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  1. LauraBR

    Best place to look for second hand kids riding stuff?

    Just had a look on ebay for some second hand childrens jodphur boots- thought I'd be spoilt for choice given how fast little feet grow but was surprised to find hardly any in the sizes I'm looking for! It's probably just a case of trawling the usual FB, Gumtree, Preloved et al, but I thought...
  2. LauraBR

    Quick question re food intolerances and timescales?

    Does anyone know how long dermatitis type food intolerance symptoms can take to show up? Our beautiful little JRT has been shedding a lot more fur than usual over the last few weeks, we put it down to the warm weather or something but it has now reached the point where you can start to see some...
  3. LauraBR

    'The Horse in Art 2012' Exhibition, on in London

    I just wanted to bring to peoples' attention this exhibition which is currently on in London, until the 1st December. There are over 200 works on display by leading and emerging equestrian artists; the standard is fantastic this year and with such a wide range of styles, mediums (and...
  4. LauraBR

    I saw this and thought of you...

    This made me smile this morning and made me think of many threads I have read in the good old HHO NL over the years :D :D :D
  5. LauraBR

    'The Horse in Art' Exhibition, Mall Galleries London Aug 2-7th

    I know there are lots of people on here who have an interest in equestrian art so just wanted to share the details of this exhibition with you :) Entry is free and it should be a really incredible exhibition featuring work from many of the nations leading equestrian artists. Definitely worth...
  6. LauraBR

    eBaying painting for Japanese earthquake relief fund

    H&H were kind enough to report on my eBay auction yesterday ( so hopefully I am ok to post about it in here! I'm flogging one of my early oil paintings (pictured below) on eBay to try and raise funds for the terrible situation in Japan at...
  7. LauraBR

    BHS 'Think Before You Breed' Campaign

    Just noticed on Facebook that the BHS 'Drawing the Line on Indiscriminate Breeding' Campaign now has a dedicated Just Giving page so thought I'd share the link in case anyone wanted to support it :)- For those who aren't aware of it, it's a campaign...
  8. LauraBR

    'The Horse in Art' Exhibition

    I know there are lots of people on here who enjoy equestrian art so thought I'd just mention that from tomorrow 3rd August through to Sunday 7th August you can see The Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. Entry is totally free and it looks to be...
  9. LauraBR

    Babies and Badminton

    So, last year I left my 12 month old little boy with my husband while I went to Badminton XC day. There seemed to be so many people there with babies and toddlers in buggies and to be honest, I thought they were all mad! Fast forward a year, and now I'm planning to take my (would be) 5 month...
  10. LauraBR

    Numpty Question: Neue Schule pronounciation

    I hope it is New School otherwise I have been pronouncing that wrong AND Kauto :eek:, LMAO! :D
  11. LauraBR

    Correct Pronunciation of Kauto Star?

    I always thought it was pronounced 'kayto' but watching the C4 coverage just now lots seem to be saying 'korto'... even the various presenters seem to vary in the way they say it! Which is correct? I'm curious now, and don't want to make an arse of myself saying it wrong :D
  12. LauraBR

    Anyone know where the Zetland are meeting tomorrow?

    Or any Co. Durham/ N. Yorks hunt really!? Have been dying to get out and get some hunting reference material to paint from for ages and have a rare Saturday free tomorrow to go and do just that... but not sure where to find out where everyone will be at such short notice! If anyone could point...
  13. LauraBR

    Burghley Coverage

    Apologies if this has already been asked, I have had a quick scan but can't see anything... Can anyone tell me if there is any live coverage of the dressage and xc at Burghley on TV or online anywhere?
  14. LauraBR

    A lesson in desensitisation... (another youtube offering!)

    Gah, I watched the carriage disaster video posted, and then the racehorse flip one... and now I have wasted ages watching other cringeworthy horsey videos on youtube! Anyway, I can't resist posting this one as it had me watching agast... how to desensitise your horse, or not...
  15. LauraBR

    Difference between Crabbet and other Arabians?

