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    Advice for in-hand riding horse/hack

    Have Suffolk County show tomorrow (in-hand riding horse/hack) and wanted to check my attire is all correct! Will have show bridle with flat noseband, fancy browband and plaited reins over his head to trot up. (reins ok or should I use the leather lead?) Quarter marks? For me, beige chinos...
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    Eventing 2 YO - to Purchase

    Harthill stud are breeding lots of nice youngsters there, my mare is there on breeding loan :)
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    Any showing shows on not too far from essex in September??

    Want to take my 3yr old out showing one last time this year, cant find much on. Any one know of any showing shows on in September? Thanks :)
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    Should dogs be banned at major events? What do competition riders think?

    No I dont think they should be banned my dog had a wonderful day at Burghley. He is a highly strung dog that I couldnt leave at home all day, he loves to be out walking. He did not make a sound and behaved impreccibly. Its the people that are to blame I saw a lady sitting down with 3 yappy...
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    Help with diagnosis! Tooth Abscess?

    Thanks for your reply, I havent been able to check temp yet as I am at work but I will do tonight. He has been fine in himself last year and a few weeks ago but I think he is suffering a bit today. I would say its near impossible for him to have strangles as he hasnt really been anywhere and...
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    Diagnosis, tooth abscess??

    Help please!! Incy has had a sore face/mouth and a slight swelling last year round his jaw in Dec, he was given anitibiotics and it went down. This came up again a few weeks ago and he again had antibiotics, vet said it was just teething but he could have an abscess. It went down slowly...
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    Help with diagnosis! Tooth Abscess?

    I know this isnt comp riders but I will place in vet area too, and hopefully someone cant help :) plus incy will be a comp horse one day I hope if I ever get on him!! He had a sore face/mouth and a slight swelling last year round his jaw in Dec, he was given anitibiotics and it went down...
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    Our ALW report that never was... 3 in 1 report!

    Think you get the jist of how I feel about her from fB!!! I think she is mega awesome and you are so lucky!! :) Looks like you are doing all the right things and asking all the right questions and she keeps coming up with the answers!! Well done and best of luck if you do step up to novice :)
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    Olympic XC tickets

    I would also like to purchase some XC tickets, 2 ideally if someone has some for sale??? Thanks!
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    Anyone looking for a horse to ride a few days a week? (ESSEX)

    yes i saw that, i think she is looking for something a bit bigger thanks anyway
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    Anyone looking for a horse to ride a few days a week? (ESSEX)

    My friend has a 15.2hh coloured mare available for riding a few times a week, one of those days a saturday. Based in Rayleigh (essex) She is a sweet little mare, who will school, jump and hack. She is a little spooky but not naughty. Her owner/rider is travelling until October time. Let me...
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    Woodbridge show tomorrow - STILL ON??!

    Ive entered the youngstock class at the woodbridge show tomorrow and received my number on thursday but I cant see how it is still one. There is no number anywhere for anyone to find out or an email address and the website still look slike its on. Anyone have any insider info? or contact...
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    Horse Insurance

    NFU have been fantastic with all Doogs claims lately and paid very quickly. P.s reply to my text!!!
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    A Jerry Jump Jet Jumping Update With Vid

    I know there isnt really alot you can do about it but it doesnt seem to help him jumping in such a small arena, he just bounces of the sides to each fence and doesnt have time in between to calm and recover a nice relaxed canter. Can you pop a couple of small jumps in between schooling him so...
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    Following on from photo_jo's post, style critique please?

    I think my JRT simply has THE best technique!!! :)
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    Showing (essex) Bank holiday Monday (7th)

    Thank you, I will give them a call :)
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    Showing (essex) Bank holiday Monday (7th)

    Does anybody know of any showing on, ideally with a youngstock class on Monday 7th May. Local to Essex, want to take my 3yr old out but can not find anything on. Only Norton Heath but the youngstock is on the Sunday when I will unfortunately be spending all my money at badders!!! :)
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    Full Livery - Essex

    Kelly said Sue Sayward had spaces and she can ride if need be I think
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    Chilli morning

    Do you mean in contention for the olympics? if so i thought there was an article where the owners said they knew he wouldnt be picked and they wanted to put him someone to hopefully just have lots of good results with.....I agree he probably should have stayed with Nick but good for Mary...
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    RIP Sir Roscoe

    Maybe you could you start a new thread discussing this? RIP Roscoe :(
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    Armada and OT??

    Have I got the complete wrong end of the stick..or is Oliver riding AN's Armada at Badders?!
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    Show name help please...

    Yay I made the shortlist!! 'The Opposition Rose' is of course by far the best hehe! :)
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    Show name help please...

    Rosy Opposition Opposition Art Opposition Rosebuds The Opposition Rose The Rose of Opposition Any good?! :)
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    Bouncy Baydale is Over The Moon at Oasby *with vids*

    What a lovely fluent showjumping round, something we all dream of!! :) Glad you have got your mojo back and are feeling good, hopefully 2012 will be an amazing year for you. You deserve it! I may have missed as havent read all of the thread but how is Cal? Will be be out and about this year?
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    Dexter IV (the fourth) stallion offspring

    Bump... Someone must have some info on some offspring...Pwetty please! :)
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    Dexter IV (the fourth) stallion offspring

    Have bumped a post in breeding re.Dexter too but just wondered if anyone has any pics or info on his offspring? Cant seem to find much. Im going to sit on our homebred by Dexter this year so was just curious :) Here's some pics of him...
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    Dexter iv (the fourth) anyone know of him or offspring

    Just dug this post out and wondered if anyone had any piccies/info of his offspring? Here's a pic of my homebred Incy by Dexter, going to be sitting on him sometime this summer. Has come around so quickly :)
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    Diva has foaled and it's a...

    Congratulations!! Clever Diva. Still remember it like it was yesterday when Spider foaled :) Looking fwd to pics!
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    R.I.P Gadget

    So very sad :( Like everyone I hoped it wasnt him when I saw the post :( Like Worried has free now little Golly is up there to keep you company :) Thought to Stacey xx