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    What do you have in your foaling kits?

    I'm a first time breeder (although have had horses all my life) and my maiden mare is due to foal mid-July (give or take). She will foal at home and I'm just starting to get everything sorted so I'm well prepared. Can I ask what do you have in your foaling kit? Thank you
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    Arena Builders - any recommendations (Cornwall/Devon area)

    Wonder if you guys could help me. We are in the process of doing our research for a decent company to build our new outdoor school this summer. As it's a huge financial commitment, we really do want to find the best people to do it. We average over 80 inches of rainfall a year, but last year...
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    Follicles not growing - experiences please

    I'm a first time breeder and my mare is a maiden mare (12 yr old Dutch WB mare). I have a great AI vet who is very experienced and has a high success rate at AI. My mare had an internal scan to check everything was as it should be and it all looked healthy. She had her first Prostaglandin...
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    Anyone using Serano Gold (Oldenburg) this year?

    After looking at rather a lot of stallions, I finally decided on the rather lovely Serano Gold (Sandro Hit x Grundstein II x Futuro) who stands at the Rommano Stud in Scotland for my Dutch WB mare. He was only imported this year, so I'm wondering if anyone is thinking of or is using him. My mare...
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    Woodlander Supertramp - has anyone used him?

    As a first time breeder, I have been asking advice from some very knowledgable people. After a chat with Lynne Crowden yesterday (who was very helpful too!) I've come to the conclusion that Woodlander Supertramp would be the sire to use with my Dutch mare. I realise he's fairly new to the...
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    2nd Premie - NRPS, what is our equivalent?

    I am going to be breeding from my Dutch WB mare this season and after doing some research on her I found out that she was awarded a 2nd Premie when she was taken for grading with the NRPS. Does anyone know what our equivalent at BEF Futurity would be? Will hopefully be putting her in foal to...
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    Bone chip removal op - experiences?

    My mare is off to horsepital to have a bone chip removed from her foot on Friday. I just wondered if anyone has had experience of this op and the rehab afterwards? Many thanks
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    Any experience of lesions in the high suspensory?

    After extensive investigation yesterday, my mare was diagnosed with lesions on her high suspensorys in both hinds. She will have a course of shock wave therapy and is on box rest for two days, followed by very limited turn out for six weeks and walking out in hand. The vet mentioned that this...
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    Ridiculously cheap Konigs!

    Just browsing on EBay as you do and looking at Konig boots, when I come across two listings for virtually new boots (one pair are Olympia's). Neither seem to have a reserve or if they do it must be about 50p. I had a quick look at one of the sellers other items (they appear to be different...
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    Anyone used Treliver Decanter as a sire?

    We're not ready yet but am starting to think about possible stallions for my mare in the future. I will only breed one foal from my mare who has a proven competition record abroad in SJ'ing and is showing great flair for dressage. I would like to breed a horse for dressage and particularly...
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    DR - Prelim test - black or White gloves?

    Am finally off competing with my lovely new mare, starting off with Prelim 19 and see how we go, she's extremely capable but after having two babies in two years via C-section, my core strength leaves, er, a little to be desired. It's a while since I've competed and am wondering if I can get...
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    Anyone recommend a farrier in North Cornwall?

    We have a great farrier at present but unfortunately we have to box our horses to our instructors yard every time we need our horses shod, as he refuses to travel the extra ten minutes to our home as he has a full client base and says he only travels 30 mins from home and no further. It's...
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    Girth galls - any solutions?

    Wonder if anyone has any magic solutions! My new WB mare has a very fine coat, is thin skinned and has a very forward girth groove - not a great combination. She has three bare patches about the size of a 1p piece on her side where the girth goes. She is ridden in a well fitting dressage...
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    Equitrek Space Treka's - are they any good?

    Am seriously considering selling our Cheval Liberte XL Gold trailer as although its the larger model, it just doesn't seem wide enough for our two warmbloods. Have been discussing it with the OH and he would like to go for a rear facing trailer (sadly a lorry is a no no for him), so have been...
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    Cabochon Offspring - any experiences?

