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  1. Carrottom

    Boots for greyhounds

    Has anyone used boots for their grey to help heal a corn and/or prevent reoccurrence. Any recommendations please.
  2. Carrottom

    Lymphangitis aftercare of skin

    I'm going to try to speak to the vet tomorrow but in the meantime does anyone have any pearls of wisdom: My horse has had a bad case of lymphangitis, he had IV painkillers and antibiotics and steroids and is now on oral antibiotics and Danilon. His leg is going down but still filled below the...
  3. Carrottom

    Corns in greyhounds

    Our grey is intermittently slightly lame and looks like she is developing a corn on one pad. She will be seeing the vet but does anyone have any advice or experience please.
  4. Carrottom

    Long lasting dog chews

    Can anyone recommend long lasting chews for a greyhound please.
  5. Carrottom

    Danilon for abcess

    I know this is a bad idea but can anyone explain in simple terms exactly why please? I sort of know in my own mind but need to explain it to a friend.
  6. Carrottom

    Feeding haylage that is 2 years old.

    Would you worry about feeding haylage made in 2018, stored inside. If it looks and smells normal is there any reason not to?
  7. Carrottom

    Tips for teaching greyhound to play games.

    As per title, any tips or specific games.
  8. Carrottom

    Poulticing and tubbing a suspected abcess.

    Would you do both? The farrier has had a look and agrees it is an abcess but there is no clue as to where to dig. Possible bit of gunk on a poultice from the side of the frog. The horse is moving about grazing but uncomfortable walking on the road.
  9. Carrottom

    Poo pick8ng when there dung beetles?

    Do you continue to poo pick if you find dung beetles in the droppings or leave them to do their job?
  10. Carrottom

    Sycamore seedling warning

    Spotted one in my field today, I was hoping they would all have been drowned. I will do daily checks now until I can move the boys at the weekend.
  11. Carrottom

    Can you pass a poo?

    I you see a dropping in your horse's stable can you walk away and leave it there? Even if I'm running late I struggle not to grab the barrow.
  12. Carrottom

    Can horses get "a chill"?

    As title, I'm talking about an adult horse, it's not something I've ever known.
  13. Carrottom

    Dy'on blinkers, anyone used them?

    I struggle to keep my focused on what we are doing. He is an ex racer and raced in blinkers. My trainer has suggested these SJ legal blinkers. Anyone tried them? Comments?
  14. Carrottom

    TRT method

    I found the Horse and Country series interesting but thought it looked a difficult thing to teach yourself. Has anyone tried it? Is it straightforward to learn and use?
  15. Carrottom

    First equine flu case confirmed in Wales

    Somewhere in Swansea I believe, so competitions are being cancelled. Check before you go.
  16. Carrottom

    Free standing 3 tier saddle rack

    I'm thinking of buying one of these and I can only find one type on ebay for just under £100. Does anyone have one and is it good, stable? Any advice welcome.
  17. Carrottom

    Vitamin E

    A couple of recent threads have put links to Dr David Ramey's website so after reading the relevant articles I had a look around. He has written a piece on vitamin E basically saying it is unnecessary to supplement it most horses provided they eat grass for 6 months of the year as they can store...
  18. Carrottom

    Ride Away discount

    10% off and free delivery until end 2nd Jan, code RANEWYEAR. Some turnouts already reduced so extra 10% means a billy bargain.
  19. Carrottom


    Anyone use it? Any pros or cons? It says it only needs to be applied once or twice a week which appeals atm as mine are not coming in every day
  20. Carrottom

    40+ poos by 2 horses in 24 hours?

    I moved 2 of mine on to a new patch of grass and decided to poo pick to make it last longer. Every day this week I have taken at least 40 piles of droppings of the field and I'm sure too have missed some. Do I wait until it is below 30 a day before giving hay? Both are fine weight wise atm, but...
  21. Carrottom

    Tristan Tucker on Horse & Country

    Anyone seen it? What do you think? I've watched the first two episodes and I'm not sure, he seems to do similar things to the cowboy types but explains it somewhat differen
  22. Carrottom

    horse names

    Following the article on race horse names, does anyone have any cleverly named horses? E.g. I had a mare called Fluted Edge, she was by Piccolo out of Serration.
  23. Carrottom

    Who would drink more water?

    Would a stabled horse with hay drink more than a horse in a field of grass? My boys usually come in during the day, the stables are cool in the morning and gradually heat up after midday so I turn them out about 4ish as there is shade in the field by then. Our water supply is rather low so...
  24. Carrottom

    ROR in hand showing

    Hello showing people, I would like some advice on showing my ex racer. There is an in hand class at a local show that I thought would be a good place to start. I was thinking to use a snaffle bridle but do I need a noseband? Is a coloured browband correct? Should I use plain leather reins or...