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  1. *hic*

    Am I a novice rider?

    I remain unconvinced that she didn't return in disguise.
  2. *hic*

    Yard Rental-Landlord access quiery

    The balaclavas are quite normal. Firstly they keep your face and ears warm, secondly they reduce the visibility considerably. A white face in the darkness stands out against the dark clothing, a dark balaclava hides it and makes getting close to the target easier.
  3. *hic*

    What could these lumps be?

    Nice google - shouldn't you acknowledge your source?
  4. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    And for those who like a bit of bling and are wowed by the schmooze, the owner of the now-defunct Bespoke Equestrian, Faber & Co, The Secret Unicorn and others is now starting up Brillare. payment method currently PayPal so you will eventually get a refund if you don't get your goods but do...
  5. *hic*

    Am I right to think this is rude?

    Hell yeah! But you can keep the popcorn😂
  6. *hic*

    Former owner trying to trace pony I had PTS - Wwyd?

    After seeing some of the fall out when new and old owners meet or correspond I'd get a friend to message her to tell her that he was much loved, a brief outline of what you did with him, that he is now pts and that the friend was authorised to pass this information on for her peace of mind. If...
  7. *hic*

    Increase in laminitis?

    I just saw someone outline the "hard work" routine her horse was on as two x forty minute hacks, two x thirty minute schooling sessions and one x twenty minute jumping session. I asked how many days a week she did that, to be told that was per week, not per day. She was asking whether to use...
  8. *hic*

    never seen it this way round

    That's precisely what I did. my big deck mower won't fit through the shed door so rather than spending to have the shed modified or buy a new shed I bought a cheap pony trailer. Now I have a machinery shed the mower lives in the pony trailer holds a supply of hay for the outlying field.
  9. *hic*

    Giving up smoking - anyone vaping instead?

    I just went cold turkey and stopped, must be a good four months ago now. I couldn't see the point of swapping one addiction for another.
  10. *hic*

    Fun thread! Who would you........

    SNAP! So can I choose you as my theoretical yardmate, you're in Scotland, I'm in East Angular, that's quite close enough for our comfort :-)
  11. *hic*

    "cheap as possible please"

    And delivered free
  12. *hic*

    Biggest horse you would put in a HB403.

    I've no idea whether the sizes are the same but assume they're not wildly different. I had my 16.3hh, 6'9 rug bum high Shire X mare in a 401 several times. She didn't have to do long journeys (no more than 40 minutes) and she is a very good and sensible traveller. There were no issues, and in...
  13. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    Excellent news, it would make everyone's life so much easier if she'd be transparent about how long things are likely to take.
  14. *hic*

    Weird behaviour in the field

    What is she cribbing on? Are there power cables nearby or could the field be in range of recently installed wi-fi?
  15. *hic*

    horse passport no name BD register have I read this right?

    I'm not sure the PIOs are bothered about duplicate names. I have a pony passported under the name of Charlie and I'd be highly surprised if he was the only one.
  16. *hic*

    Getting him going!

    I'd leave it until I was back on board if I were you!
  17. *hic*

    Looking for photo of a horse injured by fireworks

    I just had a look amongst my ancient sentimental items folder to see if I had a picture of my first pony who, some 43 years ago now, had a firework placed on his quarters which scorched a line into his fur but luckily did no lasting damage other than making him even more wary about who he...
  18. *hic*

    Sad I think I have put my daughter off

    With those who have said don't push it. If the pony's the wrong one send it back now. Keep your ears open for a perfect child's pony even if it will be fairly quickly outgrown, get it and let her play with it but no pressure to ride. For example my section A will stand for hours being brushed...
  19. *hic*

    picking leaves off a rubber surface? clever ideas needed!

    I used to let the Section A in and she'd pick them all up and eat them!
  20. *hic*

    Bitting issue - gurning with all mouthpieces..!

    Once you decide on a couple more bits to try, attach them to a slip head and use fulmer loops to keep them steady if possible. Don't attach reins for the first week.
  21. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    Just had a squizz - I've always hoped that Leigh would get her act together, she always manages to generate a lot of traffic through her shops and she could have a cracking business but she just seems to lose sight of sorting her customers out and would rather go on the offensive and attack them...
  22. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    So is PaymentSense a device to use credit cards with? If so you should be fine.
  23. *hic*

    New 2 acre field, to do list?

    Thanks, I needed a giggle :D Irony always tickles me.
  24. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    A number of people have had good service from this and associated / previous businesses so given the time delays I outlined above you may well get your goods. How did you pay? I'm intrigued that you say it was recommended by Horse and Hound - was that on the website or the magazine?
  25. *hic*

    New 2 acre field, to do list?

    The pertinent point is in bold. "Horsiculture" is not the same as agriculture :) It's also subject to 465 square metres max for the hardstanding.
  26. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    Did you get as far as finding out what payment method is currently being used?
  27. *hic*

    Fabre and co equine

    As it will be her usual business model she keeps no stock and has no credit at her suppliers so your money has to clear into her account before she can place the order with the supplier. Then the item has to be delivered to her before she can dispatch it to you. I do hope you paid by secure...
  28. *hic*

    New 2 acre field, to do list?

    oooooooooohhhh that does bring to mind the sheep sitting round a long table, poring over plans and discussing the best way of getting permanent accommodation past the planners with pencils tucked behind their ears :D
  29. *hic*

    That is it not more fast fibre

    Mmmm well, with a nice long coat like that, rugged up, I think I'd have a good hard look at the temperature gauge and the weather forecasts before I jumped to conclusions.
  30. *hic*

    Expensive business

    The report I linked to seemed to make out that the problems were on the ground, not ridden.