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  1. Shoei

    Blooming Wellies!!!

    Any recommendations? I feel like I have had every expensive brand going and I kill them all in max a year. This time my ariats are leaking! I don't need warmth as generally have hot feet so I am seriously considering buying some cheap wellies and seeing how they do! Anyone else share my...
  2. Shoei

    Spur Shopping Help - Large Discs!

    Hi Guys, I have borrowed some large smooth disc spurs off my trainer and I need to find some similar as my horse seems to prefer them to either rollers, blunt and small discs! They have a W makers mark, so I think they are Wolsey and they have a stand below the rowel to keep them in position...
  3. Shoei

    Dressage horse - front shoes only

    I have had my horses back shoes taken off in preparation for my new horse coming. His feet are good and strong but he gets footsy without fronts on with stones. We only work in arenas and are training elementary/mediumbat home. The question is... does he need back shoes on? I know plenty who...
  4. Shoei

    Towing with Van!

    Hi Guys, I'm getting to the point where I stay away more at shows and clinics and really need something with live in. However, I'm reluctant to buy a lorry as I'll need to do another test (trailer test passed previously) , i love my hbx and the horse travels amazingly well in it. My husband...
  5. Shoei

    First Foal

    Hi Guys, I will be hopefully bringing home a new warmblood foal once weaned. Whilst I have had many a young horse and handled friends foals, this will be my first, so any advice will be greatfuly received! I do have some great friends who have lots of foal experience so will have lots of...
  6. Shoei

    Preparing for spring/summer 2021

    Hi Guys, I always focus on prepping for winter, but as this winter has been hard and already long for so many of us, I thought a spring/summer prep and plan thread would do us all some good and remind us that hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel! Jobs I need to do for spring...
  7. Shoei

    Covid impact of our Equestrian Lives

    Hi Guys, I'm just sat here wondering about the impact on this year and if it how it has impacted on everyone's lives. For me, I have been working from home since before the 1st lockdown. Luckily, I have the horses at home so this has been a positive impact. I have a rather stressful job and...
  8. Shoei

    Coping with loss of dog

    Hi Guys, Just spilling my heart out really. I had to have my darling great dane put down on Friday. It was completely the right decision, she was ready and a good age but I feel like my soul has been ripped out! I'm not sure how to deal with it, the house is so empty without her and I'm trying...
  9. Shoei

    Horse with competition anxiety

    Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone could advise. My horse is pretty stressy in general. He is 13 so by no means a youngster but was broken late at 7 and had a slow start to his ridden career for 1 reason or another. Now 3 years ago, I decided to do some dressage with him. We had a year and...
  10. Shoei

    Hats for hot heads!

    Hi Guys, I'm in need of a new hat!! Charles Owen fit me well and I have had their hats for the last 15 years. My current skull has served me well but it is sooo hot being a J3 with minimal vent and no removable liner. As I only do dressage now, I dont need a skull. I am tempted by the beauty...
  11. Shoei

    What would you pay for private yard?

    My husband and I have been chatting a bit about future proofing. I'll soon be in a position of having more land than I need. I'm considering separating it off and renting it as a small yard of 4 stables with large barn, 7 acres and shared use of my arena which is 20x40 with mirrors, which would...
  12. Shoei

    Awful Day Yesterday

    So yesterday, having woken feeling very festive, I posted my SS gift but by the time I had gotten back my old mare had gotten down in the field and everytime she tried to get up lost consciousness. It was heartbreaking, the weather was awful and I sat there with her head in my lap whilst I...
  13. Shoei

    My position

    Hi Guys, I'm just wanting some hints, tips and general moral support regarding my riding position. I have ridden for over 20 years, I have only been focusing on dressage for the past couple. I have lessons weekly at least. And my riding school in tests is not atrocious. But my position is...
  14. Shoei

    BD Convention

    Hi Guys, My 1st time going this year. I just wondered what facilities were available. I'm wondering about taking some food etc.
  15. Shoei

    Travel rugs

    Now this cold weather has got me thinking. I'm travelling more and more, sometimes over two hours away. My trailer is well ventilated as it has no top doors. I generally travel my Gelderlander naked sometimes a cotton sheet but I can't decide if I'm better travelling him in a rug and if so...
  16. Shoei

