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    Minor Irritations

    Had a rubbish week and I feel I need to vent about some minor things... 'It'. Why do people refer to their horses as 'it'? I love my horse, she's not always lovely but I NEVER refer to her as 'it'. I know, the horse has no idea how you refer to him/her but still. My YO refers to a lot of the...
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    What do you miss about DIY, what do you miss about Full?

    I'm on full livery at the moment, some would call it part (everything except riding) but around here it's called full. I miss the following about DIY: Feeding - being able to choose exactly what my horse eats, buying the brand I want and being able to change it if I wish. Routine - being able...
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    Paying for Full Livery if your horse isn't there

    At my yard (full livery (everything but riding, some would call it part?)) if your horse is away for a period of time (stay away show, vet etc), there is no discount in livery. I fully get this, staff still need to be paid etc. However, my friend is at a similar full livery yard and if she's...
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    Teaching a horse to rear

    Browsing through my social media accounts I have noticed a lot of people seem to be ‘teaching’ their horses to rear then proudly posting the photos. Now, I am old, when I was learning to ride and attending Pony Club, rearing was a BIG no - anyone teaching their horse to rear would have been...
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    Rambo Summer Series T/O - washing instructions

    Well the label says washable at 30 degrees... so has anyone washed it? What detergent did you use - and does it stay waterproof? Really need to wash it... but I don’t want to ruin it :oops:
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    Parelli/natural horsemanship halter

    As the title - I'm wanting a Parelli type rope halter. I've looked on ebay and there are plenty to choose from but, I need a decent quality one and something that is nice and soft - her current one (which someone at the yard was throwing out (now know why!)), rubs her nose and her cheeks. I...
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    Washing Rugs

    I normally get my rugs washed once a year - after winter has done. This year my horses stable rugs are minging already - to the point that I can barely stand to handle them. I’m thinking of sending them away now for cleaning - the lady that does them can have them back to me in 2-3days. What...
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    Saddle Size

    I'm tentatively looking for a new saddle - a second hand one, can't afford brand new. My current saddle is 17.5 and fits me and my horse well. I've seen the perfect saddle online - it's fully adjustable and is fitted with Flair so I can have it adjusted (hopefully) for the perfect fit...
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    People on full livery - what do you miss about DIY?

    I'm on a lovely full livery yard. My girl is really settled there and so am I. This is my second year of full livery. The first year has been brilliant but... going into my second winter, I'm beginning to miss things. I miss deciding which bedding to use and which feeds to buy. I miss being...
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    Saddle Recommendations

    I presently own a gp Ideal saddle. I've had it a while now and although it fits nicely, it's beginning to show signs of wear. I'd like to replace it with a gp that leans more towards a jumping saddle. Not bought a saddle in years so, what does everyone have, what do people recommend? I like the...
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    Worming Query

    Our yard will be worming soon with Pramox. We follow the Pramox and Equest worming plan. A lady at the yard has an oldie who's quite underweight coming out of winter and she's not keen on worming with Pramox as it's such a powerful wormer and she says it will be too much for his body to handle...
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    Epsom Salts

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who adds Epsom Salts to their horses feed to prevent impaction colic. How much do you feed and how often? Every day? Once a week? Just if their dropping appears to be hard or not as many droppings being produced. Are there any side effects? Can they...
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    Mud fever in Summer??

    Not sure how this has happened - yard is on sandy soil - no mud in winter and its bone dry at the moment. Anyway, my mare has a bit of mud fever on her back leg - she has pink skin 😕. Last time I dealt with mud fever - years and years ago - I was told to pick the scabs off and keep...
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    Summer sheets / cooler rugs

    To all the people who's horses are stabled overnight during the warm summer months... Do you use a rug? I've been letting her stay unrugged but, the stable stains!!! Does anyone know of a very, very lightweight sheet I could use - losing the will to go on. Really lol!!
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    EDT - Power Tools or Manual Float?

