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    When it’s time 😔

    I have a 12 year old GSD She is struggling with arthritis in all 4 limbs and is no longer able to walk very far . She is on a variety of painkillers and supplements and still enjoys her food . Recent tests showed slight kidney issues but I declined the kidney scan as all other tests normal. I...
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    Spraying for weeds in September?

    As title really- I was wondering whether people would spray paddocks for weeds in September? Horses will be moved to winter grazing by then and I wondered if it’s worth doing the preparation now rather than in spring when the ground gets more churned up by tractors? Thanks for any advice!
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    DM in GSD

    Hi I was wondering if someone could advise? If one parent is a DM carrier and the other isn’t will the offspring be clear ? Thanks in advance!
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    DM in GSD query

    Hi I was wondering if someone could advise ? If one parent is a DM carrier but the other is clear , could they offspring be affected or does it need both parents to be carriers to pass it on ? Thank you in advance/ genetics not my forte!
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    Best way to give metformin!

    my mare has recently been diagnosed with EMS and prescribed 8 tablets twice a day . has anyone got any good ideas of how to fool her into taking them ? They seem impossible to crush and don’t want to dip them in honey or anything 😆
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    Bites or laminitis?

    One of my horses is a section a who I rescued a number of years ago. She has had very bad lami in the past but through careful management and good farriery has avoided it for four years or so. She is out on a bare track overnight- this morning she came in and was covered in bites/ hives all...
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    Another WWYD!

    I have an elderly gelding who I am going to retire next year. He is currently at home with loads of grass , stabled when necessary and a small pony companion. They rely on each other but despite being together for 5 years there is not a lot of interaction between them and they are often at...
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    Retirement livery

    Hi I am starting to look for the perfect retirement livery / Worcestershire, Shropshire, welsh borders, Warwickshire all possibilities. Must have herd turnout but needs shelter especially in Summer as he hates flies and midges . Can anyone suggest anywhere ? Thanks in advance!
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    Muzzle advice sought

    So I currently have two ponies , one a cob who is capable of living out 24/7 but is currently stabled at night and a 12 hh pony who had laminitis in the past . He is muzzled for all turnout but stabled on soaked hay overnight. I have recently suffered a back injury and am looking at ways to...
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    German shepherd breeders in midlands

    Hi Am finally in a position, having retired, to get a GSD puppy early next year. Can anyone recommend any good breeders in the Midlands- I would like an old fashioned type with a straight back and a friendly face lol ! A lot of the ones advertised on champ dogs seem to have Eastern European...
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    Sales livery near to Worcestershire

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good dealers / trainers who do sales livery within a reasonable distance of Worcestershire? Thank you
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    Insurance exclusion

    So I was wondering if any one could offer an explanation for this : I have a young horse who injured his leg a few years ago and I claimed on insurance for the injury . Recently he had had to have a tooth extraction and again I am claiming on the insurance. Not settled yet . So today I had an...
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    Livery in Worcestershire

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good livery yard to the north of Worcester/Stourport-on-Severn/Bewdley way ? I’m looking for full/ part livery , decent floodlit manège as a minimum Thank you 😊
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    Price of hay ???

    I know these treads keep on popping up but would anyone be willing to share how much they are paying in the midlands for hay ? my yard owner has just doubled the cost of our hay:eek: and i'm interste dto know hatothers are being charged ;) tahnks in advance !
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    liveries in kenilworth

    hi am moving to kenilowrth soon - can anyone recommend any stables\liveries. thanks :)
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    liveries in kenilworth

    Hi am moving to Kenilworth in Warwickshire soon - does anyon know /recommend any good livery stables ?:D Thanks in anticipation