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  1. Bessi

    Vetting this morning - horse failed :(

    She was hacking out and being schooled over the summer but the owner has the horses at home on a fairly busy road and isn't confident hacking out alone, the girl who was riding her for her has gone abroad for the winter hence why she is being sold from the field. The seller does have a school...
  2. Bessi

    Vetting this morning - horse failed :(

    This a lovely mare from the lady I bought one of my foals from, have seen this mare and she's a lovely stamp..
  3. Bessi


    Testing before he moves is useful BUT if he has been exposed to it within the last two weeks he won't have yet developed enough antibodies for it to show in a blood test. We had an outbreak on our yard last year and as a result everything that comes to the yard is now put in quarantine for...
  4. Bessi

    Pectoral Tears and Lameness

    Mine had a nasty tear in his pectoral muscle about 18 months ago, you could feel the probably hole in his muscle and it felt huge to me, when he did it he was very lame in a straight line. I was advised he could continue to go out as is generally quit in the field but was told if he would have...
  5. Bessi

    sorry for this...

    What a lovely post to read! I have very much been feeling the love recently as Ive been doing more with my main man after he had almost a year off due to injury and then I broke my ankle falling off the project pone, the last few weeks we've been starting to feel like we are getting back to...
  6. Bessi

    Brightened up my day..

    The palomino in the top photo who is in the middle of the bottom one is a TB x QH gelding,the palomino in the second photo who is on the left of the bottom one is WB x ISH filly and the bay is my friends trakenher filly.
  7. Bessi

    Brightened up my day..

    Felling miserable as I have spent today sniffling on the sofa with a disgusting cold when I should have been out Christmas showjumping and tonight I am meant to be out at my works Christmas do but instead I'm am still on the sofa with the dog. I did have a brief trip off the sofa to sort out the...
  8. Bessi

    Do horses get jealous??!!

    My little filly who is usually first up for cuddles wouldn't speak to me today, ive just been on holiday for a week and she was clearly unhappy at being left as she would consent to me scratching her itchy bits but wasn't giving any of her usual cuddles back. The two boys couldn't give two hoots...
  9. Bessi

    Recommendations for XXXXL dog raincoat

    These aren't cheap but I have the artic winter version for my ridgeback who feels the cold and the quality is second to none!
  10. Bessi

    Second horse - WWYD?

    I was in your shoes just over a year ago, I turned my lad out and bought a project pony we had issue after issue from the second he came back, the yard got strangles and went on lock down for almost three months, he didn't get enough turn out because of the strangles restrictions and so bucked...
  11. Bessi

    Any traditional foals out there ?

    I have pics of mine who look a bit of a mess currently with partial coat change, they're not traditionals but I am hoping to get them out a bit, happy to post the pics if you think it may help you
  12. Bessi

    Southampton vet

    Endells are great
  13. Bessi

    Introducing the two newest members of the family.

    Well I bought Zeke first but he needed a friend :P
  14. Bessi

    Introducing the two newest members of the family.

    This has been a very exciting week as my two new additions came home, I am extremely fortunarte to be able to introduce my very special and matchy matchy new family members Zeke and Violet. Zeke is by WW Moonlight Venture and Violet is by Camlough Delphi, both are out of Primitive Rising mares...
  15. Bessi

    Anybody looking for a foal companion?

    Sadly No :P I had been in contact with her breeder before I bought him and had kept in contact and fortunately she was still available.
  16. Bessi

    Anybody looking for a foal companion?

    He has a star, she has no white markings at all, so yes from the front at the very least :P
  17. Bessi

    Anybody looking for a foal companion?

    They are matchy matchy. Top is Violet, event bred warmblood filly. Bottom is Zeke, quarter horse x tb gelding. They will both be home by this time next week so I'll post photo overload then :)
  18. Bessi

    Only one rug through the winter?

    Highly recommend bucas rugs, they state on them the temperature range they are suitable for, and are so wicking and breatheable you can put them straight onto a damp horse and they will dry it off. I love them
  19. Bessi

    Anybody looking for a foal companion?

    If you'd posted this a week ago I would have bitten your arm off but Ive now lost all reason and bought a filly to match my weaned gelding!
  20. Bessi

    Urgently looking for retirement livery/herd turnout South west

    I saw a post on the livery yard devon page on Facebook yesterday advertising a space for one retirement livery in Chudleigh Knighton.
  21. Bessi

    Connemara ponies breeder recommend actions?

    Title should say breeder recommendations... considering getting a Connemara or Connie cross foal to keep my other one company. Preferably a filly, not grey and to be a good height/over height. . Anyone got any breeders they recommend?
  22. Bessi

    Weanling Questions...

    It has a full height partition with a full height solid lockable door into the tack area so he wouldn't be able to see anywhere to go so I think it will be OK from that point of view...
  23. Bessi

    Weanling Questions...

    My lovely ginormous weanling will be coming home in the next few weeks and I have a few questions... Ive never travelled a foal before, I have a 3.5 ton horse box and was planning on putting a nice think lot of bedding down in it when i travel him home (about 2 hours drive) as obviously...
  24. Bessi

    Bargain rugs for sale and ariat boots

    Do you know which colour the thermatex is? They do cambridge blue and kingfisher blue.. if its kingfisher I'm interested!
  25. Bessi

    Does anyone know what width Freejumps are?

    I have free jump stirrups and love them and they are the perfect width for all the boots I ride in but need a new pair of stirrups for my new dressage saddle and can't afford another pair of free jumps so buying normal stirrups and don't know what size to buy. My stirrups are at the yard and...
  26. Bessi

    Predicting Height - How Accurate? [pics]

    They often say add 2 hands from yearling height and a hand from two year old height so you may make it, as a native he will also be slow growing and keep filling out until he's about 7..
  27. Bessi

    Pm me for price poa aargh

    I hate this but was part of an interesting discussion on Facebook about it where a seller pointed out that if you put POA then you get more comments asking for price which means the post gets seen by more people on Facebook. I hadn't thought of it that way - still irritates the hell out of me...
  28. Bessi

    Stirrups for Bad Knees

    free jumps really helped my dodgy knees and have also been fab now I'm riding again after breaking my ankle.
  29. Bessi

    Creepy Ex Owners and how not to become one!!

    I keep in contact with the previous owners of my lad, I had him as a youngster, sold him with the agreement I would buy him back if they ever wanted to sell. Bought him back with the agreement they would have the chance to buy him back if i ever sold him again. We keep in contact via Facebook...
  30. Bessi

    Over grown lap dogs!

    My ridgie loves nothing more than to come up for cuddles, she is only about 6 months old in this photo and weighs significantly more now but still does the same thing..