    Away Shows/Camp in Winter

    Hi Guys, I have booked to go to a camp in the depths of winter. Stupid or dedicated... I am not sure but it is a great opportunity! Now following some great HHO advice I took my horse away earlier in the month and i was very toasty in my tent inside my trailer. I have hook up on camp so I...
  17. Shoei

    Ifor Williams Eventa

    Hi Guys, I'm eyeing up, and pricing up (much to husbands dismay) a new Ifor Eventa. Does anyone have one, any recommendations or advice? I'm looking to get the L version but the Base model as I'm not keen on the live in layout. We would then get a local firm to make the furniture for live in...
  18. Shoei

    2020 Season Plans

    I know October may seem a little in advance to be planning the 2020 season but as a. I compete BD and our season (this year) starts in December, b. I have my wrist in a splint so I'm bored and frustrated by lack of progress and c. it's a blooming miserable day, I thought it would be a good time...
  19. Shoei

    What are your winter must haves?

    Hi Guys, What are your winter must haves to make life easier/ more enjoyable. Shoei
  20. Shoei

    Olympia solo!!

    Just wanted to share my excitement... I have just booked Olympia tickets. Well one to be exact as I'm going solo! I quite like going it alone as I can please myself. I have booked the hotel opposite in a luxury room with a city view and will be treating myself for Christmas. It is the 1st...
  21. Shoei

    Cats and worms

    Hi Guys - I work my cat regularly but have just been recommend to worm monthly due to how much she hunts. I work her with the stuff from the vets but I have just noticed a rather large dead worm in her vomit. She was last wormed about a fortnight ago. Surely they should have gone by now?!
  22. Shoei

    Your Horse Live Evening Performance

    Hi Guys, I have booked YHL Evening tickets for the Friday to see Tristian Tucker. I have only ever been in the day, I wondered how it differed re atmosphere and shopping, if at all. I seem to have a busy Autumn booked as I have our first BD camp end Sept, YHL, BD Convention and the Olympia...
  23. Shoei

    Horse having a nervous breakdown

    I'm looking for any advice or experience really. My horses behaviour has gradually deteriorated since the end of October last year. It started with napping when leaving home, which escalated to full blown panic rearing and spinning at the same time. He remained fine in the arena both at home...
  24. Shoei

    Camping with trailer

    Hi Guys, I have gone and booked myself on a weekend BD camp at Vale View in September. I am now in typical fashion worrying about EVERYTHING!!! I'm going on my own and don't know anyone. It will also be our 1st stay away with my neurotic horse. I'm going to get myself a tent and hook up I...
  25. Shoei


    Hiya, A couple of weeks ago my horse came out with a huge patch of nasty hives at the top of his stiffle in a huge patch and random ones across his side towards girth. These scabbed up pretty quickly and the hair fell off. None of this seemed to effect him at all. He'd been out in a rain...
  26. Shoei

    BD CHAPS Championships

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at aiming for these champs this year. Has anyone been to these or the Nettex championships? I wondered what the vibe was like? It would be our first affiliated champs. Thanks
  27. Shoei

    Fly rugs

    I know, I know it's -freezingyourbitsoffoutside but my mind has drifted to balmy summer days and my horses rug collection! We are in need of a new fly rug and I'm also interested in one with a showerproof strip. However my horse is a Gelderlander and built like a giraffe on steroids. Which...
  28. Shoei

    Clipper blades sharpened

    Hi Guys, I recently sent 4 sets of clipper blades away to be sharpened. I always bath my horse the day before and this was a third clip on my Gelderlander so not an overly thick coat. I clipped his quarters 1st and after 10 minutes took the blades off to clean and oil the blades as normal. I...
  29. Shoei

    Weekly Exercise Plan

    Hi Guys, So we have been drifting with our schooling recently and our fitness has dropped. We are out competing Novice and want to be out elementary by the summer. How much do you ride, what do you do in an average week to ensure enough fitness at this level? He's an 11 year old...
  30. Shoei


    Hi Guys, Sinda, my old Great Dane has a bit of a bad tummy. Good in herself and eating and drinking, just very loose. There is a bug going around so I think it's that. Any advice on what I can give her to help? Thanks Shoei