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    Weather and Hardy natives!

    My highland is out on standing foggage and only gets hay on the odd occasion he comes in. I would leave him on 24/7 turnout all winter but our ground gets waterlogged so I cant really. I expect he will need hay around January as he eats his way through the foggage but for now he still needs to...
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    Ive got the reolink, ifs really good. Ive got 2 horses but in neighbouring stables, the unit is on the barn wall opposite them and you can change the camera angle using your phone from wherever you are. I cant see into the stables but can check to make sure their doors are closed and watch...
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    Aggressive unpredictable horse

    My friend has a horse with a similar MO, she bred him and hes always been feisty, but at times bordering on dangerously spiteful. He tested positive for Ems this year and although I think some of his behaviours are ingrained now as he knows he can get away with stuff, he has changed so much...
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    Stable flooding

    I get water seeping in through the back of one of my boxes when its torrential. Ive put a solid lump of 2 x 2 across the back, masticked around all the joins and then put down rubber mats. It hasnt stopped it completely but what does come in now runs under the mats and out through the fornt...
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    HOYS - Showing the world that a lame and obese pony can be a champion

    Not in a million years would I have said Dartmoor, I was trying to decide between exmoor, welsh and new forest. That neck, ffs, poor little pony. I havent read through all the comments but in that particular class, is the pony judged against breed standard or for its suitability to do the job?
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    HOYS - Showing the world that a lame and obese pony can be a champion

    I cant even be sure what breed the pony on the 1st post is?Can someone enlighten me?
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    European eventing championships

    Thank you teapot, was trying to get it back on the tv but cant, this link is working on laptop tho x
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    Sleeping in a pickup for overnight stays?

    Google SUV pop up tent. Someone was having this discussion on another forum and these look fab, the one they were looking at was about £30 and fitted off the back
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    European dressage champs on telly tomorrow!

    MP youre a star :)
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    European dressage champs on telly tomorrow!

    Completely missed this, can I watch it on catch up anywhere??
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    What's happened on the M1?

    Which bit of the M1 was this please?
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    Travelling 5 dogs and need to tow 511 .. Amarok?

    Isuzu rodeo truck. I have one, it towed beautifully, Ive got 3 dogs and they travel in the back in crates, mines a double cab so you could in theory travel them in the cab with harnesses. The back does have little opening windows so there is air flow although I assume you could also fit a...
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    Aside from the fact that it is such an unfair and downright stupid thing to do to a horse, its actually, as we all know, potentially quite dangerous riding horses full stop!! I know all sport carries risk but I think they are less likely to suffer a life changing injury with the other 4 aspects...
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    Mare acting like a stallion to a new mare

    I would want to be absolutely sure the new mare isnt in foal! Ive only seen this happen once before and the unstallion like mare turned out to be in foal!!
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    Discovery channel

    One last question because I cant find the answer now!! If I sign up to make sure I get to watch the XC can you watch it on replay/catch up. There is no way I can be awake or about to watch it live so dont want to waste time setting it up if it doesnt have a watch later button? TIA
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    Not feeding grass

    Interesting thread. Im on DIY and we each manage our own bit of field, fence it etc. I let my boys wreck it in winter (they are allowed to stay out so do so apart from the very wettest weather as our clay just wont stand up to 24/7 t/o) That way it takes longer to recover in spring, the...
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    Gypsy cobs

    Dyou know what, Ive got a whole herd of them quite close to me, owned by a good old fashioned gypsy breeder. Ive never seen any of them lame, never seen a case of lami or colic and they all look well. I assume they do suffer with itchy feathers as the only thing I ever notice is occasionally...
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Has anyone got a link to Gios test today please? Hubs did a fab job of recording all the odd bits but the one test he missed, was Gio
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    BBC olympics

    Im at work but hubby is at home so every time a horse appears on screen he is pressing record :) Im ging to sign up to Discovery for the trial tomorrow, that should just about last till the end if the XC I think!!
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    LG, that last post has properly made me sob, its just such a sad little postscript really, of all the things to struggle with, just the thought of teaching her about apples...just so incredibly touching x
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    Really hoping your hubby recovers quickly, what a good man you have there x
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I cant believe what Im reading!! How absolutely heartbreaking and shocking for you both. Thank goodness you werent far away and were able to sit with her. RIP little one and hugs to you and your husband x
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    I have just found a link that works and am watching a canadian rider atm. Does anyone know how many are left to go and have I missed all the Brits?
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    Best 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow?

    Ive no idea but will be following this with interest. I keep debating whether a 2 wheeler would be better than my single wheeler for pushing water containers across the field? Ground is reasonably flat but water is such an unstable load the barrow really wobbles. 2 wheelers always seem to...
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    Are ex-racers as high maintenance as its claimed?

    Mine was the same as your 1st example, an ex hurdler, given time off to regroup, professionally restarted and came to me as suitable for hacking and low level riding club stuff. He lived out 24/7 except in winter when he was in at night, he was a pretty good doer, lots of hay and not much else...
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    Hypothetical "how much is he worth" please

    Thanks all. A sharer isnt an option sadly, our hacking immediately off the yard is too dangerous, I have my own lorry but a sharer will need to hack from base, I simply couldnt let anyone risk that and he hates schooling! When I bought the little one the plan was to sell him but when it came...
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    Oh gosh, where to start. Trying to buy a pony for a shy 11 year old!

    Congratulations on the new pony, she does look a lovely sort. I wish you all lots of fun together and please do post updates with pictures as they get to know each other. Im another who thinks you have been incredibly responsible and caring in the search for your pony, its an absolute...
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    Hypothetical "how much is he worth" please

    Thanks all, Im gobsmacked at those prices! He is mine and I just cant decide what to do for the best. Im getting older and dont seem to want to ride any more, havent ridden since last November and still not feeling tempted. I have my grand daughters pony, another smaller native I bought to...
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    Hypothetical "how much is he worth" please

    What would you expect to pay, in the current market for 16 year old highland gelding, 14.2 and a big solid lad, sound as a pound, no health issues, really easy to do, loads, travels, hacks alone. Hes a diamond to hack out, pretty much idiot proof. Wouldnt be more than a happy hacker atm but...
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    everyone enjoying the heatwave

    Im far too fair skinned to deal with anything over about 18c. My boys all live out in the summer anyway but they are cooler in the fields, all have some natural shelter so Im poo picking and topping up the water before 7am, a quick check about 1pm and back down around 8pm to do it all again...