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    Anyone been to Liverpool International Show?

    Me and my other half went on Sunday (He won the tickets at your horse live) so it was really good for us! As Pippity said there are a few kinks, such as the type of shopping (I couldn't understand why a fortune teller was there!) and the traffic at the warm up was bad, the shopping bit was small...
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    Reassurance please - out naked

    I would talk to her, and remove the rugs from the yard. Mine is out nude and he is a 10 year old cob unclipped and he much prefers to be nude :) The other is a 22 year old and he has a rain sheet on, only when it's none stop rain. He's a loan pony and his owner came yesterday to see him and...
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    Who takes shoes off over winter?

    I did the same for about 4 years pony was barefoot, but as his work load increased and we did more "off road" hacking he couldn't manage and became very footie. So I shoe in late spring and he will be having his off on the 12th November, I work full time and he's not one for just weekend or the...
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    Reproofing Rugs In A Washing Machine?

    As Goldenstar said if they are very dirty I use the hose and a brush let them dry a bit (so I can pick them up) then put in the washer. I use a water proofer from B&Q their own make about £20 a bottle, it's for brickwork but also does fabric (says so on the back) I have done three rugs with...
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    Ouch. Possibly most ridiculous horse related injury ever.

    Oh bless hope you get better soon :) I was riding with a friend when she said King has that grass all wrapped up around his bit (he snatched a massive mouth full, when we were waiting for friend to get on) lent forward to remove grass and ripped my finger nail right off, best thing was I had...
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    Just two horses??

    We had two years ago and they didn't mind being apart, after our old horse was PTS King was alone for a long time (he could see other horses and rode out with friends as much as we could) but was in a field alone. After getting a better paid job, OH said I could have a second pony :) I now have...
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    Ad - Free to good home ----------> Seriously

    I would have him if he was closer :( I have just signed a years loan contract for a 22 year old 13.1hh pony, that the owner still wants riding and just having time spent on him as she has moved to Spain. I wanted a friend for my horse, anything extra (riding etc) is a bonus to me, and after...
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    Barefoot to shod

    My cob's is very similar, he has fab feet no abscesses ever but can not deal with stones. I have tried everything to help him (hes been unshod for 5 years) but is getting worse on stones. I can keep hoof boots on in walk and trot but any faster and he pulls them off!!! He's also very good at...
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    New Pony CC and a little advise re unshod back feet please?

    He is lovely, a cannot believe it's the same pony!!! My pony (King) is unshod all round we hack every day on lanes sometimes 30 mins to hours, has his hooves trimed 6 - 8 weeks depending on grass growth. King is schooled once a week but we have to hack to get there, best thing to do is just...
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    What do you feed your beasts?

    9yo 14.2hh cob x recovering from injury so only ridden for 20 mins a day in walk. Gets fed ad lib straw and 7kg of soaked hay and 6 foot of meadow grass a day. I hardly feed him at all if I do he gets a cup of Fast Fibre and a scoop of Oat straw chaff, he does really well on just grass (too...
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    Advise needed please on hoof boots and tendon injuries

    Brightbay, my pony is the same he'll only come to you and eat what he thinks is worth it. For example he would gallop across the field for a bucket of chaff, untill he figured it was just chaff and it wasn't worth the energy coming in for it. He is a very strange cob :D Never heard of...
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    Advise needed please on hoof boots and tendon injuries

    Thank you for the reply Orangehorse :) King is used to his hoof boots I've had them two years (I think) but only used them before he got injured so I may have to start again, but we'll only be doing short rides to begin with anyway as he needs to build his fitness up again.
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    Advise needed please on hoof boots and tendon injuries

    I'll keep this as short as I can. Also if I don't answer questions it may be I'm out on site as I'm at work (lunch time, at the min) In June last year King got tied up in his rug, no injuries to be seen or lameness just sore in his back for walking sideways for a day. Still didn't seam...
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    Bateson trailer owners - breech bar falling off?!

