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    Who remembers WHS win a pony competition!

    Who remembers WHS Smith magazine win a pony competition? (Probably anyone over 50) I used to enter every year and dream of a pony if my own 🤞 anyone else enter ? Anyone knew the winner ?
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    Pictures Exhausting being a baby

    Love him 🥰
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    Do horses living out lay down at night?

    Thanks everyone yes I usually see my boy sleeping in the mornings so it was a first seeing him laying down at night but I’m glad you’ve all reassured me it’s quite normal x
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    Do horses living out lay down at night?

    Thank you guys I’m reassured it’s normal x
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    Do horses living out lay down at night?

    Thank your everyone I was just worried if it was normal or not so you have reassured me it’s nothing to worry about thank you x
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    Do horses living out lay down at night?

    Hello lovely people quick question do horses living out lay down when it’s dark? I’m watching my retired boy like a hawk as he is retired due to neurological problems, he has always been one to like a lie down but the other evening he was doing this when it was dark, since he has been living out...
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    Small pony transport

    I used to cross tie my mini and he had a big hay net in front as a bit of a barrier he never budged 😊
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    OTTB ... What have I done!

    Beautiful horse I have a soft spot for a chestnut TB I am sure you will have loads of fun with him
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    Introducing Zach

    I love Ernie 🥰 his markings remind me of a Clydesdale!
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    Laying down

    I agree with others suggesting teaching the horse to stand by a mounting block . Years ago I watched various videos on how to teach a horse to lay down and started with my horse who took to it well. Next day when I picked up a front leg to pick out his hoof he laid down 😳 be careful what you...
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    Update on the rat issue

    Years ago at a livery yard I was at I arrived to feed all the horses early and found about 6 rats drowned in a fellow liveries sugar beet bucket she had forgot to add the beet and the rats jumped in expecting a feast 😳
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    Inexplicable horse behaviour 🤷

    Ha ha yes my elderly mini Shetland eats his straw bed in his stable and poos on his lovely hay I put in fresh 😳
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    can changing saddle help hip pain?

    Hi I haven’t had a hip saver but used the heather moffet seat saver on a normal Albion GP saddle and it was amazing 🤩 hopefully someone in here can answer your question x
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    can changing saddle help hip pain?

    A heather moffet hip saver pad on your saddle may help you be more comfy 😊 you could buy a second hand one off the internet quite cheaply x
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    What’s the cheekiest thing your horse does?

    My boy used to like to grab your clothes in his younger years he would always put his teeth on my farriers t-shirt and pull it up ! I have a very holey blue t-shirt 😳 he’s grown out of it now 🥰
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    I have owned my old mare for 20 years today...!

    Happy 20 year ownerversarry 😁 she is beautiful x
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    Finally good news!!

    Well done fantastic 👍 I hope you have lots of fun times to come 😊
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    Body Protectors - Racesafe or Champion

    Another vote for race safe has aerowear previously and racesafe is a zillion times more comfy
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    Firework survey

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    What do you do on bonfire night? 🔥

    My oldie pony is in the stables next to the other liveries mare. He is always proper chilled. My recently retired gelding is out with my friends retired gelding I think they’ll be fine there won’t be any fireworks close by as we are on a private farm My rescue dog got quite upset last year and...
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    Has one one bought a piece of land

    Is there enough land to have a couple of liveries there contributing to costs? Fingers crossed you can get hubby on board x
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    Introducing Lily

    What a pretty girl she looks so sweet , hope you have loads of fun with her 😁
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    It appears the baby camel can jump!

    Wow! A grade a show jumper in the making 😁
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    Retirement livery or keep at yard or field

    Hi everyone I really appreciate all your thoughts, advice and suggestions. I’ve made the decision not to move him as the moment as although the clay small paddock isn’t ideal he does have company and being 5 minutes away I can visit him multiple times a day if I am concerned,he also has my YO...
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    What size horse do you ride?

    I’m 5’8 my old boy was 17.1hh current horse is recently retired is around 16.2 hh both wore 6’9 rugs
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    Retirement livery or keep at yard or field

    Hi all thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions x It’s so hard to know what to do for the best and Merlin is such a gentle chap. A bit more info on his neurological issues if it helps at all. June 2020 from nowhere started Getting ataxic all of a sudden which became horrendous within...
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    Retirement livery or keep at yard or field

    Hi all please can I ask for your suggestions 😊 I’ve retired my boy Merlin aged 10 due to neurological problems he’s been on a high dose of steroids but is still sweating on one side of his neck but he’s back to being bright. Merlin is currently kept at a small private yard just 5 mins from home...
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    So this is Sadie

    She’s lovely 🥰
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    My canvas came today. 😀

    Beautiful happy memories everyday 😁
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    This horse never ceases to amaze me...

    Just utterly brilliant 🤩