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    Advice for in-hand riding horse/hack

    Have Suffolk County show tomorrow (in-hand riding horse/hack) and wanted to check my attire is all correct! Will have show bridle with flat noseband, fancy browband and plaited reins over his head to trot up. (reins ok or should I use the leather lead?) Quarter marks? For me, beige chinos...
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    Any showing shows on not too far from essex in September??

    Want to take my 3yr old out showing one last time this year, cant find much on. Any one know of any showing shows on in September? Thanks :)
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    Diagnosis, tooth abscess??

    Help please!! Incy has had a sore face/mouth and a slight swelling last year round his jaw in Dec, he was given anitibiotics and it went down. This came up again a few weeks ago and he again had antibiotics, vet said it was just teething but he could have an abscess. It went down slowly...
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    Help with diagnosis! Tooth Abscess?

    I know this isnt comp riders but I will place in vet area too, and hopefully someone cant help :) plus incy will be a comp horse one day I hope if I ever get on him!! He had a sore face/mouth and a slight swelling last year round his jaw in Dec, he was given anitibiotics and it went down...
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    Anyone looking for a horse to ride a few days a week? (ESSEX)

    My friend has a 15.2hh coloured mare available for riding a few times a week, one of those days a saturday. Based in Rayleigh (essex) She is a sweet little mare, who will school, jump and hack. She is a little spooky but not naughty. Her owner/rider is travelling until October time. Let me...
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    Woodbridge show tomorrow - STILL ON??!

    Ive entered the youngstock class at the woodbridge show tomorrow and received my number on thursday but I cant see how it is still one. There is no number anywhere for anyone to find out or an email address and the website still look slike its on. Anyone have any insider info? or contact...
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    Showing (essex) Bank holiday Monday (7th)

    Does anybody know of any showing on, ideally with a youngstock class on Monday 7th May. Local to Essex, want to take my 3yr old out but can not find anything on. Only Norton Heath but the youngstock is on the Sunday when I will unfortunately be spending all my money at badders!!! :)
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    Armada and OT??

    Have I got the complete wrong end of the stick..or is Oliver riding AN's Armada at Badders?!
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    Dexter IV (the fourth) stallion offspring

    Have bumped a post in breeding re.Dexter too but just wondered if anyone has any pics or info on his offspring? Cant seem to find much. Im going to sit on our homebred by Dexter this year so was just curious :) Here's some pics of him...
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    Someone to back or help back - Essex

    Am going to be breaking my homebred Incy this year and am still in two minds whether to do the initial 'get on' myself or whether to get someone else to do that first bit..just in case!! I cant think of anyone around the essex area though or who will travel, any ideas? He is an absolute...
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    What do you think of my 2yr old.....Incy update!

    Took Incy to his first showing show last September as a yearling and he was impeccible and came 2nd, a 3yr old won due to being more developed then him. Here's a pic: Then at the weekend I took him showing again in a 1,2 & 3yr old class, he is 2 on Friday and he only went and won! :) he...
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    Royal Windsor - ROR Class

    Hi everyone, not been on here much at all lately, have been lurking a bit though :) Im after some advice as this is an area I havent covered before! For the next couple of years im going to be just doing showing with the odd bit of dressage and to tell you the truth I am loving it so far and...
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    Showing tack - racehorse class

    Im taking Dougal showing at the weekend in an ex-racehorse class and need some help with tack. I can go with my black dressage tack (dressage saddle) or my jump saddles and bridle whih is brown. I know brown would probably be more correct but a jump saddle probably wouldnt. Any help...
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    chiropractor in essex....

    Im really struggling to find a chiropractor in essex :( ive looked on the net and found a few but I prefer to go on reccomendations. Does anyone live in essex and have someone they can recommend? Many thanks
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    What could be wrong?? Horse started bucking

    Just after some thoughts really of what people think could be wrong with my ponio.... He isnt lame at all but has started to buck alot lately, when hacking im sure its excitement as he is squeling and grunting wanting to canter. But lately in the school he has been a bit reluctant to trot...
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    Blenheim - car pass needed??

