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  1. Shoei

    Foal - what/how much

    It depends on his breeding, expected height, condition etc. I'd give the feed companies a call for advice. My KWPN is expected to make 16.2hh he's on ad-lib hat, good grazing, top spec stud balancer and alfalfa.
  2. Shoei

    Blooming Wellies!!!

    Those who have dunlops... are they heavy?
  3. Shoei

    Face protection from freezing wind

    I have tried allsorts at last year I converted to these and it's a game changer!! no more chapped face!!! Babymeo Winter Trapper Fur Hat, Trooper Hats with Face Cover Men Women - Waterproof Unisex Ushanka Russian Hats, Windproof Bomber Cap...
  4. Shoei

    Pictures Exhausting being a baby

    What a cutie
  5. Shoei

    Blooming Wellies!!!

    Any recommendations? I feel like I have had every expensive brand going and I kill them all in max a year. This time my ariats are leaking! I don't need warmth as generally have hot feet so I am seriously considering buying some cheap wellies and seeing how they do! Anyone else share my...
  6. Shoei

    Bombproof plod getting fizzy.

    I echo what others have said and cut back on feed. I'd always lean towards forage and a ballancer rather than a mixed feed and only introduce that if really needed. You would be amazed at how many can work well on this diet.
  7. Shoei

    Turnout for 6 month old colt ýes or no

    Well interestingly, when I was buying mine, the amount of people who told be to just turn him out in a herd and leave him to it was quite shocking!
  8. Shoei

    Turnout for 6 month old colt ýes or no

    Mine is coming in at night, just to get into a routine, but he would be fine out with natural shelter and company. I have already had mine gelded though, he's a KWPN and has a good thick coat on him, so I am not envisaging the need to rug.
  9. Shoei

    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    So my friend won tickets so we have been today. Normally we go Saturday or Sunday but if today is anything to go by I am a Friday convert!!! Much more pleasurable experience not being crammed in like sardines and as such... I did much more shopping than planned 😅
  10. Shoei

    Winter aims

    I'm wanting to get my last qualifying score before Christmas and then I'm going to aim to get a music qualification for the areas early on in the year. Baby Raymond arrives soon so I will focusing on getting him to be a happy and confident youngster, doing some TRT with him and getting him...
  11. Shoei

    Spur Shopping Help - Large Discs!

    Oooo I'll have a look thanks!!!
  12. Shoei

    Spur Shopping Help - Large Discs!

    She can't remember unfortunately, she's had them for years though. I have never seen any spurs with a stand on them, they seem quite unusual .
  13. Shoei

    Right to roam/common land for riders

    You can't ride in the Forestry land near us, they are very strict about it unfortunately
  14. Shoei

    Spur Shopping Help - Large Discs!

    Thanks, they look like they are still the same price which is pretty impresive!
  15. Shoei

    Spur Shopping Help - Large Discs!

    Hi Guys, I have borrowed some large smooth disc spurs off my trainer and I need to find some similar as my horse seems to prefer them to either rollers, blunt and small discs! They have a W makers mark, so I think they are Wolsey and they have a stand below the rowel to keep them in position...
  16. Shoei

    'Organised' Fireworks

    I saw something recently that it is illegal to set off fireworks close to Livestock. I would definitely contact your MP
  17. Shoei

    Could someone tell my horses…

    I leave mine out until after bonfire night but this morning, the traditional gave me a right nip to tell me how unimpressed she was!!! She has never so much as put her ears back!!!
  18. Shoei

    New horse

    OP, I second what others have said about getting on or lunging, depending if she has settled. Some horses do take some time to settle so it's best to lunge for a few days. I'd also do some ground work exercises with her to help build up relationship between the two of you. You say she has...
  19. Shoei

    Youngster temperaments and how they translate to adulthood

    My weanling is coming home in a fortnight and I too am relieved that the general consensus is they retain their personality, baby Raymond already seems much more confident than 14 year old Chester, which to be honest, as much as I love Chester, is great as he is a total primadonna
  20. Shoei

    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    Is it just me getting old and tight or have the prices gone up this year???
  21. Shoei

    Foal Monday

    Loving this thread, I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my warmblood foal in the next few weeks!!
  22. Shoei

    Dirty horse v clean horse bedding dilemma

    My preference for ease of mucking out is auboise, however I live on an arable farm and get free straw so that is what is use. I find conversely, the bigger the bed, the cleaner the horse.
  23. Shoei

    Anti rub neck?

    This happens with my Gelderlander and I have tried everything, it's his white bit too! What seems to work the best is no neck as much as possible, hood when he needs more and a masta domed neck when he needs it. No neck when in. And keeping it as clean as possible. Absolutely no help at all...
  24. Shoei

    Seeing signs after losing a horse?

    When I lost my old mare a few years ago, i sat with her in the field in the hail until the vet came. She just couldn't get up and I found it very distressing. That night when I was doing night checks, I saw a shooting star fall where she died! My Grandad was my idol, not long after he died...
  25. Shoei

    What to do about tack storage

    I have an IW but I use it to store all my other paraphernalia for away show. I would echo, that they aren't very secure and I can't get my dressage saddle in it!
  26. Shoei

    First Foal

    ihatework, I do appolgise, I am normally very good at at least liking a post someone has taken to responding too, I must have just missed clicking on the icon for yours, your response was very helpful! I did in fact follow your advice and get him gelded. Clodagh - thanks for your response too...
  27. Shoei

    TRT method- anyone had success with it?

    One of the first things that I took away is to look at your own 'energy' you give off. I'm quite a stressy, high energy person and if I am like this with my horse he becomes quite reactive. I have to really focus on my breathing and behaviour when I am stressed. There is a reason Tristan...
  28. Shoei

    Hay bale sizes

    That's a great rate! It costs me about that much to make
  29. Shoei

    Hay bale sizes

    It depends on the make of baler and how well they are packed to be honest. We make our own and sell surplus but our bales are about 24kg each. If we were making to sell they wouldn't be as heavy. Bear in mind when looking at hay prices, alot of fuel goes into making hay, which has gone up. So...
  30. Shoei

    Winter mode?

    Off to stay away dressage training this week, testing out my new extra warm sleeping bag before it's next trip out in the new year.... flipping crackers I think but I love it!!!