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    Bone Growths From Trauma (Not splints per se)

    A question does anyone have any success minimizing bone oedema lumps on the bone from traumatic injury? I have a mare i have just bought which hit a gate very hard escaping as a youngster and has large lumps on the front of the canons from this Just wondering whether splintex gold or DMSO...
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    Former US President watches team GB tentpeg in Sudan!

    May be news to many, but Great Britain have a team competing in Sudan all this week Today the Former US president Jimmy Carter attended to watch the teams, some extra demonstrations were put on to give the ex-president a flavour of the sport!
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    Have you successfully sold a horse recently? Advertising?

    I know the market is slow and its a bad time of year, but just wondering where anyone who has successfully sold a horse recently advertised. Basically I am looking to sell a TB stallion, so coming up to the right time of year, but just not sure where to put him If you were racing would...
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    Dead sheep people - washing

    Oh dear so I put a numed wool girth sleeve through the washing machine and it looks rather lumpy on its first wash So how do you clean sheepskin items without them going 'lumpy'? Can the lumpiness be solved, or have I ruined it?
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    Barefoot - opinions on these feet? Shoe or Trim?

    I really want to keep this fellow unshod, but wondering whether he is losing his toe and that the back feet need the splay (if you call it that) correcting Please can I have opinions Front Hind with sideways splay Hind
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    Hoof boots v shoeing for grip

    So riding out this morning was very hairy Slippery frosty wet grass, and an unshod horse with fairly well worn feet, so not much of a 'cut'. Think the hooves have been worn down from being on concrete, but gave no grip at all and felt very dodgy! So any thoughts on whether hoof boots...
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    Sending a horse away for 2 weeks - worth it?

    I am going to be out of the country for a few weeks and was considering sending my horse away to be trained Do you think its worth it, or is it not really long enough He is just a bit rough around the edges, has natural self carriage, but a loss of steering when jumping. Ideally I'd like...
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    Dumb affiliated dressage questions

    So i've not entered the murky world of affiliated dressage and have some questions, which may seem obvious to anyone else! When entering and a class is split into "W" and "WQ" what does this mean? Presumably you cannot do the same test twice? If you are on a ticket, does anything get...
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    Kerrits sizing

    I know one or two people have kerrits breechs Any advice on which model to go for as there seems to be a huge selection Also how does the sizing come up? Strictly speaking based on hips I'd be a large, but wondering whether the American brands are generous, mean or spot on?
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    Cruppers and dressage

    So if I'm reading this correctly the BD rules say the following: "Breastplates and breast girths are permitted. Cruppers are permitted but are not allowed for tests run under FEI Rules" However I've never seen anyone with a crupper, do you think I'll get marked down / called up on it?
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    Scabby legs - lots of tiny scabs all over

    I posted earlier as I thought one of my horses has sunburn on his legs. Now another horse has really scabby legs on all 4, lots of tiny raised bumps which you can pick at to reveal a scab. We do have lots of midges that if I stood in the field I would end up with scabby bitten ankles. Just...
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    Bit of a long shot - HHO's in Normandie?

    I need to find somewhere to camp with horses penned in paddocks or in stables for WEG Can anyone help?
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    Pregnant mare with discharge?

    My mare who is 2 months pregnant suddenly has a thick brown coloured discharge How worried should I be? (vet coming out this afternoon!)
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    Sunburn on socks

    Hi guys My boy is suffering with sunburn on his socks despite the colder weather! Can sunbocks be used long term with success on fur? If not which brand of boots work and are the horseware "vamoose" boots suitable for blocking sunlight?
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    First BRC Area 9 Mounted Skill At Arms training and competition!

    I'm very excited! Finally I have managed to talk some of the lovely Riding Club people into giving this a go!! Think mounted games for adults where you don't need to be that flexible and you get real weapons! Anyone in any Riding Club is more than welcome to join in for the training on...
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    Show Organisers - Rosette recommendations

    Oh er I've stumbled onto a complete minefield of information so need some guidance I want rosettes preferably with a printed centre and printed tails. However now I'm not sure how many tiers to go for and what style as cost varies tremendously!! Does anyone have any recommendations for...
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    Diatomaceous earth - Worming without chemicals

    I just wondered if anyone had any experience of using Diatomaceous earth (DE) for worming horses? This seems to be pretty popular in america, but must less heard of here The premise is that the fossilized diatoms have sharp microscopic molecules that damage only the internal parasites and...
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    I need a bit of advice => when to upgrade your horsebox?

    So I've finally got my box completely sorted out and near enough how I like it, with a few minor gripes, like the lack of an onboard gennie means hair drier requires getting a suitcase one out. Mine is a 2004, and not a "brand" per se I am thinking about changing it for a branded one...
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    Grr selling and trying to work out advert pricing!

    General rant - want to advertise my 3 year old in the best place However I am really peeved that H&H, Horse Deals etc won't be upfront about their pricing How difficult is it to have a fees page? I don't want to fill out all the boxes before I find out!!! If someone could possibly give me...
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    Sick Thugs Shoot Horse with Cross Bow

    Yet another story of just how disgusting some people are I really think the law should be changed, as anyone willing to do this is a danger to the public IMHO as it generally goes animal...
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    Gelding the older horse??

    So following my other threads I now have a fairly sweet stallion who can be ridden out with mares in season and is generally a nice fellow. However I've genetically tested him, and unfortunately he doesn't carry anything interesting, so is just a chestnut TB. I'm just now planning the...
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    Thermal Imaging - Any experiences?

    Hi - a friend of mine is looking at a course with Has anyone used this company, or had any experience with equine thermal imaging? Good or bad - all views wanted!
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    Equitherm: Equine Thermal imaging - experiences?

    Hi - a friend of mine is looking at a course with Has anyone used this company, or had any experience with equine thermal imaging? Good or bad - all views wanted!
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    Preloved assistance

    Could someone with membership look at an advert for me? I would pay, but I think the advert was taken down for a few days, so I don't want to pay out for a seller liable to keep changing their minds Please pm me if you can help! Thanks!
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    Another Colour Question - Frame

    So I was looking for a small TB for my mare, and ended up buying a stallion, who is a sweetie and main job will be to work not stud! However he has interesting lines as sire is a black frame: Unfortunately he is ginger and no frame gene: As he is highly coloured (big white face), legs...
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    Tell me about Stallion grading?

    So have now acquired a stallion, but because he is TB I will need to join another book to get him graded So my questions are: 1) what do you actually do in a grading? 2) which is the best book to register a TB with?
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    Just checking - shoes and 5* vetting

    The vets have said they need the horse to be shod to perform a 5* vetting I haven't got a problem with this, but what happens if you didn't want it shod? Is this normal?
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    Am I nuts to consider a stallion?

    Quietly on the hunt for a new horse, and I also need to find a stallion for my mare for the season. I have found a 2 in 1, but am I nuts for even considering it? I have my own farm, so its not a problem in terms of yard. A horse is just a horse, and mares are entire. I've also come back...
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    Forces Equine Games - Change of venue (open to all BS, DR, 3PH, BTA, BHAA)

    Not sure if anyone is aware of this as I haven't seen it on here: Just to let everyone know this has now moved from Frensham to Wellington Riding This show has classes for everyone ranging from BS Scope qualifiers, Dressage, 3 phase classes,Tentpegging...
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    Have you got a CO detector in your lorry or tent?

    Another tragic story about carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the news: Please remember to get an alarmed detector when you are staying away at...