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    Riding many horses Vs one horse

    I have been very lucky in the past year in that I've had a lot of nice horses to ride daily, now circumstances have changed and I probably want to get out of working with horses alltogether and maybe just potter about occasionally on my one horse. The trouble is, now I am only riding the one...
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    Badminton trot up

    Was thinking about going to watch, how close up can you get? Would love to have a good look at their conformation and movement..but won't go that day if its difficult to see the horses well...
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    ****Important***** AHT advice on dealing with EHV outbreak

    The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket has given the following advice to the MFHA APPLIES TO ALL THE COTSWOLDS HUNTS The Animal Health Trust at Newmarket strongly advise that NO horses that have been either hunted or been in contact with any horse that has been hunted in the Beaufort...
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    Treating potential ulcers without vet?

    Was wondering about trying one of my horses on this Egusin , this year she is very stressed in the stable , weaving and digging, and picking at hay. She was happy and calm in the stable last year, although she has moved yards a few times this year.Can feel ribs clearly whereas before she'd...
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    Advice- canter trans

    Do people use the old inside leg on girth / outside leg behind girth or just inside leg/ seatbone ? I much prefer the quality of the canter trans when I just use the inside seatbone/ heel , it feels a lot straighter, free-er and more connected and powerfull. But I must be assymetric because I...
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    Loading expert in Gloucs area?

    Does anyone know of somebody here that is good at sorting out problem loaders? Must be someone sympathetic& not someone that goes on for hours etc
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    Sending TB to a college or riding school?

    I am considering loaning a horse to a college or riding school, I have too many horses and this particular mare has just developed cataracts so I can't sell her and I literally have no where to keep her after April. She is an exracehorse but is a quiet ride in the arena and very laid back, and...
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    potassium bromide - calmer/ hormonal horses

    Just wondered if anyone here used KBr with their horses? It seems to have a slight sedative effect and stopped my mate squealing every time she looked at another horse. Just wondered if others had the same results? And also do you know if its safe to use long term- getting conflicting advice on...
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    Youngstock livery near Stroud, Gloucs

    Can anyone reccomend somewhere trustworthy which would look after yearlings/do daily checks & provide hay/feed and hopefully barns in bad weather etc? Thank you:)
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    Youngstock Livery near Stroud, Gloucs

    Can anyone reccomend somewhere trustworthy which would look after yearlings/do daily checks & provide hay/feed and hopefully barns in bad weather etc? Thank you:)
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    Youngstock livery near Stroud, Gloucs

    Can anyone reccomend somewhere trustworthy which would look after yearlings/do daily checks & provide hay/feed and hopefully barns in bad weather etc? Thank you:)
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    Help on tracking down this bit in the UK

    Wondered if anyone might have some ideas on where to get this bit from. Or if any other companies make something similar ? It's the Stubben double jointed snaffle with a lozenge . It 'locks' into a Mullen mouth shape when you pull the bit rings so they don't have that nutcracker effect and the...
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    Can you get Burghley tickets at the gate?

    Was hoping to go up to Burghley for two days- just wanted to check that you are guaranteed to be able to get dressage tickets and car passes at the gate for both thurs and fri? It's a four hour drive for me and am worried about not being able to get in...
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    Best lameness vets in south east

    Sadly my Beautifull Rosie is completely crippled behind this week :-( she just seems to have been on a downward spiral ever since she fell over backwards in the field two months ago. Not sure where to take her for a full work up and scans etc. Use to use Newmarket vets but don't want to travel...
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    Bit suggestions/ideas? At wits end!

    Have a 5 year old that just won't accept the contact in any of the bits I've tried. If you put a flash or grackle on she accepts the contact well on a straight line but as soon as you try and turn a corner she plants and stops. You try and push her through it and she rears bolt upright. Did...
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    Who gets sick of horses?

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    Which 7.5 Ton Lorry? Advice please

    Have got £10k to spend on a 3 horse lorry. Can anyone advise what makes to go for? From what I've gathered over the years, MAN and Mercedes are the only two makes that are good/reliable? Leyland Dafs and Roadrunners, and Ford Iveco's all have had a lot of problems/difficulties? Do...
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    How do we get rid of charging swans?

    So everyone in my village is sick to death of these swans that live in a pond by the road, which is the only hacking route out of the village. Swans are charging manically at every horse/pony that rides past. People have fallen off, horses have galloped down roads. It's a continual reign of...
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    Gary Witheford- experiences ?

    Just wondered if anyone has sent horses to his yard, or know of horses sent there, & how they got on with it? Would be great to hear of peoples experiences :-)
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    Gary Witheford-has anyone sent horses to him?

    Has anyone sent horses to him for sorting out issues, espec loading issues? Need someone that is kind& gentle& not force this particular horse to rear or panic... Heard a few horror stories about NH people trying to sort out loading issues, pushing the horse so far that it reared over...
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    How well are TB's selling at the moment?

    Just wondering wether to fork out for a horsequest advert for my very smart, partially re-trained exracehorse... is it worth the money? She's stunning with a nice temperment and moves exceptionally well & is competively priced ( not your usual broken overaced dirt cheap TB) Definate type to make...
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    The old Albion K2 vs New Albion K2 jump saddles

    So have ridden in a friends Brand new Albion K2 jump saddle- amazing to ride in. So bought a 5 year old Albion K2 for my big mare& it just did not feel the same & mare didn't particularly like it. Are the newer K2 jump saddles made differently to the old K2's? Can't swap saddles around...
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    Marbles into mares instead of regumate?

    Im thinking of putting a marble into one of my mares and by-passing trying/trialling regumate because of the cost of it. Any success stories or un-successfull stories? From my research it seems that there are certain vets that are better/more skilled at putting it in and have better...
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    How to decide on which horse to sell?

    I have 3 lovely and promising 5 year olds for eventing and I have to sell one now as just cant afford nor have time for running 3 horses. None of them have done anything competition wise so I cant just choose the horse that is having the most success, anyway that would be an unfair way of...
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    Where do the decent youngstock get advertised?

    Where is the best place to look for quality foals/yearlings? Horsequest seems a very mixed bunch
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    Reccomend me someone in the South...

    I've drawn a blank with trying to sort out this exracehorse, who naps/plants/rears/bucks... So I want to send her away- she needs someone that is strong and gutsy to get her going and schooling on the flat and over jumps, and hacking. But also needs to be someone thats very sympathetic, quick...
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    Albion K2 saddles- too long for small horses?

    Just wondering if anyone has had the same experiences as my Physio says that the standard 17 inch Albion K2 is too long in it's length for a range of standard sized thoroughbreds from 15.2 - 16 hands. A friend however continued to use the saddle on his horse ( saddle fitted by a master saddler/...
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    Albion jump saddle- would anyone want to swap

    Aware that this might get pulled , but as there no money involved maybe it might get to stay up! Anyway, I was wondering on the offchance wether anyone with a 17 inch, Medium Albion K2 Legend saddle would want to swap it for exactly the same saddle but in a M M fitting ( which is what the...
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    Bit /nosebands suggestions for naughty pony- help!!

    Trying to help a child with a welsh sec C pony that has this horrible habit of setting its jaw and just charging off to the right when it feels like it. It will be when its coming across a circle or to a jump at the bottom of the school and the pony just literally sets its jaw and flies off-...
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    Front feet ligament damage- Advice/return to work?

    Just interested in wether anyone has had a horse return to work/competition after bad MRI front foot scans? Or not? Would love to hear some success stories or not so successfull stories! What treatment was done, etc My horse had a lot of ligament damage shown on one front foot ( shown on MRI...