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    Why do hunts need terrier men?

    In all my years alive I've never heard the fox being referred to as 'Toby'.
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    Starting a young horse

    The simplest way is to teach the horse to yield his head and neck away, firstly from physical pressure, then from remote pressure using assertive body language. Once this is established, the horse can then be asked to go forward and, having learned to move away from the handler with his fore...
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    Eskadron control headcollar

    Nope. That's not how negative reinforcement works at all.
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    Eskadron control headcollar

    I had a wee peek at your other posts...I think the hunt may be the least of your problems. I'm just saying I would rather have a well trained horse than one which behaved through fear of consequences.
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    Eskadron control headcollar

    Far better to train.
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    Eskadron control headcollar

    It'll be the fear of pain.
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    Horse worried in traffic - any solutions?

    It's maybe you on his back, doing something which is worrying him, then?
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    any tips or advice please on horse going crazy at shows?

    Well, that's helpful. :rolleyes: In that case perhaps you need to do a bit of groundwork with your horse, as it sounds as if he is totally out of control. What does 'buddy him up' mean?
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    any tips or advice please on horse going crazy at shows?

    I'm guessing that your horse lives on his own without the company of others. If that is the case, then the part of the answer lies in addressing that.
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    Socialising a rearer- terrified of other horses

    You don't tell us anything about what you were doing when all this happened.
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    cheeky youngster

    Your sister looks like a strong girl, but she will get hurt if she continues to try her strength against the horse. She is wrestling him and he is just leaning all over her. See the way he plays with his field mate...he is doing exactly the same with your sister. Your horse is doing everything...
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    Horse reducing circle on lunge

    It helps greatly if you teach the horse to yield his head/neck/fore, initially using physical pressure and then assertive body posture. A horse which has been taught this is less likely to fall in or attempt evasion by turning in. You can send him on on a circle and, if he fails to stay out...
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    Bringing back into work (lunging)

    If it were me doing this I'd be starting from scratch as if the horse were a total novice. That way the horse is getting a thorough education and so is less likely to present problems. I usually start with very basic yielding exercises in hand. Teaching a horse to yield to pressure, both...
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    Good gentle Backers

    I have tried to send you a PM, but you seem not to be able to receive them.
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    Is it really bad luck to change a name?

    I once changed the name of a yearling. He was grazed with four others for the next two years, then died of grass sickness. I still have the others ten years on.
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    unloading horse from trailer - which side do you stand on?

    This^^^ The safest way to unload is by backing the horse out of the trailer. You can maintain control of the speed of exit, and can steer the horse by moving its head to one side or the other according to where its hind feet are going. Front unloading invariably means having to avoid injury by...
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    Aggressive stable behaviour... Help!

    Or you haven't found one. All horses benefit from consistent handling if it is tailored to their individual needs.
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    Aggressive stable behaviour... Help!

    It sounds as if he is lining you up for a double barrel. Be very careful. I don't agree with showing him who's boss. Very much will depend on why he's acting this way. If he has had a doing in his stable at some point, he will be showing aggression out of fear. Taking a strong arm approach will...
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    Need a good parelli trainer covers north beds

    You might be struggling to get a Parelli person to think at all, far less outside the box. :D What kind of 'issues' are we talking about?
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    Probably better than being a slapper. :D
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    lunging !!

    That what the untrained horse will do if you step away from her. You have to train the horse to yield its fore end away, first by touch, then by use of your posture, so that she understands that she must not turn to follow when you step away. Then you can set the horse up, step back, and send...
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    What Happened To Common Sense?

    And his brother, Good Horsemanship.
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    'standing up' when being led in

    That's your problem there. He doesn't understand your friend's unreasonable behaviour. It's scaring him and he 'prats about' as a result of inept, unfair handling. Ask someone who knows how to handle horses to work with him and see the difference for yourself.
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    'standing up' when being led in

    Find out what your friend is doing to counter this. It's certain that her handling of the horse is having a profound affect on his behaviour.
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    Issues with horses. Ideas required.

    Often with horses the best thing to do seems like the opposite of what seems logical. If I was working with this horse, I would be inclined to work with him to encourage him to come forward into the box, and wouldn't try to stop him reversing out at this stage. It is very often the actions of...
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    Yearling Halter Broken in Under Two Hours..!! :D

    I don't think the op has much to be proud of at all. The plaudits, although in the majority, are misguided in my opinion. So the head collar is on the yearling, but that is all. The term 'halter broken' is very inaccurate in this instance. The yearling's mother was taken away, and he found...
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    Horses don't rear to get a better view around them. They rear in response to the way they're handled.
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    Cross tieing 3yo?

    This add has appeared on the bottom of the page as I am reading your thread. Don't ask me if it works...I have no idea.
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    WWYD… 3YO kicked handler

    I agree that horses should not kick humans, and I train horses for part of my living so I appreciate that they have to be trained to behave in certain ways which are not necessarily natural to them. However, my point is that it's all very well complaining about what damage the horse has done...