted by a rather rotund little mare who was very pleased with her regime of scoffing her face. So fittening work began immediately, lots of hacking and canter work to try and get...
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    How long is too long for a hack?

    As title really. What's the maximum length hack you'd take time wise? Hack is all roadwork but flat. Mainly walking, good ground covering walk seeking contact. Horse in question 15hh native x TB low level eventing fit.
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    Breeches for ladies with no waist?

    I have little waist which means breeches that fit around my waist are then incredibly baggy around my bum and legs which isn't so attractive. So I'm looking for some that are perhaps more generous around the waist but tighter around legs/bum or tips to make this happen! Thanks