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    best phone with video/camera for horses..?

    looking to upgrade my phone and am total novice phone owner! I want one that does a good job of doing video (esp if you can zoom in and out whilst videoing!) and taking photos of horses.... :)
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    symptoms for anyone whos horse has had ulcers, ks or hormone....

    Anyone who's had a horse with these issues- No pattern in terms of cyclical behavior Horse rears a lot in field, including looking almost like mounting other horses Starting to become very upset /aggressive with saddle and picking out feet and feeding bucket feed. Had always been a bit...
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    hand walking at competitions

    Is there any rules under official bodies (eg BD) that the rider has to be mounted, as opposed to the horse being in-hand? (in the warm up)
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    anyone else regularly get their horses 'MOT' and trot up 4 vet?

    mine get trotted up twice a year for the vet to check everything is ok. when they get teeth done and booster jabs. Just wondering if anyone else does the same?
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    best buckets for horses who tip the darned things over....

    the 3 yo is driving me mad tipping her bucket over.... I currently use a black rubber skip buried into her bed but its not very effective! she usually paws it over.
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    how much is everyone paying for hay this year?

    prices seem to vary a lot around me... but paying £2.50 for smalls and £20 for big rounds.......
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    horsebox paint protector sheet/cover?

    Do these exist and where yo buy from? Mostly for hay scratching the paint, occasional nibble from other half's horse also a risk!
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    best place to look for companion pony?

    As above....looking for small pony, where is a good place to search?
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    recommend me a grazing muzzle for large horse pls!

    I've got the fleece lined best friends for my two 16h mares. I need one for horsey 3 but he has a very big head.....i tried the girls large ones on him but it would rub and I wasn't convinced an xl would fit either!! What does everyone use on horses with big heads??
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    are your horses shod or shoeless and what do you do with them?

    Just curious. I had 4 shoeless. Lost 2 last year (oldest one to colic, next oldest due to neuro compression) Now the two I have left in thinking of shoes. One was shod when I got her.she had very thin soles. Took ages to get her ok out of shoes on most surfaces. She's coped really well but...
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    rip my lovely boy. :( pts friday.

    his ataxia had worsened. his xray showed some changes at c3. his laminitis was much much better but the lameness was due to fluid or gas under p3 at his toe. he could never be out safely, he couldnt live in his stable. so i said bye to my brave pony, he had about 4 packets of mints and hugs...
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    may have to have one of the horses put down friday......

    My beautiful old boy started to walk in an odd way in December, then after a week.of field rest he went lame. It looked like an abscess so I treated it as such for a week, no improvement so I got the vet out. He found his presentation strange but we treated him as if he had laminitis whilst we...
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    question for those who have had horses shod,previously unshod

    Question for those who have had shoes put on horses that were barefoot/unshod. What was the reason for shoeing and what investigations/things did you try, if any, to keep the shoes off, or ascertain why the horse needed them? How did the horse go on after being shod?
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    pads in hoof boots

    My horses frogs could do with improving as well as the heel/back of the hoof. I've been looking at pads to provide stimulation and pressure to this area whilst they wear hoof boots for road work/stoney tracks but just wonder which are good? Will a super soft conforming pad be best or one with a...
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    anyone still muzzling their horses?

    Mine are muzzled out for 10-12hrs. In with adlib hay for remainder of the time. I'm so paranoid about laminitis I'm too worried to remove their muzzles....they are looking ok weight wise, just feel a bit mean muzzling them.....
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    feed for cushing horses

    My boy has just been diagnosed. He's a big lad, poor doer but now also lamantic. He can't have alfalfa as his skin and hooves react to it. He's on fast fibre, hay, grass and pro balance with added salt. ATM he's on box rest whilst recovering from laminitis. He's dropped weight on nearly adlib...
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    equine swimming.anyone used this?looking for centre by shrops

    Am thinking of using swimming as part of my horses rehab post Cushing laminitis, so I'm looking for a venue near Shropshire area. Also wondering if anyone uses swimming and what for?
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    anyone elses horse have laminitis? can hay cause it? or lime?

    I have 2. They are on less grazing than in summer, in on hay for 8 to 14 hours daily. Hooves trimmed regularly. Fed fast fibre plus pro balance. Condition score 3/5. Worked 2-3 x week. Obviously now they are in on box rest. Xrays show little change luckily caught it early. 1 horse has mild...
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    who is still muzzling?

    Im still muzzling 3 of mine got so much grass im not sure when i can take them off, when does everyone else demuzzle?
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    anyone elses ponies feeling spring in the air?

    Mine are enjoying the sunshine
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    worried, horse looks like bar plus heel coming off??

    He has been on holiday for 12 weeks, living out. His frogs have got smaller since being on holiday. Bit worried out a hind foot. He had some very flakey sole which I scraped off when picking out. The next day there was a gap under the end of the bar and the day after he looks like the whole bar...
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    anyone else had a lovely sunny morning?

    Feeling happy. brought my 4 back into work yesterday after a relaxing 12 weeks holiday. Well I only rode 3 but they all did plenty by choice! all behaved brilliantly, despite the rest of the group following the ridden one around whilst we hacked around their 10 acre paddock. It was like...
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    horses enjoying the snow

    Anyone elses horses been enjoying the snow :) or just being out in the field? my 4 ponies enjoying the snow :)
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    anyone give comp horses time off in winter?plus few pics

    If so why and whats the situation? Do you keep them stabled? Just curious! some pics from our last training of the yr! mine are going on a nice holiday over the worst of winter on a big hilly field, just...
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    anyone not feed hay in winter. ....?

    If so, what is the situation? My 4 are off on their winter break soon to their 10 acres of grass. It only gets a cut of hay off around june and grazed by mine for about 3 to 4 months, its well covered in grass! I am hopeful they wont need hay......
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    horse fitness question

    My 3 competition horses currently do 6 days work per week each, mixture of hilly hacking, schooling at ele to psg dressage and lunging, with polework. So they are quite fit. I am going to give them jan to the end of march as time just hacking on hills 2 or 3 x week. So about 13 weeks of just...
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    strangles and flu alert northwest

    There are cases in the crewe and nantwich area.
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    schooling welcomed

    Well as far as 1 can see from the low res pics....not sure how that happened! coloured pony doing well, played with double but she backed off it too much so back in bendy rubber snaffle again. baby bay pony doing ok, working on really having the frame where I want it, when and keeping things...
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    how are everyone fields?

    My summer ones are dry, too dry. The 2 fatties are on the one with least grass, 1 acre and get hay 2x day. The 2 less good doers are on 1 acre not interested in hay. got a 2 acre field which I will give 1.4 acres to the 2 poorer doers, rest to the 2 fatties....hoping about mid October...
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    poo often, how much time spent?

    How big is thepaddock and how many horses? trying to work out if im slow! my 4 are on 1 acre size 24 7 and takes me 20min daily by barrow to clear it.....