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    Temporary moves?

    How long is an acceptable time to move your horse for? My circumstances (and another thread) have got me thinking about temporary moves. I have had to temporarily relocate (for various non-horse reasons) and so far my horse has stayed at his current full livery yard. I trust them completely...
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    Hello! I'm moving to Ireland in a month or so & my horse will follow shortly afterwards... wondering who people use for insurance in Ireland? I'm looking for vet fees cover as well as death, public liability etc - google hasn't been very helpful as mostly returns uk insurers! Thanks!
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    Dressage riders - Clare/surrounding counties

    Hi, looking for some suggestions/recommendations... my husband is Irish and his family circumstances mean that a move to Ireland could be on the cards for us. He's from Clare - so my question for you lovely people is - are there any dressage instructors in the area/within reasonable distance to...
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    Tips please - stiffness through lower back when riding

    Instructor made me ditch my stirrups last week and what a revelation! Position improved - broken wrists disappeared, leg got longer, seat got deeper, horse went better - yay!! What it has made me aware of though is how stiff I seem to be through my lower back, particularly in canter. I'm not...
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    Why? (Moan alert)

    Why? Just why?! When you do everything you possibly can for the horses so you get hit with a seemingly never ending stream of bad luck. Fix one problem, on to the next - despite trying to do everything right, no expense spared... and yet there are plenty of people out there who don't really give...
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    Strange behaviour - sleep related?

    My horse, a 10yo ID gelding, is displaying some strange behaviour/symptoms and I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same/similar? Horse is currently under the vet but as it's playing on my mind I thought I would ask on here too in case it throws up some more avenues to explore...
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    Taking other people's horses in trailer

    Hi lovely forumites, Can anyone tell me whether I need additional insurance when transporting someone else's horse in my trailer? Specifically, taking a friends horse along on trips I am already going on with my horse - school hire/lessons, competitions etc? Is this affected by whether or...
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    Turnout boots reccomendations for knocks and scrapes

    My mare is getting a bit beaten up in her field at the moment -a couple of new ponies have arrived and they're sorting out the pecking order etc i think - but my girl is coming in with new cuts, scrapes etc every few days. Can anyone recommend some turnout boots that are good for protecting...
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    On the edge of my seat...

    ...waiting to hear if new horsey has passed his vetting!! All positive vibes greatly appreciated!!
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    Mounting issues

    Apologies for the long post – hoping more detail is helpful for you lovely answerers rather than plain boring! I’ve had my 8 year old mare just over a year and through most of that time have had issues with mounting. We had a brief spell last summer where she would stand like a statue but...
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    What to do - persevere or move on?

    Apologies for the long post… I’ve had my horse a year – she’s my first horse although I have part-loaned before, I wanted to wait until finances truly allowed. She was bought with the intention of doing a bit of everything – low level dressage, hacking, beach rides, low level jumping...