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    Stolen trailers.

    A friend had her trailer stolen recently, she's just found it and got it back. How did she do it? She got on the internet and searched for it on every FB marketplace in the country, tracked it down, over 20 days it had changed hands at least 3 times, it's been all over the UK and she's driven...
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    Hug your horses..

    After just writing some stuff about Welshies this morning, went down the field to find my beautiful other mare, my standardbred, dead. It looks as though it was colic, she was fine at 6.30 yesterday evening. Feeling terrible. Go and hug your horse. Signing off for a bit. X
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    This woman is awesome!
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    Equine dentist in Wales

    I was going to ask this on the Wales section but it's a bit quiet on there. Can anyone recommend a good equine dentist around the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire areas? Thanks.
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    Such a lovely day.

    It's been 3 years since we moved to Wales and half the reason we moved was for having our own land and the gorgeous riding here. But disaster struck within the first year and we sadly lost our wonderful arab x welsh mare, she was 25, broken fetlock in the field. I was left with my elderly arab...
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    Munnings exhibition. If the link works...I absolutely must go and see this, it looks amazing.
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    Did he understand me?

    I was in my field a couple of hours ago checking my little herd, routine, not difficult as it's next to my house and I'm down there at least twice a day. My best boy, an arab who I've owned for nearly 20 years, can be quite offish unless there's a treat or a bucket of feed involved. 'No treats...
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    History of bridles. Interesting read.
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    Passport question.

    My horse has come back off loan minus her passport, her loaner as lost it in a house move (aargh!) I'm now wanting to sell the horse (very sadly) and I can't for life of me remember which passport issuer the passoport was with. I need to get her a new one, any advice or recommendations please?
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    Urban cowboys I watched this expecting the worst. But what owning horses has done for those young men is truly great, despite it not being the most ideal place to keep them. Worth a share I thought.
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    Woah Shamrock...WOAH..!! Good grief, I got sweaty palms wathcing this.
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    Barn manufacturer Powys ?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a company in Powys or surrounding area that supplies and builds barns or field shelters? We're after an approx 36' X 12' new static field shelter/barn but not knowing the area very well..yet....I need some recommendations. Ta. x
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    Emma Massingale. The One Show.

    Did anyone else see this amazing woman with her herd of Connemaras on the One Show yesterday? It was in 2 parts, the first starts at about 15 minutes in, the second at about 52 minutes. Beautiful ponies, gorgeous...
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    Somerset Horsewatch.

    Does anyone have a contact phone number for Somerset Horsewatch please? Ta.
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    Old horse photos on Ebay.. Just having a little trawl through Ebay and found this. I wonder who they are, anybody recognise themselves? (I'm not the...
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    The end of winter....

    You know when you've finally had enough with the last dregs of winter when you're battling with a muddy rug blowing around in the wind, attempting to put it on a horse that won't stand still. And you are overheard by 2 passing liveries to shout 'oh you stupid RUG!!! just ******* off and DIE'...
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    Horseworld Bristol. Closing it's visitor centre.
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    Sudden storm this afternoon.. ...massive tree came down in the entrance to my field, thank god the horses had the sense to scuttle away when it fell!!
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    I should have worn a hat.

    Last night I had to get my goofy 4 year old in from the field. She's 16.3 and somewhat giddy and athletic at the best of times, it didn't help that the weather was awful, pouring with rain with a howling gale, and the tracks from the field to the yard are knee deep in mud. However, needs...
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    Livery around Minehead?

    Nothing set in stone yet but we just might/maybe/possibly be moving to Minehead early next year. I'll be looking for DIY livery for 3 horses and a pony and could do with some recommendations. Cheers for reading.
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    Today's mystery item.

    Trawling through some vintage horse stuff on ebay I came across this. What is it? Is it a rug? A cloak? A pony cloak???? Grandma's headscarf? A failed...
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    YO passed away.

    I've just opened the wine and am raising a toast to the most wonderful YO we've ever had who passed away this week. He was a traditional yeoman farmer from generations of the same, round and jolly, Wiltshire accent as thick as butter, generous hearted, great sense of humour, loved a few pints of...
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    RSPCA and legal aid.

    Just a quick I right in thinking it's now not possible for the accused to get legal aid in an RSPCA case?
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    Another use for horse poo.. Hmmm, different....
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    Yard/grazing wanted. Bath area.

    A very long shot, I know, but if anyone knows of a little self contained yard with grazing for rent in the Bath area please do give me a shout. I'm looking for... At least 2 stables, with hard standing.. or a barn/field shelter type set up. Approx 5 acres. 5/6 miles radius of...
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    Farmer's spraying? and horses.

    Does anyone know what farmers might be spraying their land with at the moment and if it might affect horses? As I was leaving the yard early yesterday evening a farmer was at work on his land across the lane, I couldn't see what he was doing but it involved a tractor towing something. When I...
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    National meeting. First fatality.
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    Epona TV article.

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    'Can I cuddle your horse..?'

    Argh. Aaarrrgh!!!!! There's a dopey woman who's taken over my one day a week at the local charity shop (bear with me, this is a horsey rant) because I can't do the shift any more due to having to much to do at the yard. So dopey woman, having got wind of me having horses, has asked if she can...
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    Liver problem, what is it?

    Brief summary. Arab, aged 20. Started losing a bit of weight Sept 2012. Weight loss accelerated Oct 2012. Vet visit Nov. Bloods taken, liver problem indicated. GGT 650. Scan and biopsy. Biopsy showed liver damage but no sign of it on scan. Full body scan showed no abnormalities...