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    So Proud of our Shagya Stallion

    He has always been B team to this talented his sister who qualified for the National SJ Championships in France. 12 clear rounds out of 14 starts. His problem is being 'all boy' his concentration lapses. Our current rider much prefers his sister, but two weeks ago they both got 4 faults in...
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    Prostaglandin Question

    In 2005 I sent two mares to stud in the UK for AI. After 3 cycles for one and 4 for another and £thousands in vet bills I had two empty mares. So we bought a stallion and bred and graded another. Neither one has failed to put a mare in foal first cycle, nor another stallion we used in...
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    Royal Windsor Horse Show

    If you are going, there are Cleveland Bay classes for the first time on Wednesday 8th. CBHS will have a stand beside the Copper Ring, please visit and see what Cleveland Bays are achieving in Equestrian Sports around the world.
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    Latest hideous Dog Attack

    Horse and Hound News. Poor horse collapsed after being attacked by two dogs, one of which latched onto his muzzle and left him with nasty injuries. The owner was present and the Police were called to the scene. No mention las to what action they will take against the owner of the dogs. The...
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    We BREXITED the aged Cleveland Bay mare last week

    We finally did it. Some people saw my post explaining the difficulty we were having with just about everything!! A vet who would do the DEFRA paper work a transporter. We always do cross channel ourselves but wanted her shipped from Stafford to south for collection. Thank you Laafet and other...
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    Vets.Stafford.Tri-Partate Agreement Help

    We are buying another CB mare and trying to get her to France before BREXIT. The vendor was going to ask her vets if they could do the export papers, two weeks ago. After several chasers I was put in touch with the vets last Friday who cannot help. We want the horse collected next Monday for...
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    Cleveland Bay Stallions

    For those of you who have an interest in the Cleveland Bay, the society have produced a new stallion list for 2019. I am a breeder and was surprised at how many we now have.
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    Private messages??

    I don't often PM but looking for an old one. Where are they now in this new forum?
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    Cleveland Bay does Pudsey

    I don't know how they did it, dressed up a 4 year old stallion as Pudsey - although the ears were a bit bigger than Pudesys'.:). Says a lot for the temperament that a four year old walked though rush hour traffic and raised over £300 for Children in Need. Brilliant. Here is a link to the FB...
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    Shagya Stallion Grading in Hungary

    Fabulous photos from the Hungarian National Stud at Babolna. Here is the link.
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    Yards accepting stallions?

    Out of interest how many forum members use yards which do not accept stallions? We have two stallions on this farm and only electric fencing, except roadside which is post and rail. All of the trainers we use in France have mares and stallions on the yard. If we are on holiday, I can find...
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    Hidden Cleveland Bay mare - Open Letter to Editor

    Dear Editor, I am pleased to see your article highlighting the continued plight of the Cleveland Bay and exhorting mare owners to put their mares in foal. However, other rare breeds have seen a dramatic drop in new registrations, Shagya Arab registrations in France have dropped from 75 to...
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    Antigone in training this week

    We still have a few weeks to wait until we can get our two Shagya out jumping again. The student rider who normally competes Antigone was indisposed so Pro rider Laurent schooled her for us. He commented that she did not 'pull' at all rider or exercise? Video of Antigone and full brother...
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    Hopefully back in business

    It looks as if, after the EHV outbreak in Pays de Loire, we will be jumping again next month. Our Shagya stallion jumping yesterday with Laurent le Mat, who has a Professional Licence. We have a real problem with young horses in that the 'best' riders with Pro licence cannot jump in Amateur...
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    EVA Vaccine

    Also in Veterinary. What news on this vaccine. Our Shagya stallion was vaccinated last November, as the batch was about to expire, although not due until January. He needs to be vaccinated in June but we hear there is still a manufacturing problem. Does anyone know the current status?
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    EVA Vaccine

    What is the news on this? We were advised by the French National Stud, that the only vaccine available last year would expire in November. Rossdales confirmed this. Our Shagya stallion who should have been vaccinated Jan 2018, was vaccinated Nov. 2017. This means he must be vaccinated again...
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    SJ at Haras du PIn