    I have a Bateson Ascot we got it a few years ago now its about 12 years old, although looks brand new :D It's the best trailer ever, King loads without any question where as with other trailers we have to "talk" about it ;) King sits on the breech bar and it's never moved, bent, come undone...
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    Help me find the perfect cob... ?

    I dont know were abouts you live, but I got my cob from cobs 'n' plods (Manchester) he was just as they said he would be and the deeler was lovely.
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    I am so so sorry, I don't know what else I could have done...

    You didn't fail him at all. So sorry for loss (((hugs)))
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    McTimothy Chiro, Derbyshire

    I use Hannan and my pony is at Cutthorpe so not far from Chesterfield. Will PM you her number
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    Being told I'm cruel for not rugging up!

    I used to rug my cob, until last year. I work full time so cannot ride much in winter so thought for the first time in 4 years I would turn him away at Christmas, so I didn't clip him. The odd weekend riding he didn't need clipping, so I left him and it was the happiest I've ever seen him. He...
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    Clipping - Moan

    I used to borrow my friends until I got mine fixed. I offered to pay to get them sharpend but she wouldn't have it as I only used them once a year. If they broke when I was using them I would pay half, but if I broke them myself then I would replace them. I now have mine fixed and I wouldn't...
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    zara phillips saddle?

    Zara Phillips used to be sponsored by Sue Carson years ago and I know that Zara and Sue developed a few jump saddles so I could be one of Sue's. You could ask for friend if the saddle has any nails or plates on it so you can google that.
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    What to do?

    I would leave it with the insurance, after all thats why we pay them :) My sister was in a car acident (not her fault) a older driver just pulled striaght out into her car. His daughter got involved and tried everything to get her dad out of any trouble. But she made it worse and got really...
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    worth mentioning? traffic police's attitude towards horsebox

    I had similar, but I was in my Land Rover driving home from a party on a 30MPH road. Two police cars came right up behind me WITHOUT sirens and or their lights going and where right up the back end of my car!!! I stuck to 30MPH and at a wider section of road both police cars floored it past us...
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    Horse lame, only in trot and only on right rein

    Dont want you to worry but my pony did this nearly two months ago, sound on the road in a straight line 1, 10th lame on a lunge on hard surface. He got stuck in his rug with his hide left, no heat, no swelling, no lameness!!! Just looked stiff, so we went to the vet, who said nothing wrong...
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    Trickle nets - any good?

    I wish there was a "like" button this is what I think, far to much money for a "haynet" Although I have found some 1" holed meshing on line spent the same as getting a TN and should be able to make three - four nets, all I wanted was the small holes from the net.
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    Horse Insurance

    SEIB are nice on phone, but my pony had to go to Newmarket for a MRI a few weeks ago and SEIB would only pay for the MRI. Not the stabling even though we are 4 hours away and MRI's can't be completed in a day, never mind a few hours. They would not pay for the vet to look at him how the hell...
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    Lame when lunged on hard ground

    That's all what I thought, as well. Think I just needed someone to say the same, as friends and family are saying leave him he'll be ok. It would be my luck it gets worse, hence why I have him booked in for X-rays just needed some back up that I'm doing the right thing. Will see what happens...
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    Lame when lunged on hard ground

    Ok long story short (I hope) 9 weeks ago King got his right hind wrapped up in his rug, no heat, no swelling and no marks (coat was flat) no lameness Got worse three days after so stopped ridding and got his back lady out, 99% sure soft muscle. Did the stretches and bum rubs that she told...
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    Pulled muscle

    Sorry I forgot to put that bit, she gave me (King) some streatches and a massage to do. I have been doing that twice a day some days, she only said once a day but if King was acting a prat then I would do his massage after his walk as well. Back lady did say she may need to come back, we were...
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    Pulled muscle

    Just wondering if anyone has any info/ideas on how long a pulled muscle will take to heal? Pony not me by the way. About 4 weeks ago I turned King out in his light weight rug as it was going to rain for most of the day and I wanted to keep him dry so I could ride. I had him in the day before...
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    Just sat my trailer test........

    Yeah well done, do you want to sit mine for me??? I'm rubish when it comes to tests :(