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    What to do with an old helmet

    Husband inadvertently donated this one to the birds when he forgot to put back in bag before handing up in carriage shed
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    Any one where rockly didn't work also anyone who has experience with duplo shoes 😊 ta

    My old mare had Duplos for 2.5 years, she suffered from CPL which affected horn production eventually when she was 24. Had no problems with them, they last really well, one set lasted 11 removes being done every 6 weeks and certainly she was very comfortable and sure footed in them - no slipping...
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    Pee Wee bit

    I use one for both riding and driving on cob with very little room in his mouth and previous history of bolting, this bit has side pieces that work on sides of bottom jaw, he is very responsive and settled in his mouth with a light contact and steering much improved with no force. Have used on...
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    Help Please Microchip Registration

    Hi, some advise please, have bought new pony, his microchip is a Petlog (administered by Kennel Club) one, easy enough, contacted them, paid £6 to transfer to my name, all confirmed as new keeper and they are DEFRA compliant database. Sent off passport with fee of £17.50, a Horse Passport...
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    Mobile phones and apps for hacking

    Have a look at the Ordinance Survey apps and perhaps try a years trial, 15% off today or usually 10% for new customers so just over £20 a year for all you need or look at the free trial stuff
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    As far as I can see, the topics that were closed for comments HAD run their course and the same people were making their comment over and over again to different people, therefore notification coming in for me only to read the same old comment !. I for one was losing the will to live with all...
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    BHS Meeting Update

    Thank you for all this work you are putting in, I have applied to join the FB group, I do wonder though - on H&H we are relatively anonymous, on FB members of groups are visible to other members? so BHS could find which of their members are against them ? I'm not worried as, even though a member...
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    Can the BHS rethink their affiliated bridleway insurance changes?

    I agree it is bad, has anyone thought that perhaps one of the Bridleways Group could become a BHS Access Officer, then get that person to organise what ever event or clearance you want to do, using the group as volunteers. That way the BHS as organiser would cover the insurance. It is something...
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Thank you, that is brilliant :-) have shared to other FB groups
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Is anyone going to the meeting that we can appoint as proxy on the form that has just come with British Horse magazine?
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    Advice needed for difficult mare

    Try a Valerian tincture, it's banned in competition for a reason (it works) and you can't compete her anyway like this anyway, perhaps she can relearn to cope with it's help then wean her off later.
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    Upper molar tooth removal cost/aftercare

    Upper molar removed 2 weeks ago - next to furthest back one - sorry don't know numbering system. 14 years mare, tooth fractured into 4 and partly displaced outwards into cheek (came back off loan with it). Sedated in her stable and vet took out each part starting with the smallest 1st, took...
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    3.5 side loading horsebox owners

    OH made up a gate and covered with EV mat, hinged onto to the rear (head) side of the ramp and bolts into frame at front, works well :-)
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    Your Shettie will love it :-) my Mini Shet got to 13th place for the year in the real time league with the Agility Club a few years ago, she was so funny lifting her foreleg high and stamping down on the seesaw when going on from the 'high' end
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Oh no, goes from bad to worse!! As an Access Officer I am getting very concerned :-( could you PM me with which region please if you don't want to name them publicly
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    Can anyone explain why...

    Try sorry, the X colour one lay down and rolled on a person I allowed to ride breaking their legs, ribs and vertebrae, since this was the second occasion of a horse owned by me harming a person I have been banned from anyone but me riding any horses belonging to me due to insurance restrictions...
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    Used saddle sale: now buyer wants refund! Would you?

    Plus, unless you have put ID on the saddle when you had it, how do you know that the saddle she is trying to get you to have back is the same saddle you sold ? cynical perhaps but the one they already had could have been the 15" and too small so bought yours.
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    Its easy to post pics!

    You can shrink photos using Windows Paint, right click on picture, then Open With, and select paint, then click on resize, do by percentage or pixels
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Lets not forget they have employed a full time driver for the lorry. If that person is staying away with the vehicle salary would be another 40k plus. Will be next lot of accounts before running costs will be revealed. Not a user friendly or inviting layout either. Another long term member who...
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    Debating career change - farriery?

    It would be 4 years training before you could get started though ?
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    Avanti shoes

    Not Avanti but did use Duplo for several years, really helpful people, don't be put off because they are in Germany, emailed back and forth quite happily in English. Duplo last really well, when in work and hacking 4 days a week they lasted for 6 resets (every 6 weeks) and when semi retired...
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    So why are horses wearing rugs already?

    Well I must be a terrible person - my coloured cob, unclipped, has lived in a no fill breathable rug all summer and isn't even working or needs to keep clean !! She wears this because she gets hives if bitten on her body but trashes fly rugs within hours of having them put on, have tried all...
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    Leo flipped and smashed a carriage to pieces tonight

    Husband had a crash last year with senior cob but could see the hornet which had got under the strap just above the crupper, I believe they can sting several times? Was a few hundred yards before he managed to run her onto a verge and into hedge, was lucky no traffic at the time and only a bent...
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    Neem oil

    Buy pure neem oil and dilute to 10% in either a carrier oil like sweet almond oil or if using somewhere the sun will get at Vaseline or aloe vera gel. Works out a lot cheaper than buying ready made and you can vary the content if 10% isn't strong enough for what you need. Test on thin skin...
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    Most digestible oats or competition-type feed

    I use soaked naked oats for mine, delivered from Equi Supermarket, feed about half what I was giving rolled oats and he really enjoys them. BUT birds still pick apart the poo :-(
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    Travelling pooy messy horse - Any tips or tricks?

    Lots of showsheen or another hair polish applied to bum and hind legs for a few days to get a good coating, then a pack of face makeup remover wipes to clean off when you arrive. Strangely makeup remover ones work better than baby wipes lol !! Has worked for years on my mucky mare, little tip...
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    BHS "On the Move" lorry

    Mixed feeling too, went on it at Devon County, lovely to sit in comfort and could have a cup of tea/coffee if wanted, but only accessible up narrow steep steps. I'm sure they could have done the same with a good trailer type conversion which would have been a lot less money and could of been...
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    Clipper blade depth/guards when clipping dog - recommendations?

    And don't forget to clip the dog with the coat not against :-) you can get no. 2 blades for dogs leaving 16mm, skip tooth gives a 'shaggier' look and is also good for getting the length off, no. 3 gives 13mm, no.4 9mm etc, I get mine from Masterclip.
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    PE Rugs - Let's Play A Game!

    I changed from Rambo to PE as Rambo didn't cover the belly of my HW cob or the Lipizzaner and apart from them getting wet, being short slipped to one side a lot. PE lovely and deep with well fitting necks and never move despite lots of rolling, also do not rub shoulders. Come up like new with...
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    Ulcers/Fibre Beet/Fast Fibre/Wits End HELP!!

    My Lippi was dreadful too once off grass, having the best winter ever so far, it would appear he cannot tolerate anything with wheatfeed/wheatmeal in it so now has no compound feed. Soaked Emerald Green grass nuts, soaked naked oats, linseed meal, EG Alfamazing chaff and Protexin with adlib hay...