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  1. Honey08

    Ifor trailer measurements

    Does anyone know the difference in width/length between an Ifor 510 and a 505? I’ve googled but can only find the more modern trailers specs.
  2. Honey08

    Yard owners - what would you do in this situation?

    SORRY IVE POSTED TWO THREADS SOMEHOW- PLEASE POST ON THE OTHER! ...if you had a DIY livery horse that was really bossy at the gate? Small mixed herd, plenty of turnout. The horse is blocking the gate and kicking at/lunging at/biting other horses if you try to get them out of the field before...
  3. Honey08

    Yard owners - wwyd?

    ...if you had a DIY livery horse that was really bossy at the gate? Small mixed herd, plenty of turnout. The horse is blocking the gate and kicking at/lunging at/biting other horses if you try to get them out of the field before him. Chasing it away with a flick of a lead rope or whip just...
  4. Honey08

    Instruction costs

    Just wondering what people pay for a private lesson on your own horse nowadays? Not clinics with big names, but local instructors.
  5. Honey08

    Ragwort pulling

    Do you all help pull ragwort at your DIY yard? Is it expected?
  6. Honey08

    Outdoor clocks

    Do any of you have a nice waterproof clock on your yards? I can’t find anything that looks nice or that looks like it might be robust enough. Any ideas?
  7. Honey08

    Water misting systems

    Has anyone ever used one for cooling horses in hot weather? Just planning ahead for summer..
  8. Honey08

    Grain free food suggestions

    Hi, I’ve got a little dog that’s allergic to many things. We’ve found feeding her James Wellbeloved Grain free in either turkey or salmon and veg flavour suits her well. However in the current climate it’s very likely that I will lose my job soon and I’m looking at ways to save pennies where I...
  9. Honey08

    Assisted livery

    If your yard turned out for you in the morning as part of the deal, how much would you expect to be included regarding changing rugs, stable bandages, turnout boots and giving feeds etc? If a yard said they would give a net/turnout as part of the package is it acceptable to charge a little...
  10. Honey08

    How much storage do you have on DIY?

    We are thinking of doing some DIY livery and wondering what to do about storage. Each stable currently has a tack locker, rug rail and shelf in the overhand that will accommodate about five washed, folded and bagged rugs. We are wondering about putting up a 6'x4' shed per stable complete with...
  11. Honey08

    Putting a horse down

    I think we're reaching a point where we may have to pts my beloved horse soon. Im just trying to get my head around it and was wondering about your experiences. Ive always thought Id go for th bullet, but now its here, Im not sure. I think Id have to hold her and not sure Id cope with the...
  12. Honey08

    Livery yard owners - insurance.

    Just wondering who are reasonable companies to use for to insure a small yard. ideally to cover third party insurance for footpaths too.
  13. Honey08

    How much does your DIY cost

    Just looking to getvan idea of what people in the nw pay for what facilities please.
  14. Honey08

    Stable roof replacement needed

    Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who could replace a roof on my wooden stables? NE Manchester area. Block of 4 stables. Also has anyone replaced a roof - could you give me an idea of what you paid?
  15. Honey08

    The most upsetting thing about Burghley for me...

    Was how much less Harry Meade's horse weighs than my gelding who is the same height and type! In his defence, he's semi retired and roughed off at the moment, but still.
  16. Honey08

    Rabbit husbandry help pease.

    I've inherited a rabbit. She's lovely. I've borrowed a hutch and a separate run. I'd like to get a bigger hutch and run and take on another rabbit or two from the local rescue for company. Feed wise, at the moment it's on nuggets and hay (although doesn't eat much) and I give it a daily...
  17. Honey08

    Would you put her through it?

    Horse got a nail in the frog, been at hospital two days, initially good, but now looking like may be infected and require operation. Horse is my horse of a lifetime, done everything for me, but is 20 and recently been diagnosed with Cushing and arthritis. She's already on medication for...
  18. Honey08

    Rats eating hens eggs

    As title. We've had a real problem with rats this year. The hens moved into a pen in a spare stable two years ago due to a stoat attacking them outside and then they stayed there due to the Asian bird flu lockdown. They do very well there. Free range on the yard or stay in their indoor pen...
  19. Honey08

    Blizzard v arthiritis

    I have two horses at home. Turned out by day on a hardcore turnout area around the yard with haynets as very boggy land. Works very well generally. Both horses have arthiritis and have Synoquine and cartrophen injections, agai. Usually works well for both. This week I've noticed my 20yr...
  20. Honey08

    Europeans cross country thread

    Anyone watching it? It's live on red button. Watching a small Swiss lady on a grey (wish they'd have names showing as they're on) go round. Horse slipping a lot and seems to be taking her round!
  21. Honey08

    Bramham 2017

    Did anyone go? Dressage today was good, but, as at Badminton, some big ranges of marks between the judges. How can the judge at C see a 7 when the judge at H sees a 4!! On another topic at Bramham, the Hunter show's ridden judge was a delight. He rode every horse kindly and even pulled...
  22. Honey08

    Suggestions for a present

    My lovely sharer of 5 years, who has fitted into my yard, learned practically everything, done so well with my horses and become a friend told me a few weeks ago that they were moving to France. Their house has sold really quickly, there is no chain, and they may well be going in six weeks! I...
  23. Honey08

    Anyone at th pc champs?

    Could you tell me if the Joules outlet shop is there again? And what is the ground like with today's rain?
  24. Honey08

    Olympic and para Olympic dates

    Does anyone know the date of the closing ceremony for the regular Olympics and when the paralympics run? I just got rostered a Rio trip but am not sure if it's In-between competitions!! I just found the dates, so ignore this thread.
  25. Honey08

    Our idiot townie neighbours

    Tonight decided it would be a good idea to light Chinese lanterns at their party, despite there being fields of cut dry hay waiting to be bailed as far as the eye can see. Thankfully they went over the hill and missed all around us. Hopefully they didn't cause damage on the other side. How...
  26. Honey08

    FAO Custard Cream. Re Bramham

    Photos of your riders...
  27. Honey08

    Badminton show jumping thread

    Does anyone know what time the afternoon session starts? I couldn't find it on their website. Also do any of you watching fancy letting me know on this thread how people are doing please? Am abroad and the live feed will be shut down soon for the BBC.
  28. Honey08

    Royal Windsor -does anyone know?

    When the dressage to music is on? I couldn't see it on the timetable. I went last year, it was Friday. Does anyone know if it is this year? I'm hoping to go for a couple of days this year and could do with booking a hotel.
  29. Honey08

    Dates for Windsor horse show next year?

    Does anyone know?
  30. Honey08

    Grass allergy experience.

    I posted back in August. We'd adopted a little scruff at rescue that itched and itched. The vet said it looked like classic grass allergy. We've managed really well. She has a piriton tablet daily. Any itching seems to be soothed with an aloe and tea tree gel. We've avoided grass on walks...