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  1. *hic*

    Thank you so much, fellow local horse owner

    I have just had an elderly gentleman turn up at my house to get my insurance details after one of my horses hit his car yesterday and damaged the wing and wing mirror. There's just one problem, it wasn't my horse, my horses haven't left my property for some months, so someone has given my...
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    Dogs, sheep and electric fences

    Please note that I am asking for advice BEFORE doing this! I used to have sheep, when I moved them here I used flexi-netting to keep them away from the dogs that people walking past my fields feel it's acceptable to send into my fields to crap and to "play with the sheep (or horses)". I got a...
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    Volunteers needed at Little Downham - anyone?

    I just got this through from BE: Last Minute Urgent request from Tina Ure at Little Downham this weekend! She urgently needs a few more Fence Judges for both Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June. If you have time to help, please contact Tina on or call her on 07999957992...
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    Breeding from Crossbreeds - good for the bitch's health?

    I was stunned the other day when the proud owner of a small multiple crossed dog told me that when she went to get it spayed the vet advised her that it should have a litter of puppies first to protect its health. Is that indeed modern day thinking - breed an indiscriminately bred (and very...
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    Help for those in flooding difficulties

    I haven't seen any notices anywhere about this but it seems that HHO have decided to put up a special board to make and receive offers of help:
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    Assistance with horses in severe weather

    I haven't seen any notices anywhere about this but it seems that HHO have decided to put up a special board to make and receive offers of help:
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    URGENT - dogs loose following accident M40

    I just picked this up if anyone is in the area and sees them or hears of them. URGENT - URGENT - URGENT URGENT!......... M40 Oxfordshire - M40 closed northbound between J11, A361 (Banbury) and J12, B4451 (Gaydon), because of a serious accident involving a lorry and a camper van. Diversion in...
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    Just the onesie, H&H make a bit of a blunder :D Makes for an entertaining read in the light of recent threads.
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    Liverpool Wood Pellets

    Is anyone else having to chase them for delivery every single order? I thought I'd give them another chance after they left me in the lurch last time - nearly two weeks for delivery - and I was going to buy one of their pellet burning boilers but honestly getting deliveries seems to be like...
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    Older lab, loose tooth, what can I expect from the vet?

    A brief word of advice if you wouldn't mind. I've been idly looking for a dog and last Sunday I heard about and met a suitable one who needed a new home and she came home with me that day:D She's a yellow lab, aged about ten, and is utterly superb, knows just what she's doing, very sweet...
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    Grass Seed - Fantastic Service - very happy

    Just to say if you need your grass seed in a hurry I've just had fantastic service from The Grass Seed Store. Ordered Wednesday midday, it arrived Thursday 8.33am. Express delivery is free:) They say that anyone can give good service when things go right, it's how they deal with things that go...
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    Anyone got any? I keep seeing things cancelled because of it but here on the Cambs/Norfolk border it was sleeting yesterday and it's not exactly warm today (and it must have chucked it down overnight) but no snow.
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    Have I gone utterly barking?

    Can't see any threads with replies later than 6.46am:(
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    Cheapo Neo Wellies - UPDATE

    As requested, pictures of how the fluff is attached to the wellies. There is a single line of stitching. The edge is not moulded in any way to neaten it but is a tidy edge that looks relatively robust or as someone commented on the previous thread, a pair of boot socks would cover it. I'm...
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    Cheapo Neoprene Wellies - with a bit of lateral thinking!

    :)So we all hope that warmer dryer weather is on the way BUT if you're still getting chilly tooties when you go out to do the horses on the chilly mornings here's an idea. Hunter wellies have got a bit crap but the neoprene ones, so I'm told, are still good quality. They went a bit mad and...
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    Birth Control to Ginger Tom

    Just that:D AhkZjsTT6G0
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    *EXCITED* Who's going to the first BE event of the year?

    Here it is: Isleham:D I haven't got anything running this year, I don't even think I've got roped in to help so far but I'll be going along for the atmosphere and the excitement if nothing else:D
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    Advice please

    If you lived with your dog(s) opposite an unlived in property and had been used to let your dogs roam freely through the yard and land and/or had been used to walking your dogs alongside the property and letting them run freely in the fields would you consider it the responsibility of the new...
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    FOUND - Shetland Stallion abandoned by loaner East Anglia / poss Yorkshire

    Can anyone help? I'm trying to find the owner of an approximately 15yo Chestnut / Strawberry Roan Shetland stallion who probably thinks he's still safely out on loan. The loaner abandoned him on Common land where he was due to be shot if not removed. I picked him up and got the vet to him as...
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    So cross - how can people do this?

    Got a desperate phone call from a friend this morning, she'd been told about a couple of ponies and asked by the Common caretaker if she would remove them from the common land where they had been dumped last week. Common due to be cleared and these ponies were scheduled to be shot on Wednesday...
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    Heads up - Ariat Grasmere at good price

    There are often people asking about Ariats at low prices. Currently on ebay there's a seller selling chocolate colour ones at £165 plus £6 P+P, that's over £50 off list price. The seller is nothing to do with me! I was just nosing around to see what the prices were like atm and thought I'd...
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    Unridable horse - looking for companion home

    Having seen so many of these threads recently where the main worry is that the unscrupulous dealer-types will get hold of said horse, put some work and/or drugs into them and then sell on as a rideable schoolmaster, family friend or indeed competition horse I wondered whether there would be a...
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    Eh? I thought they'd gone out of business

    Got the wrong button this morning and managed to get on to a different page and was somewhat surprised to find this:
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    I'm so lucky to have such a superb horse:D

    Area dressage qualifiers today and I took the big mare along. She's a good old thing and tries hard for me despite my best efforts to mess things up. Today, having actually arrived in good time even though I did oversleep by two hours, I hadn't realised it would be on grass. Being very much a...
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    RC Horse Trials Disqualifications - Area 7 & 8

    Just had the following Press Release through. I have an interest as my horse and rider were one of the combinations to have been round the BE100 the week before. It is infuriating that although best efforts were made by all parties to confirm that everything was according to their rules, with...
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    There is no substitute for proper preparation but

    sometimes I do things on the spur of the moment. So at 9.15 this morning I decided that I'd take our big mare showing for the first time - and only my second ever attempt. Class was to start at 11.30, venue half an hour away. It's a fundraiser for a local club so thought we might as well do...
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    Weird cross between horse and praying mantis

    or so he was described last time I posted pictures! It doesn't really get much better but here is a link to his most recent SJ pics at Area 7&8 Horse Trials yesterday. "Unique jumping style" and "takes some sitting" were the phrases being bandied about:eek: but he went clear and was...
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    Second event of the season - what a difference a week makes!

    So last week we spent two days at Isleham ending up freezing cold and wet and muddy and only just avoiding the snow (it got us on the way home though). Today I came back from Poplar Park with sunburn! Since his first event last week my horse's whole attitude has changed, he's become a much...
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    Isleham photographer - OMG my boy jumping!

    The photographer was Scott Digital for those who were asking. And for anyone who wondered why a 50yo relatively inexperienced woman isn't taking her new horse out jumping please have a look at these links:eek: Dangly legs Better but still, um, "exuberant" we have the same style XC Yes it...
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    Isleham report number two!

    Back today helping Barry with his own horse as he was there by himself. Weather yesterday was cool, breezy and bit damp. Today it was cold and oh so wet! More on weather later:eek: Dressage was cold and wet and it must have been dark as the judge turned the headlights on full as he went in...