    Have been doing a bit of research on my new Dutch WB mare and her sire is Kimberley, who in turn is by Cabochon. My mare has incredible paces, fantastic elevation but a lovely temperament. I'm thinking at some point possibly down the line I'd like to breed just one foal from her to keep, but...
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    Anyone a BS member, need to check horses comp record.

    Is anyone a BS member and got a spare five minutes. I'm interested in a horse for sale who has a competition record, but I'm not a member. If someone would kindly check his record, I'd very grateful! Thanks so much.
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    Hip displasia in young lurcher - help!

    I wonder if anyone has had experience of this condition. We took on a young 6 month old lurcher from a reputable breed rescue (have had two lurchers from them in the past), we were told to limit his exercise due to the fact that he'd been thrown out on the streets and starved to the point of...
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    Any recommendations for a good Equine Vets in Cornwall?

    After one mistake too many by our Equine vets, we've decided to take our business elsewhere. Can anyone recommend a good equine vet practice that covers North Cornwall, I don't want to go with a one man band, as want good emergency cover. Many thanks.
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    Never received my horses ashes - what would you do?

    Tragically I had to have me 10 year old gelding PTS a month ago due to severe arthritis and high grade Wobblers. We had him PTS at home via injection and my vets organised the cremation of my horse with my chosen company. The vets told me that I would receive a wooden box with a metal panel...
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    Diagnosed with arthritis in his neck - any experiences?

    Tragically my lad has been diagnosed with arthritis in his c6 and C7 vertebrae. He has been moving very awkwardly lately and was showing signs of Ataxia according to my chiro. After a morning spent at the vets and many x-rays taken, he was accurately diagnosed, and after seeing the x-rays I...
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    Outdoor school contractors in Devon - recommendations

    Am just starting to look into building our own outdoor school and wondered if anyone could recommend any contractors that they have used. We are based in North Devon. Many thanks.
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    Can you recommend me some cordless clippers for legs

    Wonder if you guys could give me some help with this one. Two of my horses have come down with mud fever and I need to clip their legs out (especially around the fetlock area). One of them is nervy to clip so I'd like some cordless or battery pack clippers. Have been having a look on the...
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    Tracing SJ competition history, but in Poland (also in NL2)

    I just wonder if anyone has ever done this before. I bought an Oldenburg Sj'er last summer and via his passport and breed papers, I found out he was bred at Paul Schockemohle stud in Germany and was told that he was sold to Poland to compete. I have emailed the stud where he was born, but...
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    Tracing horses SJ competition history - but in Poland!

    I just wonder if anyone has ever done this before. I bought an Oldenburg Sj'er last summer and via his passport and breed papers, I found out he was bred at Paul Schockemohle stud in Germany and was told that he was sold to Poland to compete. I have emailed the stud where he was born, but...
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    P&L Luck Horse Transport - has anyone used them before

    Am looking at booking them to transport my two lads. I've heard a few good things about them, but just wondered if anyone on here has used them before and has feedback. Many thanks
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    Can anyone recommend any DIY livery yards in BIDEFORD

    Hi, I'm moving to Bideford in about a months time and wonder if anyone can recommend any DIY livery yards in the area. Any recommendations gratefully received!!!!
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    Does anyone else have a 3 legged dog

    I would love to hear from anyone else who has a three legged dog. I took on Azlan from Evesham Lurcher and Greyhound Rescue, he lost his front leg early on last year in horrible circumstances, luckily his age was on his side (he was 2) and although they couldn't save his leg, he seems to manage...
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    Update on Neglected horses

    Firstly thank you so much to those of you have offered stables, support and advice, it is much much appreciated. I thought I'd better come on here and give you an update. The ILPH were absolutely great and they visited the farm only a few hours after I reported the case, the ILPH officer out...
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    Appalling neglect - whats the best thing to do?

    I was invited to help handle some horses to get them ready for sale yesterday so i went down to this farm where the horses where. The farm belong to an old farmer/breeder who is in his mid 70's and has been very poorly, and has a very dicky heart and is due back in hospital soon. The old chap...
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    Mendip Farmers Hunt - Boxing day meet

    Does anyone know what time the MFH meet tomorrow at Priddy, is it 11am?