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    PTS or keep going

    You have given your girl the ultimate of love. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grieve. It is hard but in time it will get “easier” but the loss never fully goes. I still have odd tear some7 years on. Sending you big hugs x
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    A bit of a morbid one....

    I’m the same. They can have everything but not my eyes. It is weird 😀
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    Spam posts 😱

    🤣🤣🤣well that was my first muppet moment of day
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    Spam posts 😱

    Have you reported me 😞
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    Spam posts 😱

    Oh my word! What’s with all the spam posts?
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    Who remembers WHS win a pony competition!

    Every year and never won. Can imagine my parents reaction if I had won 🤣🤣
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    PTS or keep going

    Ps don’t feel you have to be there at all if don’t want. Big hug
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    PTS or keep going

    I went through my vet who was wonderful. She was PTS in the fiel. All was peaceful and vet sat with me as I cried after. I would say don’t stay whilst the remove her after. My vet dealt with that. X
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    PTS or keep going

    You would have my support if you PTS. My 14 yr half blind stressful mare was PTS when I moved out of area and the vet and I believed to move her would be to much for her to cope with. Some people were not nice about my decision but I knew it was right. Just big hug because I know it’s a hard and...
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    He's finally mine..!!!! 💙😁💙😁

    Oh he’s lovely and congratulations 👏🏻
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    Am i to big for my pony?

    Look damn fine to me😀
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    Late night vibes needed

    Thinking of you and fingers crossed. Hugs x
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    Introducing Zach

    He is gorgeous 😍
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    Late night vibes needed

    Sending hugs and positive vibes x
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    How to know if pony is too small?

    Dave is just gorgeous 😍xx
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    Aggressive unpredictable horse

    I’m so sorry you are in this situation. Possibly discuss ulcers with vet but if you decide to pts do not feel guilt because it is obvious you are a good caring owner not wanting to sell or loan. Stay safe x
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    This horse never ceases to amaze me...

    What a wonderful horse. Gosh my eyes are watering. ❤️
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    Pictures Memories

    Beautiful girl ❤️
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    A rant: Vet won't spay

    Our wee spaniel got pyometra on her second season(was going in to be spayed after 3 months after that) and it is something I do not want to witness again. I can still see her screaming (and I mean screaming with pain)crawling on her belly to her dad. Emergency vets and once recovered she was...
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    Young TB, just out of racing, stabled for AGES...BOOM!

    He’s lovely ❤️
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    Still at it!

    What a beautiful combination. Such a lovely post to read and it’s obvious you get so much pleasure to ❤️
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    Turning away mid winter for a month

    Do it. They will be fine. “Neither salt or sugar”. They will surprise you x
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    Introducing Lari

    He’s gorgeous. What a lovely kind face ❤️
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    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    . Well said 100% 👏🏻👏🏻
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    *positive vibes* needed

    That’s great news xx
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    Tendon injury in retired horse

    Be gentle on yourself. You made the right decision though it is so hard. She was a lucky horse to have had you as her owner xx
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    *positive vibes* needed

    Sending hugs and vibesxx
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    Update on vetting!

    He’s super gorgeous. So happy for you 😀
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    Mind blown!!!!!!!!

    Hey Keira. Let’s draw a line under the weekend and move on 😊 it’s great you are speaking with your vet about what happened. You have done so damn well with Prince. I think all of us have got carried away in a “moment” at some point and made a “wrong” decision. So onwards and upwards and carry...
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    Hug your horses..

    I’m so so sorry. But please be gentle to yourself. Sending big virtual hugs. Xx