    At last got round to posting video of our Shagya mare, first time at 1.15M Amateur Grand Prix. To recap, the Professional rider cannot ride in Amateur Grand Prix and Pro classes in France start at 1.20M. Bringing on young horses is a bit complicated. Bertille the young rider in this video is...
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    Getting Ready for SJ season

    Even in this normally mild region of sunny France, we have suffered from the 'beast from the east', hard ground has put paid to some training sessions. We have at last managed to get our two Shagya Arabs out. Two 'warm-up' training sessions this week at Le Lion D'Angers and Laval...
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    Passport Pages

    A stupid question. What do you do when you run out of space for vaccinations? Just looking at a stallion passport and because he has more vaccinations than the mares, we are just about out of space.
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    Pain in the But - Buyer

    Actually I am posting this with amusement and relief!! I had an enquiry for our Shagya mare from a Frenchman who had lost his own Shagya mare with a broken leg and wanted another. Our worry was his age 60's and knowledge. He said he was looking for a dressage horse - she is a great SJ but...
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    Cleveland Bay Stallion living like a Prince.. Pakistan. My grandparents lived in what is now Pakistan, before partitionment. My father spent his childhood there and during the second world war was posted to India. Grandfather was an Army Riding Instructor and a champion tent pegger. I am sure there must be descendants of the...
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    Collecting blood for Gonadotrophin

    I do hope people have seen the petition on H&H News. I could not watch the video of pregnant mares being used for blood collection for the pharmaceutical industry. I have signed the petition which will go the to the EU. I hope the Pharmaceutical Industry is called to account for these cruel...
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    We have lived in France since 2005 and buy many products on-line from the UK. We have enjoyed a great service e.g. last order from John Lewis, placed on Saturday delivered Monday!! Normal service is 3-4 days. VIO VET used to use the same carrier as John Lewis, delivery 3-4 days. Then they...
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    New Regs on Pee collection in horse-boxes

    We always do our own transport to the UK if we can. It is easy and comfortable for our horses. We are 15mins from motorway, almost all the way to channel ports, (3-4hrs) and then 4 hour crossing Dieppe-Newhaven Our 4 year old CB travelled overnight on Saturday and is now happily living at...
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    France to the Gower, South Wales

    I shed some tears yesterday evening as I said goodbye to our 4 year old Cleveland bay filly, Duchess of Malfi. She has gone to Penrose Stud on the Gower in South Wales, who have held the record sale price for a CB yearling for 20 years. It was organised like a military exercise. She had...
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    Juvenile Warts

    My two year old has some, which have come up on her muzzle, very quickly within a week. I have never experienced this before. Reading up vet books, advice is leave alone they should go away in four months and also 'isolate' as this is a virus which could spread. As she is two and her...
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    Shagya mare goes cc training

    Sorry I no longer use photo bucket, so if you want to see video you will have to look on our FB site. This mare already has had two good seasons SJ, qualifying for the National Young Horse Championships last year. She currently jumps Amateur Grand Prix 1.10M and has had good results this...
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    Olympic Eventer lends a helping hand

    I know that many people have been put off buying my Shagya mare as they think, on seeing her jumping, that she is a 'hot' and difficult horse. She pulls and throws her head. I don't jump but do flat work with her and have always felt she was sensitive, hence sheepskin noseband, micklem bridle...
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    Micklem bit straps?

    I have bought a Micklem for our Shagya mare and it fits her well. The problem is the bit straps. I cannot use my full cheek bit as the bit straps are too short and the bit is too tight. It only works with loose ring snaffles or a Pelham. The straps are on the last hole. If I lengthen the...
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    Covering in June?

    How many mare owners cover first time in June? I ask because I don't advertise AI this late in the season but notice some stallion owners are advising it is not too late. We have managed have foals on the ground in March/April for the past ten years, which gets them off to a good start...