    Im going to Blenheim for the first time on Saturday so have been looking at ticket prices etc, I can only find the £23 admission charge for Saturday. At Badminton and Burghly you have to pay a £10 car pass charge, will I have this at Blenheim too or just the normal admission? Thanks
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    Pippa Funnells bit - Burghley

    Just watched her test, does anyone know what bit she has in?? Ive had a look and cant seem to find it, it looks like a drop ring KK or NS or something but its not like a normal drop ring...any ideas?!
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    Photographer @ Mattingley

    Does anyone know who this was? I thought it was Pleasure Prints but just tried calling them and it wasnt them apparently! Thanks
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    Dougal (aka Gentle Giant) goes XC schooling - PICS

    Just thought id do a quick post about the gentle giant, touch wood everything was fine a few weeks ago when he had the swelling on the front leg, vet checked it and it was just a bang probably with his own leg!! His work has been very start and stopped due to silly injuries or weather all winter...
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    After some advice and some vibes for Dougal (aka gentle giant!)

    After Dougal now looking so well and really starting to get his head around things as is always the way he walked in from the field reluctantly last night, then when I went down an hour later to finish off he has a slight swelling and heat on the inside of his leg just below the knee, trotted...
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    Advice for feeding a lazy event horse

    Just wanted to get a few views on what to feed the lazy event horse!! Dougal is coming on nicely after a few weeks off over xmas due to an abcess in his leg We are feeding him on what he was on end of last season so alfa a oil, & equilibrum high energy, a heaped scoop in each feed and...
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    Fusion jump saddles

    Am thinking of getting them out early next year to try as they are so close and I need a new jump saddle for Dext. What do people think of them? Quality etc you can PM you want. Thanks
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    Dougal at the OTECC @ NH (pic) and a little update

    Not really been on here much due to work being real busy and having the 2 in full work now - yippee!! But just thought id do a little update for anyone interested!! Dexter is back in full work now, doing about 40mins schooling and I jumped him for the first time in 5mths yeaterday! Took me...
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    Saddle reccomendations (Jump)

    Going to sell my excelle (just not getting on with it) in Feb and get a new jump saddle but need some reccomendations. Needs to come in brown, prob need 17.5 - 18" For Dexter so full TB. Want something quite light for him but I am giving in and admitting my lower leg isnt too hot! So...
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    Anyone want a place in the Intro at Borde Hill tomorrow??

    Im about to withdraw Dougal so a place will be available (It isnt a BE it is unaff)
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    Dougal - Pulborough Intro - Quick report with piccy

    So the Dougalmeister didn't disapoint again! We set off for Pulborough at a resonable time of 8.30am and arrived on time despite getting lost! Not one sign for the event anywhere Anyway I had time to walk XC after dressage so set off for that first. Tacked up in the sunshine, went to get...
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    When to feed?

    Had an examination on Spider on Monday and she is still in foal - yey But she is looking quite fat at the mo on the grass (24/7) she will be coming in at night from the weekend probably - how much should we be feeding her morning and night? Usually she is a very good doer she was only fed...
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    Dougal regains form! - BCA Intro report inc pics

    After Dougal poor SJing attempt at Little Downham due to lack of concentration I was slightly apprehensive about yesterday but also excited to see if it had made him grow up a bit and if my SJ lessons the last 2 weeks had paid off! We set off probably a little late yesterday considering its...
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    Express Eventing

    Who's going? Im thinking of going with a friend, taking the mamouth 3-4hr trip up to wales! When do we think tickets will all be sold out?
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    Lucinda Green clinic - 23rd September @ Stratford Hills

    Everyone is dropping like flies!!! Please please can anyone this end of the country pass the word about for the LG clinic - Date above and it is £71. PM me urgently or reply to this message - any help would be much appreciated guys I do hate arranging these things sometimes!!!!