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    DIY/part livery nr. Exeter wanted for beginning of October

    My best friend goes to Exeter uni but had to leave her boy at home because she wasn't allowed a car in her first year. Just something to bear in mind :) maybe look for a yard on a bus route? edit - oops it doesnt say which year you're in, so this might be a completely useless point :p
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    Who isn't going to ride over the winter?

    In an ideal world I would let my horse have the winter off, but he gets bored and stiff so Im going to have to subject myself to freezing cold temperatures and ride!
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    50% Off Everything at Oldencraig E.C tackshop on line

    ohmygod i should really get off this website!!
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    who likes clipping??

    I like the finished result, but er, not the process! God bless having TBs who hardly grow a coat in the first place!
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    Anyone with horses living out rugging yet?

    My delicate flower is out in either a LW/MW at night with a massive pile of haylage...where did the grass go!?
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    Polite Notice Hi-Viz

    I think its a great idea and I always wear mine hacking out, but some people are complete idiots and think if its a police horse it must be safe and go past really close to my horse! or.. Maybe I dont look intimidating enough to be a policewoman! :p Going to get the hatband and exercise sheet...
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    Riding with radio/music

    I sometimes school with one earphone in if I have a lot of fittening work to do, otherwise I get quite bored! I never hack with my ipod though.
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    How are your skinny, not very good doer TB's looking at the moment??

    My older boy has dropped a lot of weight despite good teeth and some nights Im even putting a MW rug on him. I can see his ribs and everything :(
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    Buying an 18 year old horse...advice?

    My boy is 20 now and he is actually getting better with age. He has had several injuries from a high-mileage past but with careful management he is unstoppable. I would only say that the winter with a veteran can be quite difficult if they have arthritis, a few winters ago I actually considered...
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    confidence is real low...

    Maybe lunge her before you ride to take the edge of her? I did this with my ex-racer who had had some time off due to me being injured.
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    Feeding Advice please

    Stick with what you're feeding and add some micronized linseed/oil source for energy?
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    Feeding for fitness

    i agree, feed for work done not work to be done :)
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    Recommend me Insurance for 21 yrs young horse

    I insured my oldie with Petplan before he turned 15 so still get 5k vet fees cover...although monthly he now costs £50+ ...crazy!
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    Let the nightmare begin, anyone else dislike selling horses/ponies?

    I haven't sold any of mine but I can't begin to imagine how awful it must feel!
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    How much are you paying for your Hay and Straw

    £6 for a bay of hale, £1.50 for straw
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    Stable Toys for Laminitics

    One of those jolly balls?
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    Am I the only one that hacks alone ?

    I don't mind hacking alone but my TB can be fussy and nappy.
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    Just how badly are we feeding our horses?

    I agree. My horse has been left with ulcers because of being fed commercial foods. I now feed him on Winergy Senior and even though he is not perfect, he is 1000000% better than he was.
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    String Girths

    I have a stubben cord girth for my fussy TB. It is wonderful and I wouldn't use anything else.
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    Anyone else can't ever bring themselves to sell their horse?

    Me, I've had my boy 5 years, he is the most high maintenance horse I know but I couldn't bear to be without him!
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    Navicular Syndrome - advice desperately needed

    I agree with barefoot. My boy had awful heel pain and arthitis, he has had his shoes off for 4 years and he is as sound as a whistle. I also have boots and pads for him to help encourage a heel-first landing without pain for him that I put on when the ground is very hard/he is a bit stiff.
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    a high withered but wide framed horse. saddle advice

    I have a Jeffries Falcon Hi wither event saddle, i've gone through 5 saddles in a few years as my TB is so difficult to fit, but this fits him like a glove :)
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    how do you deal with setbacks? :(

    Im especially like that in the winter when his arthritis really kicks in and he stands there looking soooo miserable! I'm looking into getting another one, not to replace him whatsoever he will always be my number one, but so I can still pursue my dressage interests and he can have an uncle role :)
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    How to get fat off?

    I am a paranoid numpty and wouldn't be so keen on putting a youngster on a steep hill when their joints are still developing, that's just me tho'!! :)
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    How to use Gallops?

    I'm the same at the moment because the ground is so hard there's v limited canter spots, but its interesting when you have an ex-racer!!
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    How to get fat off?

    lots of longreining, get him used to the sights out and about and lots of walk work is good for fatburning :)
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    how do you deal with setbacks? :(

    thanks guys :) I have always had the idea of retirement/PTS in the back of my head, but I can still take him on a hack for a pootle around if he's having a bad spell and he will be as good as gold with his ears forward the whole way round :) Im more of a dressage person myself but he is my...