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  1. Cahill

    solar top up question

    please can you recommend a solar panel to top up my leisure battery/keep it topped up? fed up with carting said battery about. has to be cheap and cheerful and do you just clip them on? thanks :)
  2. Cahill

    parking a lorry cost?

    as title-what is an average price per week to park/store? ty.
  3. Cahill

    scent work.

    toying with a bit of this. we can already follow a food trail. as i walk all over my paddocks and horses and rabbits ect do too, i am thinking of dragging a duster around the field to lay a trail with a different smell. what would be a good thing to make the duster smell of? ty
  4. Cahill

    farm spreading-what is it?

    my friend walked her dogs and some farm work was going on. she said it was white powdery liquid and has the most awful stench. what would this be? ty
  5. Cahill


    my dog is to be measured,he is borederline,any tips for the measuring process please to get him as short as possible? thanks
  6. Cahill


    myself and lots of friends use frolic as training treats. it is easy to use as doesn`t crumble, can be broken into smaller pieces,the dogs love it and a bag for about £4 lasts for ages. now i have heard that is has been discontinued. wondering what to use now so suggestions please. TY
  7. Cahill

    time to leave

    what would you consider a reasonable amount of time to ask someone to quit a diy space?
  8. Cahill


    got to rant somewhere..... dogs caught a rabbit,i put a pic on my FB wall (controversial know, but my wall) but the people who commented with the fluffy bunny opinions are people from work who i know for a fact their dogs are so badly behaved that they rarely leave the house ! i take pride...
  9. Cahill

    back on track dog wear

    tell me about your back on track dog wear . am thinking about one for my agility dog who need warming up b4 training. thank you.
  10. Cahill

    nasty accident in the paper oh dear not nice- but foot in loop of stirrup leather? pony `attack`? :(
  11. Cahill

    do sbt`s do agility?

  12. Cahill

    post your dog walking rants here....

    big dog n me,him on lead walking to heel,focused on me throughout, small out of control spaniel comes rushing over,gets 3 feet away then rolls over squeaking,and i get evils from woman.this is not the 1st time i have met them and it always happens,next time i am going to say something. grrr
  13. Cahill


    any hho`ers own one of these? i saw them at crufts having never heard of this breed before. i thought them super looking dogs.
  14. Cahill

    back 0n track wear

    who uses `back on track` coats for their dogs? please tell me all about them (re agility) TY
  15. Cahill

    sealskinz socks

    please tell me about socks . looking on the site,they range from around £10 - £40. some just look woolly...are they all waterproof? i need some waterproof ones to wear under my trail-trainers to walk in grass. TY
  16. Cahill


    so i trim my dogs nails when they look long.little boy has pink so easy to do.big dog has black ones so i am cautious. i have found a group on FB (nail maintenance) and learn that some people are trimming and filing several times a week with the aim to get the nails as short as poss. (it...
  17. Cahill

    help,halti prob

    my dog has recently had a lump removed from his jowl. not sure what caused it but have my suspicion that it may have come about from the plastic clip under the nose piece of his Gentle-leader as it is on his right side (I walk him to my left.) I do need some extra control as he can pull...
  18. Cahill

    passport times (new apps)

    what is the average turn around time from sending your passport application off to receiving a new passport back? thank you
  19. Cahill

    deeds n easements

    if some one wanted to put underground duct across you grazing land ,what sort of figure would you be asking? (9 acres)
  20. Cahill

    grrr need little rant.

    i am walking my dogs -my older one is well behaved and my new one is getting there but still a pup as no life before I got him. we are going along off lead and up front are two women and 3 children,one of the women bends over with her arms out inviting my dogs for a pat (I spose?) young dog...
  21. Cahill

    alfa A & SI

    my mares SI has not been half so bad this year. I have used a neem product that I thought worked well but because I have been concentrating on my youngster I have not ridden her this year very much and therefore cut out her alfaA (yellow bag). how is alfaA for sugars and do you think this...
  22. Cahill

    pets at home `my VIP` mag :(

    just been given the above mag (issue 7)and had a quick flick through,bit annoyed to read on page 69 article `my pet pals report` and read quote [puppy eats mud,worms snails and grass] surely they should point out that snails/worms are bad???
  23. Cahill

    footwear for agility ?

    what would people recommend? we train in a grass paddock at home (would like waterproof) and in lessons we use an indoor school. I don't want to break the bank. thanks
  24. Cahill

    how many leads?

    for my rotti I have--- hands free around my waist (on harness for every day walks) also I use flexi (on harness for field walks out with friend to stop him hunting favourite places) leadrope (for popping over yard,can tie him up if it`s getting dark) short rolled lead for OB classes...
  25. Cahill

    tunnel shopping

    where can I buy a 4 or 5 meter tunnel from? not the nylon ones. could spent about £100 but less if poss. I was given the number of a ducting firm that makes them but have lost it :( any helpful pointers please? ty
  26. Cahill

    dog walking thoughts

    just musing here (and I know the rule about if you see a dog approaching on a lead you put yours on unless it is under close call)but if `good` dogs are allowed off lead and ones wanting a bit of manners are not-how do dogs learn to interact with each other? surely dogs need to learn how to...
  27. Cahill

    awareness week if your dog went missing on a walk ,how long would it take for you to get home and get all your dogs details and help fone numbers etc?prob long enough for them to be miles away. I went to a show today and had my dogs micro chip checked and got a card to put all his...
  28. Cahill

    umpty agility Q

    we are no where ready to compete but have done a couple of fun/charity courses. my question is-if you go to a kc or uka show are the rings edged in single tape :( or a mesh barrier :) ? (don't think we would be much good in the former.)
  29. Cahill

    litter grr and help please

    i have a friend at work who always asks me about my dog and tells me about her sisters dog. this week she was rather excited to tell me that her sister is going breed the bitch for some `cute puppies` and `extra money` :(((( I was not enthusiastic to say the least and tried to tell her how...
  30. Cahill

    harness help please

    so my rottie has been a little naughty lately in making a B-line for the places where rabbits live on our field walks. I have been using a harness for the past couple of weeks with an extending lead to give him space but practice our recall. I do not like extending leads for all the reasons...