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  1. ozpoz

    Vet recommendations please

    In Perthshire. I would welcome advice on best vets, farriers etc.
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    Sindy’s law . Please sign a heartbreaking story in horse and hound. I’ve signed this in the hope that horse attackers will be treated with the severity that their actions demands. Please add to it if you feel strongly about this too.
  3. ozpoz

    How to tell if your horse is in pain I received this yesterday. A simple picture guide for ridden horse pain. 8 or more, seek vet advice. I think this should be learned by every horse owner and pro.
  4. ozpoz

    Anyone else doing this?

    I've signed up for some rider research this month led by Dr Sue Dyson - quite excited about it. It's on tacking up behaviour in ridden horses and the venue dates are on Facebook.(scroll down)
  5. ozpoz

    Pain recognition in the ridden horse

    I know lots of people mentioned this before and this is the link to the full presentation. from the 3rd Saddle Research Trust International conference. Well worth a view and all proceeds go towards further research.
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    I read this on Facebook this morning, author unknown. "Seven is the number of years I serve my owner, trotting, walking, loping, quiet, and gentle. I carry her children, husband, friends, neighbors. I have plenty of hay, horse friends, and time to myself. Green pastures, blue skies, I am at...
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    Welfare and Performance Awards

    These are interesting, people's choice awards. I've just voted for my favourites. This is the link if anyone is interested.
  8. ozpoz

    Anyone going to YHL tomorrow?

    As above... I'm planning an early start. Anyone else planning to visit?
  9. ozpoz

    subtle lameness

    This short film is brilliant and came out today. And we do so often hear the horse getting the blame.
  10. ozpoz

    50% off SRT Conference 2018 Earlybird offer

    The Saddle Research Trust 2018 Conference sponsored by World Horse Welfare has an earlybird offer just now. It's at Nottingham University, DeVere Centre and sounds good "Horse,Rider,Saddlery Interactions:Welfare and Performance" Good line up too, and an award ceremony and gala dinner in...
  11. ozpoz

    Can you help? weight related..

    There are so many threads on rider weights and clearly there are balanced riders using H&H forum, so I thought this was worth sharing here. There's a study taking place next month, Animal Health Trust with the support of World Horse Welfare and Saddle Research Trust. One of their riders has...
  12. ozpoz

    horrible cat..

    ...has just brought in a large rabbit and when I tried to shoo her out of the house with it, she charged to the loo, where the floor boards had been lifted, and shot underneath the gap. With the rabbit. I can smell it already and I think all the floor will have to be lifted so I can remove it...
  13. ozpoz

    ISH Lisbawn Dancer?

    Does anyone have any info on this mare and her breeder or progeny? I believe she was based in Co Wicklow. Any information most welcome. : )
  14. ozpoz

    New Scholarship announced

    I've just seen there is a new scholarship available for saddle fitters. It looks like a wonderful opportunity for someone with an interest in fitting for horse and rider. Details on Saddle research Trust's news page and on the link below...
  15. ozpoz

    "don't saddle your horse with problems"

    A really helpful article here, written by Sue Dyson, from the AHT. In depth,say to read and covers everything! Some of the pics in the convo thread made me remember that even with perfect conformation to start with, we can impact on our horse...
  16. ozpoz

    Vet Ombudsman?

    Reading the article in todays H+H re dodgy or inaccurate vettings. I know plenty of people who don't have a pre purchase vetting, because they aren't convinced that potential problems will be picked up. My personal experience of a vet not seeing lameness, didn't exactly fill me with...
  17. ozpoz

    That comfortable feeling..

    When you know your new horse has settled in. : ) I got up early today, and found him flat out, sleeping too deeply to be disturbed. And I can't help smiling after my little grandson (2) stomped up the field to see him at the weekend and said "he is soooo pwetty.." He isn't at all - he...
  18. ozpoz

    More than 20 horses found in Derbyshire

    I'm posting this just in case it will help anyone who has had a horse stolen. I'm sure these horses won't be held for long, and the one in the picture looks like a decent sort of horse...
  19. ozpoz

    Transport from Ireland to Scotland on a budget. Ideas please

    Heart ruling head moment - and very keen to follow up on this - any suggestions most welcome. : )
  20. ozpoz

    Big Oz shaped hole..

    where my heart should be.... ); Lost to colic, and taken all the joy with him. Thank you Ozzie for the wonderful rehab, for teaching me so much, for being just wonderful to be around.
  21. ozpoz

    dogs and stupid owners out jogging, grrrr

    I'm fuming... B****y beardie collie off lead, came straight for my horse, jumping up and snarling at him. Soo lucky it wasn't kicked and we both seem ok. What is the point of going running with your dog off lead if you don't have any recall?? They had plenty of time to get hold of it and I...
  22. ozpoz

    Gorgeous day, no ice

    First ride of the year! Oz is feeling very bright and happy to be back in his job after a colic scare and just too much ice here to hack out. Today is the kind of perfect day that makes all the stress and slog worth it. Birds singing, blue sky, no wind- and we escaped the killer beagle at the...
  23. ozpoz

    Waiting for the vet, so worried about my old boy.

    He keeps whinnying at me, pooed when he came in but wasn't interested in his tea and generally seems unsettled. I'm so worried.
  24. ozpoz

    Saddle Research Trust International Conference - anyone going?

    This sounds really interesting, with scientists from all over the world presenting the latest research in rider/saddle/ horse/ findings. Any horse and hound forum members attending?
  25. ozpoz

    Help please! Discovery TD5 alarm keeps going off!

    I've been told the door sensors need cleaned, but I can't find them:o It is getting quite boring to have to keep going outside at night, last night I had to leave my bath. Any Discovery owners who know how to solve this? Thanks.
  26. ozpoz

    Proud granny post!

    Today my lovely grandson,who is 8 weeks old, had a long conversation with my horse. They locked eyes, for some minutes, and old horse was entranced by a small person, kicking, smiling and making baby noises, gazing into his eyes the whole time. I was quite touched at Ozzie's interest. He had...
  27. ozpoz


    :eek::eek::eek: It's been continuous thunder for about an hour. Wish I'd brought the horses in - I really don't fancy doing it now.
  28. ozpoz

    Help needed to find companion pony!

    it is typical - offered lots when you aren't looking, and when you are, there is nothing suitable to be found. I know this is a potentially dodgy area, but is is a good private home , one other pony, stabling, grazing and refs available. (Not for me, but for a local.) Any suggestions are most...
  29. ozpoz

    pecked hen, advice please

    My Bluebell hen has been badly pecked, and her eye was swollen and closed. i put some steroid eye drops in last night, and her eye is now open but cloudy at the back, although it looks much better. But with only one eye, she isn't eating or drinking unless I help her atm. Soaked readigrass...
  30. ozpoz

    Opinions please-vet advice.

    Friends have been advised by a vet that there is no reason why their elderly cobby native, in very light/occassional work, shouldn't graze in a paddock following cattle grazing there. He also disagrees that the bare and sparse paddock I suggested, is the right place , but feels that a large...