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    Buyer not collecting horse?!

    If she has paid in full for the horse you could charge her Livery for the time she has left the horse. If you’re a member of BHS ask them for advice.
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    Winter training.

    Thank you. A bit far as I’m in Preston.
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    Winter training.

    Recommendations for flatwork training in indoor arenas. Either trainers with their own arena or who run clinics in indoor arenas.
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    At my wits end.... Time to give up horse keeping?

    I used to work long hours in a stressful job & kept my 2 horses at home. Had an arena but no safe hacking so had to box up to safe routes when I wanted to hack. Once the daylight hours became fewer I stopped riding & just looked after them. Out all day, in at night whatever the weather. Once...
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    Slow to load & print when I’m typing as well as reloading because “ an error occurred”.
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    Anyone else finding this site very slow ?
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    naf dressage champs freestyle on now

    You’re lucky you could see it. I could only get a blank screen.
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    Zebra fly rug - too thin fabric? / recommendations

    I’ve got a very light thin fabric one on my pony & have never had any bites through it.
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    Somerset dealer

    I like the look of a pony Alysha Barnett has for sale but I am up north. Anyone know her or bought from her.
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    House & horse sitter.

    NE Preston
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    House & horse sitter.

    Tried that. No joy as really don’t want a teenager looking for a holiday job.
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    House & horse sitter.

    We are hoping to get away some time this year if we can find a trustworthy person to live in & look after our horses & barn cat. We have no house pets. Some years ago I used a “professional” company & would never use them again or recommend. We are in Lancashire. Anyone know a sitter they...
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    Hello horsey people! Need help with your horse?

    It would also help if you said what area .
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    I don’t know why everybody isn’t using this bit

    No as they don’t make one small enough.
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    I don’t know why everybody isn’t using this bit

    Tried it no difference.
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    I don’t know why everybody isn’t using this bit

    As there seems to be a lot of knowledgeable bitting people on here maybe you can help me. I have a rescue pony that constantly draws his tongue back & mouths on the bit. I’ve had a bit person out. My pony has a small mouth, a short smile, a fat tongue, a large low grass muscle. I’ve tried...
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    Who feeds brewers yeast?

    What make / brand do you use. I have a pony that has a touch of sweet itch & id like to stop it before it starts this year.
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    Giving yard notice concerned

    Good luck. I agree with all the advice. Keep us informed.
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    Dust free, small muck heap bedding

    Bear in mind there’s going to be dust everywhere so dust free bedding doesn’t mean there’s no dust. I use chopped rape straw & works well for me.
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    They always claim to be dyslexic (or dislectic)
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    Value my land please?

    Is it 3 acres plus the hard standing with the stables, tack room & barn?
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    Just seen yet another ad☹️

    Thank you. I’ll tell her.
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    Just seen yet another ad☹️

    Thank you. I’ll tell her.
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    Just seen yet another ad☹️

    I have a friend looking for a horse 15-f. Happy to have an older Equine to enjoy a variety of activities at a low level. She’s an experienced novice & can offer a 5* forever home (small private home with 2 retired horses) However a small budget. Where are these cheap older horses?
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    I was going to say something similar. If you are going to confront them you need someone strong with you to support you & not let them bully you - my OH is brilliant at this . Also write down exactly what you want - Eg I’m giving you 4 weeks notice as from today, 1st Feb, you must have...
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    Stable rugs.

    My rescue small (14hh) Welsh D has filled out & matured. All my stable rugs are tight at the front around shoulders & chest. What do people recommend as best fit for ponies like him?
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    Cough medicine ?

    My 21 yr old Cushings gelding has a dry cough & at times coughs out some whitish phlegm. He has hay soaked or steamed & a mash feed. Are there any cough supplements / mixtures that would help him?
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    Wizard of Oz

    I’m looking for an instrumental cd of the Wizard of Oz. Tried Google & YouTube. I think I remember a Riding club doing this at BRC championships. Can anyone help ?
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    Another setback? Or 'is he the right horse'?

    I’ve now got a ridden one from a charity & couldn’t be more pleased. You know what you’re getting if you rehome from a charity .
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    Another setback? Or 'is he the right horse'?

    I really feel for you. I’ve had 2 that I bought as all rounders, both vetted & both ‘not right’ after about 8 months. Both had full vet work up. I keep mine at home & already had my veteran retired homebred so keeping a non ridden horse not a problem for me. First one wouldn’t settle to...