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    Ardingly RC ODE (minus the XC!) report

    Unfortunately the XC was cancelled because the ground was too wet so they ran it as a combined training competition. We did the 70-85cm class as it would have been her first time XC this season. Poor Shadow was a bit tired because she's been out the last 2 nights and we hacked on the downs...
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    Hickstead unaff dressage

    Today was the first time we've done 2 novices as usually we do a prelim first. She was suprisingly calm in the warm up considering it was the first time she'd been there and she hadn't been ridden for 2 days. N25 was first and she did a nice test although she was a bit tense and against my hand...
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    Dressage at Crockstead

    Took Shad to unaff dressage at Crockstead today. It starting p*ssing down as soon as I got on and we got soaked but she warmed up well. Went in for P18 and she was quite tense through the whole test, was expecting around 60% and I'm happy with anything over that atm as she isn't being schooled...
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    Indoor Hunter Trial Report

    Went to Golden Cross today for the indoor hunter trial for the 70-80cm and the 80-90cm with Shadow. We arrived just in time to walk the course then we watched a few and there weren't many clears. We went in for the 70-80cm and she absolutely flew and jumped double clear (it was 2 phase), she...
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    Oldencraig unaff dressage report

    A bit late as we only found out results today, but we went to unaff dressage at Oldencraig on Saturday for Prelim 16 and 17. S warmed up nicely and went well in P17 although not her best, she was a bit tense especially after cantering and she struck off on the wrong leg which she never does...
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    Dressage report

    Took Shadow to unaff dressage at Crockstead to do P18 and N21 this afternoon. She did some nice work in the warm up considering she hasn't been schooled all winter! She was a bit tense when we went in for the prelim but she settled quickly and did a nice test for 61.25%, we didn't get placed...
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    Primitive Faerie Tale

    Thinking of going to look at him for my 14.2hh TB x Welsh D mare. I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on him?
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    Dressage report

    Went to Oldencraig today for unaff dressage. Shad warmed up really nicely, our first test was P16 and she was really relaxed and did a lovely test although I could have ridden a bit more accurately but I was really pleased with her. Second test was P17 and she was really tense and spooky and...
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    Stallions - how big and suggestions?

    Hi, I'm hoping to put my mare in foal next year. She's 14.2hh, Welsh D x TB, 11 years old. I know she's probably nothing special to most people but she has a lovely temperament, nice paces and jump, she has BSJA winnings and has won and been placed unaff dressage, hunter trials and showing, we...
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    Novice 20

    I am going to get the test but can anyone tell me what it involves (medium trot/medium canter etc.) Not sure whether to do N20 or N33 (which I have - looks quite hard!) or neither! Thanks!
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    Eventers Challenge report!

    Took Shadow to an eventers challenge at Golden Cross today and did the 2'6''-2'9''. Got there quite early so we watched a few from the class before and then got ready, she felt a bit lazy warming up but she woke up eventually! Walked the course and I thought it was quite big and twisty. We...
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    Hunter Trial report

    Sorry, another one! It was at Mayfield school and we did the 2'3''-2'6''. The course was nice but fence 5 (trough with logs on top, through the hedge and quite narrow with a slight drop) was causing a lot of problems. I was about 30th to go in the class, eventually we started and Shadow was a...
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    Hunter Trial report!!

    Will try and keep it short and sweet so I don't bore you too much! Took Shadow to a HT today at Highfields Farm, did the 2'6'' and the course was lovely. We got there quite early so had plenty of time to get ready and warm up. Off we went and she flew out the start and over the first few with...
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    Trailblazers dressage report - so happy!!!!

    I apologise in advance for the completely self indulgent post! Went to Trailblazers at Golden Cross today for P10 and N21. Didn't have high hopes as in my lesson yesterday we were really struggling with the canters across the diagonal in the prelim and it was our first novice. She warmed up...
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    Golden Cross BD

    Went to Golden Cross today for BD, only did Prelim 10, I didn't think we were at all ready for affiliated but we just went for more experience. It wasn't as scary as I was expecting! When I got on Shadow felt half asleep and could probably have done with longer warming up but she was going quite...
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    Golden Cross Unaff SJ report!

