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    Blooming Wellies!!!

    I'm a devoted Aigle wearer of 15 years (Parcours ISO for the last couple of pairs) but the right foot of my latest pair has just split in two places where the toes bend. They are less than 18 months old and haven't even done two Winters. I'm not happy as I normally manage to get them in some...
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    Mind blown!!!!!!!!

    My heart sank when I saw who was standing on the back of your horse, I wouldn't let 'D' anywhere near one of mine. I know where you are and if you'd like some reliable references for sensitive rehab riders where you are once you've been given the all clear from your vet then please feel free to...
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    Packing list for riding holiday in Crete - 10kg limit

    Small basic first aid kit. Have a lovely time!
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    Arghh! Have I been scammed??!

    Just the 13, 669 other companies registered to the same registered office address...... shocking that this is allowed.
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    vetting southampton

    Seadown at Hythe, one vet there I wouldn't use (PM if you want to know who and why). Otherwise Endells or Liphook.
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    Poor Saint Boy was being literally hauled around in a Cheltenham gag :-( It was really horrible to watch. I only happened to see it because when I turned the TV on it was on the channel this was being shown on. The fact they let them wear spurs as well when some of them have no real idea of...
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    Moving to France avec chevaux!

    I'm in Brittany, been here 13 years and love it. The only advice I can give you is to not buy any property through the SAFER however much you love it. It's just not worth the years of stress and bureaucracy that go with the slightly discounted price! Any questions then feel free to PM me.
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    Just playing ponies (rant alert)

    She needs reminding that the likes of Marion Coakes/Mould 'played ponies' all the way to an Olympic silver medal and her facilities were positively basic compared to your wonderful set up!
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    Help finding photos of ex racehorse!

    If you're on Facebook join the group 'Racehorses, where are they now?'. Lots of stable staff on there who remember their horses and often have photos.
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    Pictures This Horse Was Reported For Neglect Today 😡

    No advice Shysmum but I'm not surprised at all, sadly. I've seen some horrific abuse here in France which is why I will never sell anything of mine over here again, even though I came here with the intention of breeding. I bought back two of mine because they were sold on to completely inept...
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    Normandy cobs / Normandy Driving & Riding - Anyone know these?

    I had a Cob Normande mare here for 6 months a couple of years ago, she needed regular work to keep her manners in control or she would get really bargy in hand and would break clean through fences. She would get through a round bale of hay (mine are 450-500 kilos) per week during the Winter, she...
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    Horse on the Côte d’Azur - advice please

    Sorry to have been the bearer of potentially bad news but I know I'd much rather know about this in good time rather than at the last minute. Moving to a new country is so stressful anyway. I know a lovely place in the New Forest as well but I think the waiting list is quite long.
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    Horse on the Côte d’Azur - advice please

    Hi Beverley, I'm in Finistere so the wrong end/side of the country to be able to help in any way that would be really useful. The yards over here can be VERY different to what we know in the UK. Keeping horses stabled 23hrs a day can be the norm at some yards sadly, so finding a livery yard...
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    Black Friday 2020 thread

    @DirectorFury their ex demo are the cheapest I've found, if they have your size.
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    I had a NFxTB and NFxAA as a teenager. The TB cross was a wonderful pony, very fast but sane and had effective brakes. The AA cross was borderline dangerous at times but that was probably due to his mother. There are people breeding both these crosses in the Forest, if you'd like more details...
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    There is a part bred section of the stud book. I just wish that the Forest bred stock and smaller examples of the breed were more appreciated. J&S mentioned the weight carrying class at the breed show, they had to carry 13st for that class! You would regularly see the smaller old fashioned...
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    Very good NF foals were going for 4-600 guineas in the pony sales in the early 90's. I bought the reserve champion colt at the breed show around then for £480 privately, from my godmother. They have been an 'up and coming' breed for a very long time ;-) My pretty grey NF stallion was...
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    Sad news about Pat Burgess

    Another who absolutely loved her clinics over the decades. She had a rare gift and will be very sadly missed by so many people.
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    Le Chameau/Aigle/Wide calves

    I have both, love the Aigles, only wear the Chameaus when the Aigles need to dry out. I have wide calves and the Aigles are far more comfortable for me.
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    Guess the height!

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    Asking for a friend and livery

    I'm just under 5ft and ride in a 16.5in saddle, I can just about fit on a 16in but almost all the ponies I've ridden in the smaller saddle have complained in their own way. A 16in really is too small for a normal adult to ride on, it will not distribute the weight of an adult properly. If the...
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    What the hell is going on in France?

    This is the reality of what is happening over here in France. It's awful and leaving many horse owners feeling sick with worry.
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    One of those WWYD yard

    Have you looked at the classifieds on Not sure exactly where you are based in relation to Fareham but there are adverts on there that might be close to you.
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    Oh dear, I've done something very stupid...

    Wishing you all the best with her. Her dam appears to be Arctic High GB 1997 and her breeding is: sire Polar falcon USA and dam Oublier L'Ennui FR. Polar Falcon was by Nureyev who was by Northern Dancer.
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    A horse's anticipation and fear of pain, and getting him to work through it by reassurance.

    Sadly there are an awful lot of horses and ponies in the centres equestres over here that are worked hard with un-managed pain. I'm in the centres and at competitions regularly with my work and it's heart breaking, I've been here for over 10 years. It's not uncommon to watch some school horses...
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    Best first horse?

    Galop 3 is a short course of single jumps 50-60cm. Galop 4 is a course of singles at 70cm. Galop 5 is single jumps at 90cm and doubles at 75cm max. Be able to follow smoothly a Club 3 CSO course. Very basic summary of the jumping requirements.
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    Best first horse?

    Galop exams are nationwide through the FFE. Single jumps are Galop 2. I'm in 29, where are you?
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    Best first horse?

    What would be helpful is a rough list of what your daughter can actually do, I know what Galop 5 involves but I'm not sure you do. Most teenagers I know that are Galop 5 are fully paid up members of a big centre equestre and out competing at 80-90cms, horses and ponies from the centre are boxed...
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    Best first horse?

    If your daughter wants to compete in any discipline it is much easier with a horse on full papers rather than ONC. Honestly, by the time you've paid to import one, paid for the compulsory veterinary check before travelling, paid to have a vet here re-do the silhouette and chip verification on...
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    Best first horse?

    I breed and import from the UK.