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    Elec Fencing and Acre: How is your Maths :D

    Ah ok so you're saying if I fence 70m on four sides I will have a one acre plot (ish)? I like your "add on a few more to make it a round number" lol
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    Elec Fencing and Acre: How is your Maths :D

    How many metres of electric tape would I need to go round 1 acre of land? I know, I know but my maths is shocking so I'm not even going to try and work it out!! :D
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    Horses on their own?

    bump... (sorry)
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    Horses on their own?

    Yeah, I like a Bodmin pony that's at my current yard and was going to buy him but he's quite wild still - He would just be a pet. Mind you, I guess if he wasn't at my yard he would have been culled with all the others so better a pet in loads of grass huh! Does the poll work now?
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    Horses on their own?

    Just wondering how many of us keep their horse on their own really as I am considering moving to land where my boy would be on his own? Not sure how to use the poll option but will give it a go! I have a great load of land to go to and my horse age 14 I think would be ok but I worry about...
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    Local Shows: What colour jacket?

    Fabo, thanks guys much appreciated!!
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    Local Shows: What colour jacket?

    he's a m/w 14.3hh cob, looks stunning hogged. Is it really that specific, so a black jacket is a no no? What about numnah colour, that specific too?
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    Local Shows: What colour jacket?

    I have NO idea of the etiquette behind colours when attending shows etc and wondered what colour jacket I should wear. What about jodphur colours?? Not sure if it is of any significance but my horse is black. Ta :)
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    Anyone think of a dressage saddle for these withers?

    My friend is selling her dressage saddle that fitted her very high withered warmblood..... Just a thought: It's a beautiful comfy saddly and I used to ride in it when I shared her skewbald :)
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    Horse kicking out at other horses...

    Joe kicks out with his front legs at horses that he doesn't know, it's just him trying to assert his ranking. It's normal I think but is he bolshy with you too? Joe can be a bit of an arsey darcey with me and I think its because I'm too soft on him so he thinks he's boss (currently in the...
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    What's the easiest way to post a saddle?...

    Get a box that it can snuggly fit in. Wrap the saddle in bubble wrap. Put in the box and then parcel tape the saddle to the inside of the box under the saddle seat from front to back - this stops it wrattling about :)
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    Cutting Super Thick Tails?

    I second the rake! Joe has a hideously massive, large, stonking, afro, mad and insane tail but with the rake I get to tidy and shape it really well. I rake it from the side first to thin it down and then start raking half way down at the back to thin it out there, seems to work well for me
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    Ferrel Foal - Please like me!

    ah right, yeah maybe I should use the bucket of feed to get closer, he stays with me if I give him food - I gave him a bucket of feed yesterday on the floor and he didn't know what to make of it, eagerly kicked it about the place and then realised it spilled food everywhere. When it was empty...
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    Ferrel Foal - Please like me!

    I've been befriending a youngster that will be 2 in April but I guess he was forced onto a lorry, herded into a pen, forced onto another lorry and then ended up at my yard. Basically I've taken him on and have been working with him for a few weeks. He's now happy with my presence in his...
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    Age to geld

    Yes I'd be interested to know too. I heard that the earlier you geld the more their bodies concentrate on getting taller.....?
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    What comes first, Vet or Dentist

    Hi Guys, I've taken on a younger that will be 2yo in April this year, he's a Bodmin Moor boy so is a mixture of all things Bodmin! I've no idea how big he will get and I guess I won't know until he stops growing (or is there a magic trick to figure out how big he will get?) Out of the four...
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    Foal - How big will you grow?

    How big are your 2yo and how big will they get to? How do you know how big a foal will grow if you don't know his parents? I have a feeling this could be a 'how long is a piece of string' question.... Sorry guys, interested in a 2yo and being told it will be 14/14.2 but how would they know...
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    Been offered some land what to do?

    im in exactly the same position, got 6 acres on offer with five pens that could be roofed and turned into stables. would love to do it but just don't have another horse to come with me. seriously considering just getting something else so I can just move.... I think the horse/acres...
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    Riding for Health

    Done (bump)
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    Ebay Seller Help!!!

    if you stated no returns on your advert then you are covered. its not really your problem. But if you sell shoes/boots, it might be worth revisiting your returns policy as not every size 6 boots fits me....
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    Urgent - loose gray horse in headley surrey

    Well done all, its fantastic to know 'your sort' are out there. Would love to think if my horse ever went walkabout that people would do the same for me!! Seriously, well done!!!
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    Urgent - loose gray horse in headley surrey

    Yards coming up for Headley/Headley Road, Surrey Woodruffe Stables Headley road epsom, surrey KT18 6BH 07786 371 917 Hallega Stables - Epsom Heath Farm, Headley Common Road, Headley, Epsom, Surrey KT18 6ND Phone: 01372 361252 Headley Park Farm - Epsom Headley Park Farm, Hurst...
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    What do you pay for a large bale of hay ATM?

    South Cambs: Large 7x5x3 bulk bale - Was £55 Now £70 Going up £90 soon Large bale (av. 10 slices) - Was £3.50 Now £5.50 Going up £7 soon Standard bal (av. 6-8 slices) - Was £3 Now £5 Going up to £ who knows.... The Large bulk bales that we have delivered to our yard are tightly packed, dry...
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    Am I just being sour????

    Are you for real? These two questions should have been answered by you before starting to share your horses. As the owner, you say what should and should not be done with your horses so you should know what's being done with them out on a hack. I think the answer of letting people you don't...
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    This was suggested to me this good idea or not??

    ....or is totally thick, going into a panic because it doesn't know where they have gone! Aaagghhh I can hear voices! :)
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    Was stopped today for wearing Hi Viz!

    An instructor at our yard goes out with nothing, not a single bit. Arrogant woman needs to have a near miss to bring her to her senses. Am I right in thinking it's illigal not to wear hi-viz now?
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    Does your yard close early on Christmas?

    Um, if it's a DIY yard I wouldn't have thought they'd have any right to close it in the first place? If they were Liveries then fair enough so they have half the day for themselves but DIY... well ya do it yourself so its down to you how much of your Christmas Day you take doing your own...
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    nervous about buying another horse

    I hated horse shopping tried seven and still didn't really get hand on heart what I was looking for. Trust what you SEE and NOT what the owners say. And yes, take an experienced rider with you to get on and put the horse through its paces first. Nightmare, trust nobody!
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    Wintec GP Cair Saddle - FLAT!

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    Wintec GP Cair Saddle - FLAT!