    Went to GX with Destiny today for her first show with us and probably her first show ever. We weren't sure what she'd be like but she was a star! She loaded and travelled fine and was so well behaved when we got there. She warmed up really well, not strong or excited at all and jumped the...
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    Dressage Report!!!!

    Went to Sands Farm today for unaff dressage and did prelim 16 and 17. It was the first time I've done a long arena test and I wasn't expecting to do well, we just need more experience because Shad's usually very tense and wondering where the jumps are, and if I remembered the tests it would be a...
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    Dressage Report

    Went to Uckfield & District Riding Club dressage at Golden Cross today. Just did one class which was Prelim 7 and my time was 10am. First thing this morning it was dry, we had a little shower before we left the yard but other than that it has been dry! Arrived just after 9am and tacked up...
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    Quick dressage question

    Can I wear a showjumping shirt for dressage (riding club)?
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    Going to take up dressage...

    Yes, seriously! I took Shadow XC schooling round Brightling today and I really can't ride her properly XC anymore. I don't ride her positively forwards at all and I was doubting that we could get over the fences, even though we've jumped them before. She stopped at quite a few fences and she...
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    BE Day Tickets?

    How long do day tickets usually take to come through? I want to enter Brightling Intro, the entries open on the 9th June. I haven't sent my form off yet, will do it today or tomorrow, hoping I haven't left it too late! Also, how likely am I to get in on a ticket?
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    Brightling Park Hunter Trials Report

    We went to a HT at Brightling Park today. I had entered the 2'6'' and the 3' but I wasn't sure whether to do the 3' as she's just getting her confidence back and I don't want to do too much too soon. I walked the course yesterday and decided to definitely withdraw from the 3' because although...
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    Bitting question

    I currently have Shadow in a happy mouth 2 ring dutch gag and have done for about 4 years, she goes well in it but I have to replace it about once a year because she chews through it. I'm thinking about trying a Neue Schule Universal and just wanted to ask: 1) How does the action of the...
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    Quick question re. Thermatex rugs

    Shadow's cooler is getting a bit tatty and I'm thinking of treating her to a Thermatex. Do they come up big? She is usually 5'9'' but do you think a 5'6'' would fit? (I'd rather get a 5'6'' because they are cheaper. )
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    Second hand jumping saddles?

    I currently have a GP which I've had for about 5 years and it's not great for jumping in, my legs are getting too long and I can't get my stirrups short enough without my knees going over the knee rolls! I've decided to look for a second hand jumping saddle, it will only be used for...
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    Well my lovely Ariat boots have big holes in them after 18 months of wear and tear and not being looked after so I'm replacing them, and I need to get some new gaiters soon-ish because my (£25!!) ones have dodgy zips and are a bit tight. I'm not sure whether to get Ariat 'Crowne Pro' gaiters or...
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    Golden Cross BSJA today

    Well I had Shadow back in the dutch gag because she was really strong last time I jumped her in a snaffle. She was a bit lazy in the warm up and I thought maybe I should have kept her in the snaffle but when we went in she woke up and I was glad to have some control! We went clear in the clear...
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    BE Grasshoppers SJ

    Planning ahead slightly but I've just noticed that there is Grasshoppers at Golden Cross in February, and I'm just down the road from GX so might go. Just wondered if anyone had done it before and what they thought of it?
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    BSJA today

    Went to Crockstead again this morning just for the clear round and the BN. She warmed up crap, skidded through the oxer twice!! Went into the clear round and there was a wall in it which i didn't think she'd like, but she proved me wrong and we went clear!! Then in the BN we knocked no 2...
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    Help - XC boots

    Ok, i'm only doing up to 3'3'' hunter trials and ODE's (hoping to do an Intro next year) and currently just use brushing boots for XC, and i was wondering whether i ought to get some XC boots. I have looked at some different brands and like the look of (although not the prices!! ) Eskadron...