    My EDT is fully qualified to use power tools and will do so if necessary, but only under sedation by the vet. Normally he just does a manual float on my horse though, her mouth is in good order and she is seen every 6 months. I'm happy with this arrangement and so is my horse. Other EDTs to...
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    Full Livery - bucket feeds

    My full livery yard is having a change of management/owners so I will be posting the odd question here and there with my various queries! At the moment, each livery supplies their own horses bucket feed. New management will take over the provision of all feeds soon though. There is going to...
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    Full livery - turnout and bring in times

    People on full livery, or maybe part livery as well - what time does your horse get turned out and brought back in again? Does it vary from day to day depending on the weather or amount of grazing available? My horse is turned out (after feeding) as soon as the staff arrive - usually about...
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    Who/where do you keep your horses passport?

    I know this has probably been asked before but, if you're on a DIY yard, with a yard owner that lives on site but doesn't do any services or checks, who should keep your horses passport? Owner of horse or yard owner? Just asking...
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    High Fibre and High Oil Diet

    Following a very mild bout of Azoturia, I have been advised to feed a high fibre, high oil diet. I don't, and have never fed cereals so it's all a bit puzzling but, at the moment I feed: Dengie HiFi molasses free Fast Fibre Micronised linseed Carrots Do I need to add actual oil - i.e...
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    Fleece lined brushing boots

    I use neoprene lined boots but.... they make my horses legs very sweaty and she's getting a few rub marks. Would fleece lined boots be any better? Am thinking they will not rub her but she'll still get damp legs? I can get away with no boots if we just have a quiet hack but, schooling and...
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    Fly rugs - a couple of questions

    The Rambo fly rug with vamoose... Does it work? Does it really keep flies away? Is it worth the extra money? Also, the Bucas zebra fly rug... Does it work, is it worth the money? Just wondering :)
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    Individual Grazing

    A friend of mine went to look at a yard at weekend and was raving about how lovely it was. It did sound great until she mentioned it was all individual grazing. I can see the advantages - sort your own poo picking, ragworting etc... but I can also see it not really being that nice for the horses...
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    Are they cold??

    We had heavy rain overnight and this morning. I'd left my two naked as it was far too warm to rug yesterday evening and they have plenty of weight, hair, natural shelter in the field as well as a field shelter. This morning, when I went to check them before work, they were both stood in the...
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    Fly veil sizing

    My girl wears a fly veil over spring/summer and I'm ready to buy a new one this year. I need some advice on fitting - my mare wears a magnetic headpiece attached to her bridle which is quite wide. The problem I have is the fly veils I have are not deep enough behind the ears and as I ride...
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    Do I need a balancer?

    At the moment my ISH just gets a round stubbs scoop of molasses free Healthy Hoof and half a scoop of dry Fast Fibre (soaked with water before feeding). Along with a carrot, this is what she gets morning and night. If you read the feed bags, she should be having both feeds in larger qtys to...
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    Stable Mirrors and Trailer Mirrors

    What are everyone's thoughts on stable mirrors and trailer mirrors? My horse can be stressy in the stable but having just returned from a weekend away with her, I found her to be much happier when stabled in an American barn type set up where all the horses can see each other though bars. Am...
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    Travelling horse without travel boots

    As title really. Do you always use boots or do you prefer not too? Am taking my mare on an hours+ journey soon. She's a good traveller and for local travel I just use normal brushing boots and over reach boots. So, for this longer journey, do I stick to what I normally do or shall I use travel...
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    Which Feed Balancer

    At the moment my ISH just gets a token feed of a handful of chaff with a carrot or apple, so I can put her calmer in :) Am thinking it might be better just to give her the calmer with a feed balancer... but which one? My feed merchant stocks Top Spec, Top Spec Lite, all the Spillers balancers...
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    Grass Nuts/GrazeOn/Redigrass for a laminitic

    As per the title, can these products be fed safely to a horse that has had laminitis? The laminitis was 3 years ago, she's just had the one episode - not bad, she was just footy so under vets instructions was box rested for a week and given bute. It wasn't grass induced, she'd just had...
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    Schooling/Sharing the Menage

    What happens at your yard? Do you school with others in the arena or is it sole use only? Do you have a booking system? How many are allowed in the arena at any one time? Do you pay extra for use of floodlights? No booking system at my yard - you just use it when you wish - sometimes you...