    I have been absolutely desperate to paint a really detailed Arab portrait for absolutely ages so plan a trip to the Northern Arab Show tomorrow to hopefully get lots of photos to work from finally! So, at the risk of sounding a completely ignorant idiot... Whilst I have always admired the...
  16. LauraBR

    Why ARE you justgiving to the Godiva fund?

    Ok, so we have heard lots of reasons why not to donate on the other thread so how about some reasons TO donate? I'm pretty skint right now being a poor struggling artist but have donated a few £ for a couple of reasons... First of all, I've donated to show my support to those people on here...
  17. LauraBR

    Any Appleby Fair experts about?

    I have only ever been to Appleby Fair once before, a few years ago now, and can't remember if there was a specific reason we went the day we did?! Am I right in thinking that each day is much of a muchness in terms of what happens there but the weekend days are the busiest both in terms of...
  18. LauraBR

    VERY quick Q - what is this bit?

    My mind has gone TOTALLY blank... It's a neue schule one but can't for the life of me remember which? Anyone know the name?
  19. LauraBR

    Deleted, wrong forum!

    deleted, wrong forum!
  20. LauraBR

    A question for you all regarding equine rescue centres

    I have read many threads on here over the years (several of them fairly recently) which have got me pondering- what consistutes potential rescue centre horse material? For example... say an owner is genuinely no longer able to keep their unrideable but otherwise healthy and happy horse (who for...
  21. LauraBR

    A few questions re sharing my horse.

    Q1. Can anyone PM me or post an example of a GOOD ad for horse share- ones that you have used which have been successful. I'd like to be lazy and plagiarize good phrases wherever possible Q2. Is it ok to specify no under 16s? Q3. Insurance- is there any extra insurance I need, or need to...
  22. LauraBR

    Burghley Showjumping!

    Only 25mins to go... Really REALLY hope Mary can win... wishing WFP luck too!
  23. LauraBR

    Schooling whips that make a good noise???

    This might sound odd but ho hum! My fat monkey of a horse was being a particularly lazy sod this afternoon. Stupidly took my short stick in with me today and I might as well not have bothered. One of the kids came in the school carrying a schooling whip so I asked if she would mind swapping...
  24. LauraBR

    Request for snowy winter horse photos...

    I'm planning to have my own Christmas cards printed this year but need a nice snowy horse scene that isn't subject to copyright to paint for them! Will probably just be to send to my friends and family but I may look to sell a few via my website if the painting turns out to be any good! Not...
  25. LauraBR


    I just clicked on the 'Brandy' link in your sig... What an absolutely fantastic video! Made me laugh out loud in places and gave me goosebumps when she went galloping off down her field! Love her little donkey friend and I am going to find out if my horse likes marmitey carrots now! Really...
  26. LauraBR

    Considering selling Sam

    Can feel tears welling in my eyes just typing that title I'm really not sure what to do. I have an 11 week old baby and I'm finding it almost impossible to get anything done with Sam. He's living out for the summer and happy as larry but I need to face up to the fact that in a few months he...
  27. LauraBR

    Devoucoux bridle- where to advertise it?

    I got made redundant last year and treated myself to a new Devoucoux grackle bridle with my windfall. Had to import it from America but then never really got to use it as I bought it for jumping and I stopped jumping when I became pregnant shortly after. Baby is now here and I could really do...
  28. LauraBR

    Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

    This is very long and a bit rambly, sorry! Just interested in peoples' thoughts! I have had my current horse for near enough 2 years now; he is a very laid back TBx who I love dearly. In the most part he is a well mannered lazy toad who needs a lot of leg and takes forever to plod in from...
  29. LauraBR

    How do you spend your warm up time before dressage test?

    Random general question...! What do you do in the warm up ring to best prepare your horse for a fab dressage test? How long do you warm up for and what kind of exercises to you do to get your horse listening and working at his best? Just curious!
  30. LauraBR

    Bit worried about overnight bed trashing all of a sudden...

    My horse has always kept his bed very neat. He sleeps/poos/wees in the same places every day and is generally very easy to muck out. He is on rubber mats with a bed of shavings over half of it which works very well for him. I'm a little worried as the last 3 nights I have arrived in the morning...